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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood III
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Rogaine Extra Strength for Men
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  1. I strongly advice you to check out Dr. Cinik. His work is outstanding. He was working at Cosmedica with Dr. Levent Acar. Actually I am surprised that you did not add or considered to add Dr. Koray Erdogan as an option in your list as well. He is the best out there. However if I am going to choose a surgeon from your list then I guess I would go with Dr. Karadeniz, he contributes a lot in the surgery and sometimes he would take part of the extractions as well. I wish you all the best.
  2. Beard Hair is perfect for scars. My scar got covered so well with Beard Hair. Its also good for Mid scalp and sometimes crown but need to be blended. But remember if you decided to shave your head forever it might be spotted by many and will see different coarse of hair. No matter what remember IMO beard hair cannot be used alone, they should be blended with scalp hair too look natural thus should never be used in hairlines. However when it comes to scar I believe they are the best. Dr. Cinik covered my scar pretty well with beard hair under my chin. I did not really care as I am they clean shaved type guy.
  3. I am a guru in using concealer, I usually use Nanongen fibres to hide my thinning for years after my hairline repair back in 2011 which means almost 10 years. However after my last HT with Dr. Cinik in Turkey, I decided to shave my head to look natural as nobody thinks I am thinning because of my concealing technique. However after shaving my head continuously for 6 months I finally decided to grow it. If hair is between 1mm to 20mm I strongly advise you to use ONLY Dermmatch as it works in all conditions of hair. Fibres will look horrible if hair length is less than 1 inch. However Fibres will always win as they look more natural and easier to apply. Dermmatch is a hassle because of the need of water and it stains the pillow. Quite embarrassing indeed however for the sake of appearance everything is bearable.
  4. I am a big believer in Dr. Cinik work as in fact I booked a surgery with him on 22 August and have been waiting for the right time and right surgeon since my hairline repair with Dr. Rahal back on August 2011. I am quite disappointed that Cinik wasn't recommended here. In my opinion and experience in Turkey HT industry, he is way better than Dr. Resul Yaman in terms of reputation and documented results. I think voting should be in poll basis and not only in some few comments from members with agendas. His results speaks louder that words and his technician team is not part time basis like other clinics. Its just some members are freaked from some doctors who do not charge per graft. Anyways I will posting my results in monthly basis soon. God bless you and best wishes in your future Hair Transplant surgery.
  5. Never ever think of using BHT on hairline, it would look horrible in my opinion. BHT is the last resort when donor is about to be limited. Its good to be used for mid scalp and crown sometimes. Most optimum for strip scars coverage due to the thickness of the follicle. Once you consider shaving your hair then you do not need to worry about using Beard hair because the biggest concern is the slow growth rate. Good Luck Buddy.
  6. Hi Melvin, Great topic indeed. I have been using three of them since 2010 after my bad surgery. Toppik is most affordable however the color is dull and it cause horrible itching in the scalp if applied for long time because it contains sheep wool I heard. Caboki is over expensive and it finished fast plus it needs more amount to be applied due to its size but its a real quality. Nanogen is the winner to me although its not American product (British) however its very valuable, economic, efficient, great range of natural colors and most of all blends very well (undetectable). I have been using it religiously since 2012 and it made me forget about a future HT after my last hairline repair however its time for me now to go my 3rd surgery on August with Dr. Cinik in Turkey. Fibers need base hair to stick into so I need to add some density in my midscalp area.
  7. Well my experience wasn't that good as well. He drew my hairline and sent me to the surgery room without explaining to me what to be done. I told him to FUE out some of the grafts below my higher new hairline but did not and made my hairline straight line without natural curvature towards the center of my forehead which I wasn't that pleased with it. My hairline growth and density was quite weak. It was estimated 55 but I got 40 and some areas 30 even, I was awake whole surgery as he was handling two surgeries plus he did not perform incisions or implanting. It was purely the work of technicians and a Mexican guy called Mike. My 6 months result and one year was somehow similar however I wish you success. i just feel Dr. Rahal standard isn't as it used to be.
  8. Dr. Ali Karadeniz is an intelligent intellectual surgeon. He speaks very good English and pretty good philosopher. He has great knowledge in strip procedures and scar revisions plus accepts not more than one patient a day due to his limited space and staff. However his results do not move me a lot. I wasn't impressed this much lately. He once recommended in the biggest 2 HT forums but decided to withdraw beacause of their financial membership demands.
  9. I can strongly recommend only 3 clinics based on my personal experience 1) HLC ANKARA (EURO 2.7/graft) 2) ASMED by ERDOGAN (EURO 2.5/graft) 3) DR. CINIK (Exclusive package EURO 2500) Make sure to request the main surgeon to perform the incision slits to avoid permanent shock loss risks.
  10. In my opinion there three trusted clinics in Turkey that I trust a lot The most impressive one is HLC clinic in Anakra (2.7 Euro per graft) The second one is the king of FUE Koray Erdogan (2.5 Euro per graft) The third is Dr. Cinik (Exclusive Package deal 2500 EURO) . The others hard to trust due to the change and rotation of nurses and technicians.
  11. I definitely recommend Dr. Cinik, he was one of the key people of COSMEDICA success which is known as one of the best HT clinics in Istanbul lead by Dr. Acar. His representatives very informative and the exclusive package is outstanding with no rate differences between scalp and beard hair if needed. I am actually going to have my final HT with him in August after extensive research about affordable honest Turkish HT clinics.
  12. WoW speechless. All of that for only 2000 EURO! Which package you took? Primary Package 2090 Euro or Exclusive Package 2590 Euro where Dr. Cinik does all the incisions! Just curious. Your hair looks outstanding Buddy, I am so happy for you,
  13. You look so great, what a beautiful result. Dr. Cinik is one of the best HT doctors I have seen in Turkey beside Dr. Koray Erdogan and FUE-HLC (Ozgur Oztan). He is actually my third choice in Turkey. Wish you all the best and looking forward for more to come.
  14. To me hands down nothing like (NANOGEN). Caboki overpriced and Toppik cause itching because of sheep wool and it gets greenish with son reflection. I am a fibre guru and tried 5 brands. Nanogen is the best of all.
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