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  1. I hope it turns out well for you then after this long Denver πŸ‘
  2. I know what you mean It's been pretty stressful for me this knowing that i should of picked a better clinic/doctor but can I ask after the 2 repair has it turned out well the tranplant overall
  3. I'm going to start researching in January or when the uk open up again but like I said I will only be researching clinics off this format I have contacted few of the above over emails
  4. Cheers for the advise I always thought the graft count was low just wished I would of known about the format hairrestorationnetwork before I choose my clinic,but I am researching clinic now off this format but I will not be using this clinic again. Any advice for the redness still or is it more noticeable as of lack of grafts?
  5. Hi all happy new year and all the best for 2021 Just update and for some advise on your thoughts. I'm at the 12 months stage now here are few pictures with day light Just seems to me that the growth has been bad and my donor area still looks patchy to say I only had 1090 grafts poor extractions I think,and still got a red line around transplant what can be seen in day line any advise on that. Cheers πŸ‘
  6. Ok cheers Melvin for the advise and outlook my Ht appreciate it πŸ‘
  7. Yes cheers melvin for the advise my left hand side dose look thinner would you say have little more time for growth or thickening 9 to 12 months mate
  8. Hello all I'm week off 9 months still unhappy with the front hairline looks thin and find that it's not improved my hairline dont know if its shape with thin density, but in light can just see all tranplanted area and scalp,surly i should be seeing at 9 months feeling that it should be more natural looking,still hiding it with hairline I had before bad still little patchy but has improved,can ask you your honest thoughts pls cheers all
  9. Cheers Sijac 09 for your reply pal I am doing extra couple of Prp just to help it along.
  10. Cheers for the reply silent1234 what would you say on.my donor area for 7 half months on pal
  11. Hi just update coming up to 7 half month stage still not happy with donor area would you say i still got time on my donor area to look better ? Had number 2 with number 3 higher round back and sides ,and my front still looks thin on one side but hoping it will thicken up,and redness is still noticeable, pls give me your honest thoughts cheers ,here are few pictures in different lights
  12. It was just advise really If any one had tried the finasteride and minoxidil spray rather than taking the finasteride oral tablet and minoxidil regaine spray ,as like I said I got offered 6 month free prescription of it but had to stop taking the tablet from as the finasteride is in the spray what you use morning and night
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