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Rogaine after HT

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If I wait the full 14 days - which I guess I have to - am I majorly increasing my risk to lose my original hair or hair in the area(s) that did not receive the new transplants?


Thanks again,


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I agree that waiting a full 14 days (sometimes even longer) is a good idea before applying Rogaine to the transplanted area. Minoxidil (especially the liquid containing the propylene glycol) may irritate your scalp while it's healing.


If you're finding you have extended redness in the transplanted area, you may want to wait longer before applying minoxidil.


Best wishes,



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This thread makes me want to ask why someone needs to apply minoxidil on the transplanted hair. The transplanted hair should really be resistant to MPB and shouldn't be needing any medication. By doing so, IMO, you probably are risking making the transplanted hair dependent on it. Isn't that so?


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