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Advanced Hair Studio – Review

I am a 26 year old. My family has a history of genetic hair loss. Loosing hair at such an early stage, I decided to look for anti-baldness treatments and finally underwent a surgery at Advanced Hair Studio Clinic in New Delhi. My experience which was not good at all is explained in detail below. I would request all of you who are considering similar treatment to read this and feel free to talk me @ plus nine one - nine nine five eight eight nine one six eight one before making a decision.

First Visit

I went to visit Advanced Hair studio for a solution to my problem of balding. I was impressed to see the great interiors and nice decor. It looked like a very friendly and amicable place. I met with Sanket with my parents. Sanket started with his rehersed sales pitch. He looked at my hair and said my requirement was for about 6,000 follicles after which I could have a full head with bounce, volume and shine. He suggested that I take a laser therapy with a 1 operation and that should solve my problem. There were two doctors on their panel who them suggested. One charged Rs 70 per follicle and other Rs 130. However, if I decided by the end of the month there could be a discount of Rs 20 on this. Overall, he gave solid sales pitch to convince that this would be the best place. He showed the contacts and photographs of all the celebrities they had treated including the personal phone numbers of a few he had. However, now I realize in the hindsight there were few details he never gave:

• The full name of the doctor and his credentials

• There was no opportunity to meet the surgeon personally

• There was no mention of what kind of therapy each one of their brand ambassadors had undergone. Even minor treatments were projected full hair gain

• There were no patient references given

• There was great attempt to keep the patient from not talking to the doctor

Plus I was promised:

• I could return to work next from surgery

• It would be a painless affair

• I would not need to take any precautions and life would be back to normal after 24 hours.

There was a great force in booking the operation date as soon as possible to get the best rates.

Next Day on Call

We discussed internally and came to the conclusion and we wanted to see the results the laser therapy before undergoing surgery. Sanket called up and we conveyed out decision. On hearing this, he completed changed his words. He said that I MUST go for surgery and not for the laser treatment as it would not yield good results in my case. He backtracked on his initial pitch. But based on his recommendation of 6,000 hair follicles I decided to undergo one surgery of 3,000 grafts in 1 sitting and evaluate the results. Now, here is where the mess starts.

On the Operation Day

The doctor came in. He was not even aware of who the patient was. He had not looked at the pictures. There was no photographs he was shown. He was also quite disinterested in overall what was communicated. There was major gap in what was told to him and what was promised to him. Apparently, he was told I would be given 4,500 grafts and 3,000. This meant our surgery costs escalated by 50% or 75,000 without even any prior information. He told me that there was NO USE OF GOING FOR 3,000 follicles. He marked on my head showing how much 3,000 follicles would cover. On the day of the surgery this misinformation campaign was happening and we were told that if we do not go through with the surgery today I would have to forfeit my deposit of Rs 50,000. We were angry and frustrated. More than anything doctor told me to get a good hair cover I need 15,000 follicles over 4 sittings. This was completely contrary to what Sanket had informed me about 6,000 follicles over 2 sittings. There was no sync in what the doctor was saying and what was promised and that too 15 minutes before the start of the procedure. Plus, I was extremely unhappy with the amount of cover that even 4,500 follicles would give me. I am apprehensive that I might not as good as I do right now and might have to undergo a second round only to overcome the patchy work of the 1st sitting and hence shelling out so much money.

I was now realizing the real truth behind the glamorous looks of studio and the real filth inside and how they mislead their patients at the last moment. The advanced hair studio people were really upset with the doctor for letting me know about the 15,000 follicles.

But I decided to go for the surgery only because I had made up my mind and I did not want to loose the money that I had deposited and all the arrangements that have been made. Surgery lasted 6 hours and only overseen by doctors. He gave the local anesthesia and part of it while most of it was handled by him which from the looks of it did not look like a team of doctors, but more like a team of semi-trained nurses. Doctor would continuously take phone calls in the middle of the procedure and also walked out several times for upto 30 minutes to meet clients and people. After having spent so much money, I expected him to at least be fully attentive at the time of surgery.

Also, I realized that the Doctor practised at several different places and in fact I could have had the same procedure done by the same doctor at much cheaper rates at the other places he practices. I was paying a great premium without getting any extra service, but only misinformation.

