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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood III
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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  1. WoW speechless. All of that for only 2000 EURO! Which package you took? Primary Package 2090 Euro or Exclusive Package 2590 Euro where Dr. Cinik does all the incisions! Just curious. Your hair looks outstanding Buddy, I am so happy for you,
  2. You look so great, what a beautiful result. Dr. Cinik is one of the best HT doctors I have seen in Turkey beside Dr. Koray Erdogan and FUE-HLC (Ozgur Oztan). He is actually my third choice in Turkey. Wish you all the best and looking forward for more to come.
  3. To me hands down nothing like (NANOGEN). Caboki overpriced and Toppik cause itching because of sheep wool and it gets greenish with son reflection. I am a fibre guru and tried 5 brands. Nanogen is the best of all.
  4. Well I had a bad hairline HT with a local butcher in Bahrain (LAD HAIR clinic by Dr. Tahsin Alwahab http://ladhair-alethmad.com/site/) back in 2010. However Dr. Rahal tried to fix it in 2011 but did not do a very good job in my opinion but thanks to him to make me look human again. Ever since nothing has done, in Turkey they just did scar revision to me and few hair removals T via FUE below Dr. Rahal new hairline if you read below. This will be my 3rd real HT to refine my hairline secondary and fill up my midscalp primary. Plus if possible to try using some few beard hair into my revised scar.
  5. In my opinion it will make a difference if you continue to use fibres like me in daily basis for self confidence, it needs extra few hairs to gather around. However if you wont use fibres then yes 750 grafts wont do that much. @HLPToronto you really remind me of myself. That quote was a heart breaker to me. "Living in a fool’s paradise; using Toppik assuming everything’s fine but somewhere at a deeper level; it continuously bothered me. Finally in 2019; I made the big decision to get a HT." Just imagine I didnt go swimming with my son since year 2011 when I started using Fibres to improve my looks after my HT with Rahal. I really cant live without it.
  6. Well Done HLPToronto, we got the almost same story and worries. You did a great research and studied the market well. I was into 5 doctors (3 in Turkey and 2 in India), however I chose Dr. Bhatti for my future OP in August because he listens very well to the patients and discuss all the matters from A to Z unlike my previous experience with Rahal where he drew a hairline and sent me straight to operation room. I wish you all the luck in your progress. Keep up the good post. I am so impressed with your writings, very informative indeed. Dr. Bhatti is a very challenging doctor in repairs as well, he never say NO. Reminds so much of Dr. Umar in utilizing donor (scalp + beard). Money is never a big matter to him compared to customer satisfaction. Indeed an Asian HT gem.
  7. In my opinion so far, this is the best clinic with real results I have seen in Turkey. Its located in Ankara. A hidden Gem indeed. HLC Clinic in Ankara is directed by Dr. Özgür Öztan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC45LM0JRBOnGcIasmNTRDEg
  8. Dr. Bhatti (FUE) Dr. Erdogan (FUE) Dr. Lorenzo (FUE) Dr. Bisanga (FUE) Dr. Wong (STRIP)
  9. Dr Wong is the most impressive in my opinion however when it comes to strip only. Feriduni in my opinion is more professional in FUE and a very caring sweet person. I was planning to do my FUE session with him however I changed my mind and decided to do it with Dr. Bhatti as he is more convenient to me. So bottom line if you are considering FUE strictly then I could recommend Feriduni.
  11. I have the same experience almost with you. I went to Dr. Rahal back in 2011 to fix my hairline with 2500 grafts via strip as I was already cut before. I wasn't pleased with customer service and Doctor's feedback. My hairline was designed not as agreed and grafts grew one side more than the other. Plus I heard he isnt good in FUE as good as he was in FUT. However choosing Dr. Bhatti is a great decision, I was astonished with his confidence transparency and FUE capabilities of utilizing donor and beard hair in a very attractive rate. I call him the king of BHT in Asia. Thus I chose him for my last FUE procedures as I am not looking for perfection but for good coverage as I got used to use Nanogen fibre concelears. Keep us updated Buddy.
  12. I heard a lot of great things about a surgeon called Dr. Acar, his work is outstanding and his clinic called cosmedica. His results are breathtaking. Check him out. I advise you on that if you find Dr. Erdogan expensive for you.
  13. You mentioned top FUT surgeons in my opinions and not FUE. Are you looking towards a strip surgery?