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density and thickness recommendations?

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Originally posted by Tom Sawyer:

Hi all,


Who is considered to be at the top of the list (best results, most qualified) with regard to density and thickness/fullness?


if memory serves Hasson and Wong are up there...who else?






IMO, and from my research I'd vote for:















Nakosotchi (sp?), the guy in Canada is very underrated.


I'm sure there are some more. Keep in mind that some of these guys have varying philosophies on mega sessions. So, just b/c one surgeon prefers two, 3,000 graft sessions over one, 5,000 session that you'll get less density or thickness.


All my opinion.

100? 'mini' grapfts by Latham's Hair Clinic - 1991 (Removed 50 plugs by Cooley 3/08.)

2750 FU 3/20/08 by Dr. Cooley


My Hair Loss Website - Hair Transplant with Dr. Cooley


Current regimen:

1.66 mg Proscar M-W-F

Rogaine 5% Foam - every now and then

AndroGel - once daily

Lipitor - 5 mg every other day

Weightlifting - 2x per week

Jogging - 3x per week


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When you do your consults, ask them at what density they have successfully transplanted, and ideally receive some pics.


*A Follicles Dying Wish To Clinics*

1 top-down, 1 portrait, 1 side-shot, 1 hairline....4 photos. No flash.

Follicles have asked for centuries, in ten languages, as many times so as to confuse a mathematician.

Enough is enough! Give me documentation or give me death!

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Density I would say Hasson as he does a lot of massive mega sessions 5k grafts ect. He does lot of patients with need more overall coverage and has perfected that.

Hasson probably more than Wong. (now Wong in my opinion has done wonders with some crown issues and perfected some techniques like the swirl and others)



Dr. Shapiro

Propecia/Rogain xtra

MSM/Saw Pallmetto/Zinc

Nioxin Shampoo line

Zrii 3oz daily

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