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  1. Ok cheers Melvin for the advise and outlook my Ht appreciate it πŸ‘
  2. Yes cheers melvin for the advise my left hand side dose look thinner would you say have little more time for growth or thickening 9 to 12 months mate
  3. Hello all I'm week off 9 months still unhappy with the front hairline looks thin and find that it's not improved my hairline dont know if its shape with thin density, but in light can just see all tranplanted area and scalp,surly i should be seeing at 9 months feeling that it should be more natural looking,still hiding it with hairline I had before bad still little patchy but has improved,can ask you your honest thoughts pls cheers all
  4. Cheers Sijac 09 for your reply pal I am doing extra couple of Prp just to help it along.
  5. Cheers for the reply silent1234 what would you say on.my donor area for 7 half months on pal
  6. Hi just update coming up to 7 half month stage still not happy with donor area would you say i still got time on my donor area to look better ? Had number 2 with number 3 higher round back and sides ,and my front still looks thin on one side but hoping it will thicken up,and redness is still noticeable, pls give me your honest thoughts cheers ,here are few pictures in different lights
  7. It was just advise really If any one had tried the finasteride and minoxidil spray rather than taking the finasteride oral tablet and minoxidil regaine spray ,as like I said I got offered 6 month free prescription of it but had to stop taking the tablet from as the finasteride is in the spray what you use morning and night
  8. Hello all..I have been offered free 6 month course of a finasteride minoxidil spray with boitin vitamins but currently taking 1mg tablet propecia per day and using regaine minoxidil and use biotin vitamins ,but on the course would have to stop all of above to do this 6 month course ,has anyone tried the spray of both finasteride and monoxide,it would work out cheaper but dont want to try it and stop propecia if it's not really tested product plus i heard it got less side effects than the tablets .any advise be great πŸ‘
  9. Yes had few people say it was on the low side 1100 graft but hopefully see in 6month time but cheers for the advise πŸ‘
  10. Hi all just a update on my donor area and front hairline im 6 half months in still patchy at the back but seen abit of improvement had a number 2 at back probably wouldnt go that short again really,and front still looks thin but seen the doctor at this clinic other week and he said there are still buds(hairs) popping out so just said iv got 6/12months of growth on the hairline and said the donor area isn't that bad now and still got time to fill in.here's few pictures of where I'm at now in different lights.what do you guys think of front and back cheers πŸ‘
  11. Yes first procedure mate what did you use ??
  12. Hi all hope your well... after some information about redness cant get ride of it tried 2 course of antibiotic cream 10days and 15 days and aloe vara gel pretty much after 1st month now 6 month in..any advise be appreciated if some had bad redness and used something for there's.πŸ‘
  13. Been on propica for 12 years and finiasteride for 5 years apart for 3 weeks after op and paid for 3 sess of prp to speed up growth and help healing pal
  14. Yes used aloa vera gel morning and night for months but they sent me prescription mupirocin calcium now pal
  15. Hi all hope you are all well..I'm week off the 6month stage and go to see the clinic 4th july, few pictures I'm still red and still limited growth,got some cream for the redness,but I had this redness since operation, got abit of information back of clinic said I had 1100 graft as I knew that but said I had 585 single grafts what seems alot of singles and 2000 hairs approximately but seem low for 1100 grafts, but as for double and trebles not received any info,I think the results at this stage is poor and deflating for me....is there more for this to turn good??and had pictures off the cli
  16. Cheers for your replays guys yes il give it time I am just hoping it is shockloss and not overharvested as it took him 3 hours to extract 1100 graft what seems long time , iv done so research in to the new doctor who did my procedure at this clinic hes been a GP for 10 year and only had experience in HT for just over year,I know i should of done this before hand but just put trust in the clinic, but il keep posting my procedure πŸ‘
  17. Hi all just 4 month update still not gone back to clinic yet as of the virus but just had hair cut and back still looks very noticable and patchy as iv only had 1100 extracted so they said will this improve at a 4 month stage as I'm at now ,here's few pictures on different lights and front growing but also looks like going to have gaps in front hairline and still red is this natural any advise would be appreciated when I go back to clinic but as of now I dont think its looking good at all
  18. Cheers Melvin for the reply just when I read up on HT never seen it done this way on video's or profiles or talking to people but thanks for the information πŸ‘
  19. Would doing my incisions first and then having me lying down for nearly 3 hours to extract 1100 grafts head down on bed with circle cushion effect why my redness is not fading? (first time I heard of doing incisions first only when turned up at this clinic on op day )
  20. Ok thank you for your reply and il keep the up.date of donor area on here and the response of the clinic if its dosnt change after only having 1090 grafts πŸ‘
  21. Like I said this is why I signed you to.this clinic as they said they would get grafts the thin.patch but havent but just wanted some input of you guys if this if this is right that on the day they can pull out of putting graft s in a area where they said they could (high risk as they said)
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