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  1. Hairline is looking great for this stage. This is the work of Dr Hakan that made me a fan.
  2. Nice result Dr Hakan. I see you have taken a bashing on this forum recently, however i know what you are capable of and hope to see more work from you as i believe you can be up there with the best in regards to FUE. Keep them coming.
  3. I have seen Dr Hakans work at first hand and many patients face to face and have to say some of the work was amazing so i have to say i'm surprised by some of the concerns being raised. And i really hope it works out for the patient. When i travelled to Turkey, Dr Hakan's hospitality and passion he showed for his work really did amaze me. I remember at the time i wasn't 100% certain in regards to going ahead and having a procedure, this was no problem with him and told me i should only go ahead when i am 100% certain. During my holiday he invited me to meet patients and discuss all aspects
  4. Behave...5000 grafts. I'm sorry but that amount and the amount you really need is crazy! And i am a fan of Dr Koray. Consult with numerous Drs and you will hopefully realise how this amount does not sum up. I'm no Dr but you do not need half this amount.
  5. Nice repair and glad to see you are happy with your outcome, however i have seen numerous FUT results failed and vise versa and i have seen numerous FUE results grow just as well as FUT and vice versa.
  6. No need to shave at all, you have a great hairline and i would not touch it with another procedure just yet. Who was the Doc first time around?
  7. Looks great, you must be happy! How much did this cost if you dont mind me asking? Is the Dr still Dr Eser? Cheers.
  8. Love this hairline. Well done Dr Hakan! Agree, quite aggresive but not a massive amount of grafts with little signs of progressive balding and the patient is in he's 30s, he must be delighted.
  9. For 2000 grafts, one of the best results i have seen!
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