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  1. Has/does anyone order Propecia/any other drugs for that matter online through a Canadian pharmacy? I've been looking into it and it is so much cheaper to do it this way than with a pharmacy here in the states. Any experiences with this?
  2. I'm going to be contrary - I believe it is OK to get an HT as young as 22 yrs old - which is exactly when I had my first done and am more than happy with the results. If your hair loss has mostly stabilized, as you mentioned with taking Propecia for the last year, then what your hair looks like now is essentially what it will look like several years from now, at least from the middle to back of your head...therefore you would have most your grafts placed in the frontal 1/3 to add density and recreate a hairline (albeit not a "teenage-low" hairline but still a very good caliber one that you will be pleased with). Your hair on the back/sides of your head looks like great quality hair..if I was you I would consult some more docs. If you keep taking Propecia and if I was a bettin man, I'd bet that your hair will look no different now than it will in 2 years. Once you understand everything about the procedure and hone your expectations from grandiose to realistic I think that's when you are ready to go through with it, IMO at least.
  3. Hair, Skin & Nails | Walgreens This is a link to a picture of what the vitamins look like. The brand is Nature's Bounty. Any experiences??
  4. I was wondering if anyone has taken these vitamins and what their experience was with it? Anyone noticed increased growth/thickness in both native and/or transplanted hair? My mom lost her hair to chemo several months ago but has finished treatment....she's now completely cancer free and her hair is now coming back great and pretty thick actually...shes been taking these hair skin and nails vitamins and it seems to be working. I've taken them several years back when I first started losing my hair but if I remember correctly I think it just made it grow faster but didn't necessarily make it healthier.
  5. Hey I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good hair gel/wax/pomade/product that will achieve a 'wet hair' look as if I just got out of the shower that will last all day long? I've noticed that a lot of older men have this kind of look.
  6. Hey I'm wondering if anyone knows of a good hair gel/wax/pomade/product that will achieve a 'wet hair' look as if I just got out of the shower that will last all day long? I've noticed that a lot of older men have this kind of look.
  7. Ok thanks guys! I've also noticed that when I brush my hair or sometimes touch my scalp in the recipient area it's still a little sensitive, I guess it can stay somewhat sensitive for a while?
  8. Hey guys, I know this is a stupid question but I guess I just need some reassurance. Sometimes when I brush my hair some of the transplanted hairs are a little tangled and the brush sorta pulls up on them. I'm assuming that's no big deal though? I'm over 8 months post op and only starting brushing about 2 weeks ago.
  9. Alright so I'm a little over 5 months post op now and I have a few little spots of dead skin in my recipient area that feel sort of raised. It's not scabs or pimples. Most of them have made their way off usually during a shower and when they do they have about 1-4 hairs in them. Is this normal and will it affect growth at all?
  10. baldboy, I think it's a great idea! Go with a good doc from this site and I know you will be happy when it's all said and done.
  11. I would bet that if you love each other enough to get married then she'll love you enough to understand where you are coming from. After all, a marriage is founded on talking with each other about every single thing so as youngsuccess said, just tell her you've really really been wanting to talk to her about something but have felt uneasy about doing so for a while. With that said however, there might be a little bit of compromising. If you let her pick out where everything goes in the house, what furniture you'll have, the colors, etc... then you just might have yourself a deal Oh, you might have to go down a few inches on that flat screen TV too....
  12. I'm sure this guy peed his pants a little after seeing these results at 8 months....freakin awesome work.
  13. There is no definite evidence that Propecia will for a fact quit working in everyone that takes it after "x" amount of years. It's different for everyone and for many it works for a lifetime. Also, you won't just have a "tuft" of hair left after all the rest falls out - if it does. You can attack the front now (which is the most important for everyone due to that framing the face) and save a few thousand grafts to tackle the middle/crown when and if you need that later on. Check out Eman's hairloss blog...he went from being quite bald to having an insane head of hair and 1000-2000 grafts left to do the crown later if he needs it. Let ALL his native hair in the recipient area fall out - it would make no difference at all because that great head of hair is ALL transplanted which will never fall out. Check on Bill's weblog..he has ZERO native hair left. Sure the transplant planning depends on how many grafts you have available, but I don't know just a whole lot of guys who would choose to use their few grafts on sparse coverage only to once again get the "bald guy" look over a dense front. Life's just too short to wait to do what you want to do.
  14. I'm saying that your argument cannot be that due to the fact that mother nature will never grow back our hair, every single one of us with an HT - no matter the age - are risking "looking weird" years on down the line if our native hair for whatever reason decides to fall out.... so I'm still waiting on your argument for why he should wait til he's 30 - TEN years from where he is now?! Also, if he goes with a top doctor from this site, what is your definition of a "worst case" scenario? No doc from this site would do a procedure or 2 on him now only for him to be back at square 1 at 30-35. The only way that would happen is if he is just physiologically prone for that to happen - but every single one of us are potentially wired for that to occur..it's once again a gamble we ALL take.
  15. I'm at about 9 weeks post op and I still have a few grafts that stayed intact and are already growing. It's perfectly ok if yours don't fall out - consider yourself pretty lucky if they don't! Most of mine actually didn't fall out til about 4 weeks too.