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  1. Great video I wonder whether stick and place allows for closer dense packing vs pre-made slits. And what the advantages and disadvantages are for both methods.
  2. Is it true that stick and place has greater benefits over pre-made slits. I've heard the stick and place allows for more dense packing as the slits are smaller and cause less trauma to surrounding hair and blood supply.
  3. @Portugal25 - Aren't majority clinics using techs for implanting? I'm not very familiar with the technicalities of implanting but is there a lot of room for error?
  4. @jjsrader - thanks. Have you had multiple FUT sessions with Dr. Shapiro? How many grafts in each session? It seems Hasson and Wong have lots of examples of large FUT sessions on their site but not sure if they can use the same scar to get a large number of grafts. Chicago2017 has also mentioned Dr.Konior and his work also seems very good but i haven't seen any mega sessions from him.
  5. @JohnAC71 - Based on the responses it makes sense to not go with a second scar. If you don't mind me asking how many grafts did you get for your first and second procedure and did the Dr give you an option of keeping 1 scar during the second FUT? If yes, what was the difference in graft count? Do you have any recommendations on any Dr's who have good results with working with the existing scar and getting a large number of grafts?
  6. @BeHappy - i was not even thinking about what you mentioned with what i would do if i went for a third procedure. Thank so much for this advice. There has been a lot of disparity between the graft counts i've been quoted between docs. Any recommendations on someone in North America who is known to get large graft counts from multiple FUT procedures?
  7. I want to go in for a second FUT session and looking to obtain 3000+ grafts. I've had a few consults and some have suggested using the existing scar while others have suggested a new scar just below the existing. Here are my questions and really hoping to get as much feedback as possible. 1. Has anyone had multiple sessions with at least two of them being 3000+ grafts via FUT? 2. Who was the surgeon? 3. Was a single scar used? 4. Did the scar stretch as a result of multiple sessions? 5. How was your laxity just prior to the second large FUT, did stretches help or there
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