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  1. Latest Update : 1. My crown area looks really bad even though Dr. Radha had assured me that it would be completely filled and there would be no visible bald patch. 2. I still face irritation / itching on the area where stitches were carried out. My barber also tells me that the area is pretty red. He noticed the same during my last hair cut. 3. Its been 6 months now and I am not sure if any more hair is going to grow or not. Overall I am very disappointed right now considering I had been transplanted with 3594 grafts and 6292 hair.
  2. I really feel that you are getting some incentive from Dr. Radha for promoting her so much and that too in others thread. I am totally unhappy with my results and I do not care what results you received mate.
  3. Pics and Update - 5 August 2013 I am not able to see much difference between my October 2012 pics (before HT) and the current August 2013 pics (as in this post). I am feeing disappointed. The crown area looks the same and so does my hairline and forehead. I am not sure when will the results come but everything looks bleak to me right now. Disappointed I am feeling I took a wrong decision and wrong doctor and wasted my time and money.
  4. I will try posting pics of the scar sometime. And I am not using Minoxidil as of now. Yes. I have been emailing Dr. Radha all my updates exactly as I post them on the forum. Waiting for her reply.
  5. I have received my Hair Tansplant report from Dr. Radha and I am quoting it below. Please find my pics taken yesterday attached. Pics were taken right after shower. Updates: 1. I have switched to my regular shampoo now after 30 days as per Dr. Radha's instructions. 2. Itching is still there all over and is unbearable at times. Applying olive oil makes me feel better. 3. Pain is there at times near the stitches but not much. It is bearable. 4. I am shedding small hair grafts everyday now during the shower and on my pillow while sleeping. 5. I am still shampooing very gently though the doctor had told me I could shampoo like normal. I am just a bit scared. I have started taking shower after 30 days under my rain shower head which is pressurized and stopped using the bucket and mug to take a shower. 6. Numbness of the scalp near the crown area (Shock Loss) is still there and I don't see any improvement in it. 7. I am suffering from major hair fall as well. I don't know why this is happening. 8. The stitches have still not come off completely.
  6. I had more hair than this guy for sure. I got transplanted with 3600 grafts by Dr. Radha on 21-Feb-2013. I hope to get a much better result.
  7. Day 11 (today) pics attached. Itching is still there across the scar area. I feel numbness near the crown area as if it is still under local anesthesia. Pain is also present across the scar area. It is still difficult to sleep.
  8. Yes you are right. The recipient area is always shaved. It has been shaved for me too. The problem is all the other areas have hair which is long n short and it makes me look really ugly. She could have actually trimmed all my hair in the scalp first to like 2-3 mm and then shaved the recipient area as needed. That would make look much better. Right now I am stuck with the grafts n stitches and too scared to have a hair cut/trim. I did follow up with Dr. Radha once. She said not to worry and its normal. The pain is mostly all over the stitches area and swelling slightly above it. Maybe the stitches are taking longer to heal. There is no bleeding or infection from what I can feel though. She also asked to wear the headband if the swelling persists and use ice cubes.
  9. Me and friend who had his surgery a day before me are still having pain and sleeping problems. And one thing that Dr. Radha should have done was, she should have trimmed our hair shortest possible and then done the HT. We had asked her to do it that way but she said it won't be possible for her to identify the existing hair then. But I think if she would have trimmed all our hair to like 2-3mm and then done the surgery we would look much better right now. I am feeling really conscious and uneasy about myself when looking in the mirror as of now. Uneven hair here and there. I am just waiting the scabs fall off soon and then ill get all my hair trimmed. And people on this forum brag about going to work the very next day and stuff but all that is bullshit. I would suggest you keep atleast a week or 10 days post surgery to be careful. Me and friend still have the pain and sleep issues. And not to mention the looks part. Dude, everyone has a different scalp. Maybe you are lucky you are not feeling the pain or having swelling. Me and my friend both still have the pain and swelling above the stitches. And kindly read my posts carefully. I was using hibiscus before the surgery not after it. We are strictly following all of Dr. Radha's instructions. Each and every word of it.
  10. Its day 7 post surgery. The stitches on the back still hurt and I haven't been able to sleep properly all this while. I also feel that my scalp above the stitches is a bit swollen. I have been asked to shampoo my hair twice daily with Johnsons Baby Shampoo. I have not been given any other medication as of now except the tablets that Dr. Radha had given for the first four days or so. The itching of my scalp is almost negligible now. But it still hurts near the stitches. @Down_Under I am sorry I have not been able to post pics yet but will do so soon.
  11. @dactum Mate please start your own thread with your HT experience. Even I am finding it a bit annoying that you are going all gaga over Dr. Radha Rani in an unusual manner. I myself had my HT with her and well I will wait for the final results before being so over optimistic and confident about her. I would really appreciate if the moderators could clean up this thread and leave it as my experience thread. dactum can create his own thread with pics/details/recommendations. Thanks.
  12. The hair there was thick and I had only 3600 grafts. I wanted to fill the crown, front area where there was hair loss and a bit on the sides and temples. I hope I can survive for another 5-7 years before requiring another HT. I also advised Dr. Radha to do whatever she felt best for me and did not really bother much and felt she was more experienced to take a better decision.
  13. I got my sutures removed today by a local doctor here. It was painful and these local docs at my place are good for nothing. He was also shocked and surprised to see such a good HT done on my scalp. He himself is a cosmetologist and does HT's (bad ones though) and then he clicked pics of mine to show to his assistants and stuff. And his hospital was FILTHY. I regret not staying for one more day in Vizag and getting the sutures removed by Dr. Radha itself. She had just removed 1 suture yesterday out of 16 and it was like super slick. This local doc who removed the rest 15 was seriously creepy and useless. I hope the way he removed the sutures does not adversely impact my scar or the other dis-solvable stitches.
  14. Stay away from them. Even I had visited their clinic in Greater Kailash, Delhi. They just have a nice posh clinic but do not even give the doc's credentials. And they kept calling me almost for a year after I visited them to do my HT with them.