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  1. Cheers for your replays guys yes il give it time I am just hoping it is shockloss and not overharvested as it took him 3 hours to extract 1100 graft what seems long time , iv done so research in to the new doctor who did my procedure at this clinic hes been a GP for 10 year and only had experience in HT for just over year,I know i should of done this before hand but just put trust in the clinic, but il keep posting my procedure 👍
  2. Hi all just 4 month update still not gone back to clinic yet as of the virus but just had hair cut and back still looks very noticable and patchy as iv only had 1100 extracted so they said will this improve at a 4 month stage as I'm at now ,here's few pictures on different lights and front growing but also looks like going to have gaps in front hairline and still red is this natural any advise would be appreciated when I go back to clinic but as of now I dont think its looking good at all
  3. Cheers Melvin for the reply just when I read up on HT never seen it done this way on video's or profiles or talking to people but thanks for the information 👍
  4. Would doing my incisions first and then having me lying down for nearly 3 hours to extract 1100 grafts head down on bed with circle cushion effect why my redness is not fading? (first time I heard of doing incisions first only when turned up at this clinic on op day )
  5. Ok thank you for your reply and il keep the up.date of donor area on here and the response of the clinic if its dosnt change after only having 1090 grafts 👍
  6. Like I said this is why I signed you to.this clinic as they said they would get grafts the thin.patch but havent but just wanted some input of you guys if this if this is right that on the day they can pull out of putting graft s in a area where they said they could (high risk as they said)
  7. They said it was to high risk to start put grafts in that area but put 2 or 3 in and pulled away as they put it , as you can see on photo but 2 /3 graft in max ,but would of preferred for them to tell me in consultation as I would of weighted up my options with other clinics.(but iv paid extra for PRP 3 session but would of preferred grafts in that area )
  8. Yes will post progess on here every month 👍I.just hope it was done right.and still not happy what was said they was going to do graft wise and what I.got with the thin patch behind my hair line,they said after op it was to high risk to put grafts in but surely that should of been said to me in my consultation
  9. Thank you Melvin for your advice 👍I have document everything so far on operation day ect..till now ,but noticed patchy donor area week after op and read up on shockloss happens 2/8 weeks and concerd they sill havent sent me any info on singles doubles triple hair what has gone in my hairline
  10. Iv got a 3 months review next week with manager doctor ect(maybe abit longer as of this virus)..of the clinic so I will be going though everything with them and if the results turn out bad I will defo put all information of the clinic but was just hoping for some info of how it looks as I'm not happy with donor area so far . O.9 m hole punch was used as they sent me this on email
  11. I was hoping some of you knowledgeable guys and doctors on here could please help me. I had a hair transplant on 29th December 2019 in the UK, I posted some pictures first month on here, I'm now 90 days in and go back to the clinic in 1 week for 3 month review. I dont want to give the name of the clinic until the results have matured but if it turns out to be poor for what I've paid for or done right I will put it on here. Here are some pictures below I've got back from the clinic for before op and after op and my donor area as it is now. I signed up to this clinic because in the consultation they priced per hairline £4700 plus £600 for 3 PRPs but I clearly mentioned twice in consultations and just before op that I wanted my bald area behind my hairline in my mid scalp sorting and they said they can get grafts in there no problem. They even said if I wanted to shave my head it helps better to get grafts in but they also said they could without shaving my hair. It was more expensive but done right and happy with it didn't mind paying more to have it in the UK. I'm not sure whether that was such a wise decision now that I've come across this and other sites. I found out after the op that I had only 1090 grafts extracted and placed in my hairline only and only a handful placed in the bald spot behind my hairline. I wasn't happy with that and after several requests I still haven't received a breakdown of how many hairs/grafts they put in my hairline. The time they took for my op was 8 hours, a long time for only 1090 graft which concerns me because the clinic said I had 2 doctors and one hair technician. Looking at some of the stories on this site, I'm wondering why it took so long. I also remember one of the staff telling another not to drill too deep during the graft extraction stage. I go back to the clinic in 1 week for a 3 months review and any advice or information will help me greatly. Does my donor area look right after just 1090 grafts, I was told my donor area was very good prior to surgery. Do you think the plan was botched from the off, I'm really quite upset about the whole thing. After seeing and reading about some of the surgeries on this site, am I right in feeling I've been take for a ride. Will the redness at the front go away. Will I need another procedure very soon to address the areas they didn't during this surgery. Do you think I'll get a decent result. A big thanks in advance to anyone that can help me in any way. 1 picture is donor before op 2 pictures in op thin patch with 2/3 graft in max 4 pictures of donor area now 1 picture of still very red 1 picture of thin crown what has got worse since operation
  12. Sorry this is clearest picture I have but they have put 1100 graft in front section I was in clinic 8 hours altogether from start of day to end what seems long but has the surgeon overhavested to get 1100 grafts out ??how can I contact you pls