Also, I had no way of ensuring that the doctor really gave me 4,500 grafts or less. I could have been 3,000 and I would have no way to know.

Now, here is the second big whammy. Post the surgery, I was informed:

• I needed to ear a head cap and aband for the next 72 hours

• I had an injured head so could not go out

• I was put on heavy anti-biotics and sedatives.

• I could only work from home for the next few days

• Based on the transplanted hair might have to wear a cap for next 6 months -12 months because the patchy transplant.

• I should not do any kind of gymming, running and workouts for the 3 weeks

• I should not anything thats makes me sweat

• I should stay away from alcohol and smoking

• I should keep my head as much away from pollution, dust and heat

All this meant that:

• I could not attend to some very important official meetings and presentations where I needed to go

• There were major lifestyle changes I was not informed about

I was not informed any of this before I underwent the procedure. Plus, there is always such a huge disconnect between what the doctor says and what the studio promises that I am agast, angry and disappointed.


• I was prepared for 3,000 follicles but was forced to undergo 4,500 follicles in extremely coercive environment

• Doctor and Clinic never speak the same language

• I was misinformed about my requirement: 15,000 against 6,000

• I was misinformed about the post surgical precautions

• I will not recommend going to Advanced Hair Studio to anyone because they will give you a great sales pitch and convince you, but truth will come as come to the day of surgery

• I am still extremely unhappy and sceptical about the results I will get after the first round

For people who are planning to undergo such a procedure, here is my advice:

• Do not go on the swanky interiors and great sales talk: Always talk to the doctor who will perform the procedure

• Be clear on the requirements

• Talk to other patients to see if you are prepared for it

• It is a big decision which will require you to alter your lifestyle, so be prepared


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Dear Users,


Advanced Hair Studio is world’s first & largest company in Hair Replacement Industry and has been in existence for the past 45 years from New Zealand to USA. We acknowledge the review posted here, however with worldwide experience, we have discovered that more than 95% of such reviews are posted with malign intentions by competitors to damage our reputation. There is no correct name, phone number, invoice copy, AHS client ID number, pictures or other legitimate information is reflected in such reviews. We request the readers not to take such reviews seriously.


For the remaining 5% of the reviews with genuine concern, as management, we do take them seriously and would like to resolve them in the best possible manner. And that’s why for our existing clients we request them to write their concerns directly to us at feedback@advancedhairstudioindia.com which is monitored by our management on regular basis.


Any Educated and well versed individual would understand and respect the fact that any Organization such as AHS, would not be able to expand its network world wide, be in existence for four and half decades and become World’s Largest Hair Replacement Company in a sensitive area such as Hair Loss without producing results and without satisfying their clients.


We believe in strong customer relationship and best results and will continue to do so and that what makes us No.1 by a far margin. We are committed to help our clients and we request a readers to allow us to consult them, service them and produce best results possible.


Advanced Hair Studio India

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I must have dreamt my experience with AHS then and how i was deceived by them .. :rolleyes:

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*A calmer head prevailed and I just deleted my foul mouthed rant at AHS for their abhorrent morals*


Resurrecting a post from 2 years ago served only to remind everyone (like they needed it) what a horrible company you are.

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These guys are just frauds. I have very bitter experience with them when i went for STRAND-by -STRAND so called method of cosmetic hair systems at wig. Just stay away from them.

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Stay away from them. Even I had visited their clinic in Greater Kailash, Delhi. They just have a nice posh clinic but do not even give the doc's credentials. And they kept calling me almost for a year after I visited them to do my HT with them.

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I remember this company showing adverts on TV in the UK and remember thinking to myself i may try this!


This was 5 years ago.....thank god i found these forums!

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Just ask to Shane Warne, Saurav Ganguly ... about this company, i am sure they will even not favor this firm. This company have lost all reputation now a days. Now they should change their name to some other name to pick the business again. They have got a foolish idea that a nice & posh interior can bring business. Yeah thats' true to some extend. But that do not last much long... like happened to this guys... First they should be sincere in business ethics..

Edited by dactum
added for few more lines.

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