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  1. You lucky bastard. Did you even have a shedding phase? Almost doesn't look like it. I hope I'm half as lucky. Looks great.
  2. I'm gonna chip in and say I also tied my hands the first few nights after my procedure Just like what Ciaus said. However, I think my solution was a bit simpler. I took a string that I tied around the side of my boxer shorts and then loosely around my wrists. (This doesn't work if you sleep naked. Or actually, if you manage to make it work naked, please don't let us know how...) Anyway, it worked really well. It was long enough that I could sleep comfortably, but short enough that I could move my hands just about to the edge of my chin. It was worth it. The first few nights, I woke u
  3. Hmm... I'm not a doctor so I can't comment on that, but it seems to go against a lot of the scientific studies. Also, I've been on it for a year without side effects (as far as I can tell, haven't done blood tests etc). Plus, the surgeon I've chosen for my own hair transplant, who's a respected surgeon, says he really wants me to take it. Maybe get a second opinion from another hair transplant surgeon?
  4. As others have said, please try Finasteride first. I did, didn't notice any side effects and got a lot of hair back. I posted about it in this forum if you want to have a look. In my opinion, if you're considering hair transplant, you owe it to yourself to try Finasteride first, because it's quite an invasive procedure and you will want to know your options. Gotta think long term. Serious clinics will recommend the same thing, that's what they did to me anyway.
  5. Wow. Compared to your starting point that's almost too hard to believe. My temples don't look anywhere close to that. Congratz. I'll take the time to read through what you've done.
  6. Thank you, I can do nothing else than bless my luck. It's hard to see on the pictures but my hairline is quite receded and unfortunately completely bald, so that's why I'm doing a hair transplant shortly. Thank you! Yes, I've taken Minixodil 5% 2 times/day since my early 20s. I can't say I ever noticed any difference to my hair on minox, but I've kept doing it just in case.
  7. Thanks for the support guys. I was positively surprised by the regrowth myself, I'm aware I'm one of the lucky ones. Time will tell if I have the same fortune with my hair transplant. We'll see
  8. Hey there. Short version: Started taking Finasteride 1mg/day january 2020 for my hair loss. A lot of my hair grew back rather quickly, and I never experienced any side effects. The image uploaded documents the change from January to September 2020, with the same barber cutting my hair to the same length. Since then, it's been pretty much unchanged. Longer version: I noticed my hair thinning on the top of my head when I was around 26. Back then, I went to a doctor to get a prescription but I had a pretty bad encounter. He ridiculed me a little bit and kept asking if I have canc
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