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  1. For my first procedure, it was probably close to 10 years ago and I think it was around 2300 grafts and I did luck out with a narrow scar! At the two month mark, things are going ok... it's the ugly duckling stage as they say so I'm just trying to stay positive for the next couple months. I had a lot of shockloss to my existing hair in the front 3rd of my scalp. Most (if not all) were transplanted from my first surgery 10 years ago and I'm hoping these return soon. If anyone has a comeback story or knowledge of transplanted hair suffering from shockloss coming back, let me know! Like
  2. Had an FUE procedure done with Dr Serdar Caglayan back in September. 2061 grafts were completed after an all day procedure. Their whole staff were very friendly and welcoming. Overall, my experience was mostly positive. Mainly using this as a blog to track my progress and see how things shape up over the coming year. I'm currently taking finasteride and biotin and also use biotin shampoo. Graft breakdown: 1 (181), 2 (688), 3 (828), 4 (207), 5 (101), 6 (56), total hairs 5710. When I initially got the breakdown, I was a little surprised with the number of 4s, 5s, and 6s graf
  3. Thanks for the video Melvin. Im 8 days post op and have a lot of scabs. Was wondering if its too early to begin trying your method of letting conditioner rest on the scalp a bit and then massage them away? Currently ive been doing likewarm water/baby shampoo in a cup over my head and then washing with light circular massages. Been doing that since post op day 3.
  4. The hairline was drawn with me sitting in front of a mirror. The hairline drawn was initially too low because i preferred more density. When it was final, i mentioned it didnt look even but was told it was so i doubted myself and put my trust in the doctor.
  5. Im not sure of theyre licensed or not or how I'd find that out.
  6. Wish i could tell you who did the surgery. The doctor i thought was going to do it did 2 things: drew the hairline and removed the bandages. The rest was done by two ladies i was never introduced to.
  7. This picture is a couple days after an FUE procedure I had done. I plan on doing a full review/write-up after I hear your feedback and the clinic's feedback. In the picture, I'm staring straight ahead and drew a line from my nose up to where it intersects with the lowest temple. You can clearly see the unevenness in the hairline. Looking straight on to the picture, the upper left temple has a lot of area not grafted into. Additionally, the lower left section of the picture has a lot less graft coverage compared to the lower right section. I expressed my concern of it not looking eve
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