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First I want to thank everyone on this forum. This is such a wonderful site and I've gained huge amount of knowledge from this site. I had ht surgery by Dr. Feriduni on 15th of December, 2011. Pictures are attached in the link below.



Consultation and the big decision:


As I live in Finland, I was looking for a doctor closer from home. After some study I realized that Belgium is one of the best places in Europe for ht surgery as there are some very reputable surgeons. The results of Dr. Feriduni impressed me. So I decided to have an in-person consulation with Dr. Feriduni. In September I traveled to Belgium for consultation.


After talking to Dr. Feriduni I was very much impressed. He is a very well behaved person and very honest. He showed me lots of patients' results from his computer and answered all of my questions patiently. The consulation lasted over an hour and not for a second I felt he is trying to rush. After consultation I made up my mind to perform the surgery by Dr. Feriduni. I think its about faith in a doctor which makes the decision easy.




I flew to Belgium the day before surgery. The clinic arranged taxi from the airport to Hasselt city, which was really nice. Cristian Marraffa was very helpful throughout. I was mainly communicating with him regarding all sorts of arrangements and concerns.


On the surgery day at 8 am a taxi picked me up from hotel and took me to the clinic. The clinic was very nice and clean. I was given a room where I can keep all my belongings. There was a set of surgery dress for me. After few minutes Dr. Feriduni welcomed me and took me to his room. He drew the hairline and we agreed on it. I decided to use Acell in my donor as it may help to heal the scar faster.


I was taken to the surgery room. Then I started to feel very nervous. I felt like running away but it was already quite late :eek: My head was shaved and I was taken to the operation chair. Dr. Feriduni then took the strip. I didn't feel anything other than injections. Dr. Feriduni took the strip in 2 parts. Trichophytic Closure technique was used for donor closing. Also Acell was used in donor as mentioned earlier.


After the strip was taken out, the technicians started to separate the grafts and Dr. Feriduni started the incisions. It was painless but quite weird feeling as I could hear a sound each time the needle was inserted. I was bleeding quite a lot.


After the incisions I went back to my room for lunch. It was nice to have a break for around half an hour. After lunch the technicians started implanting grafts. It was long but I wasn't bored as I was watching tv and ocassionally talking to the technicians. At around 5 pm

everything was finished.


Post op:


First night was difficult to sleep as I started to feel pain in donor area. I slept only for an hour. The next day my head was washed and Dr. Feriduni cheched the head.


I stayed in Hasselt for 7 days post op. The worst part is sleeping in sitting position. I used to have my hair washed by the clinic. A nurse named Eef used to wash my hair. She was very helpful and always smiling. On 23rd of December I came back home.


I'm now 4 weeks post op. Transplanted hairs are falling but still some left. My scar has healed well. Now waiting phase begins. I hope everything comes out well.

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Nice write up fella, and again welcome to the forum. Good choice in Doc, he does some stellar work, he always seems to get fantastic results for his patients:)


Heal and grow well :)

Hair Transplant Dr Feller Oct 2011


Hair Transplant Dr Lorenzo June 2014

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Welcome and congratulations on your recent hair transplant with Dr. Feriduni! He routinely delivers impressive results and I'm sure yours will be no exception. I look forward to your continued updates.

David - Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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I also think you will have a good result oceanchild.

2 poor unsatisfactory hair transplants performed in the UK.


Based on vast research and meeting patients, I travelled to see Dr Feller in New York to get repaired.

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Good luck and looking forward to see your new hairline. Dr. Feriduni is one of the best in Europe :-)

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My Rahal HT thread http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/164456-2500-fut-dr-rahal-hairline-repair.html[/size]

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