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  1. On 6/20/2020 at 6:46 PM, giegnosiganoe said:

    Interesting! I have a similar thing going on in my donor area. Glad to see that you've still had amazing yield despite that. Would highly recommend getting on a DHT blocker though.

    Results look amazing! Do you have any before pics with longer hair that you can share? I feel that would make for a more accurate comparison.

    Hi, these are the last photos I found where I don't have a buzz cut. These are from spring 2018 so over 2 years ago, I think my hairloss progressed since then.





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  2. 4 minutes ago, HT explorer said:

    This exactly what happens to me.

    I did my transplant at the begining of august 2019 at asmed. Until 7.5 months the transplanted hairs were growing fine and getting thicker, then i started to notice a massive shedding until the moment and i loss alot of hair with thining all over the head. However, my corrdinator told me its a seasonal shedding, which is temporary, and the hair will grow back again after a while. Hopefully she is right.

    Thank you for the reply!

    Has the shedding stopped for you or is it still ongoing ? Did things get worse for you after the shedding?

    In my case so far I'm pleased with the results (I'm hoping for a bit more density but even if my current state is the final result it won't be too bad).

    I'm just worried whether it can get worse

  3. 5 months:

    My hair here is a bit dirty, when it's clean it looks a bit better


    Room light:





    Under the sun:



    Under bright bathroom light:






    Clearly it's a tremendous improvement from preop, however I'm still hoping for more density. I think I'm mostly happy with the hairline, so I'd like to see more density in the mid section and crown.

    In the last month I've noticed some shedding again which worries me a bit.


  4. 2 hours ago, Panamera13 said:

    I always wonder why ASMED has so many 5000+graft procedures - Is this a good practice that others are not following or is it overharvesting?

    In my case I think Erdogan was conservative. I had consulted with other top doctors and they also told me that I'd need 2.5-3k grafts for the front, that's also what Erdogan did + 2k in the mid section and crown.

    Here I am just speculating, but my impression of ASMED is that they want to achieve the best possible result in one go assuming there would be no further hairloss. That's why they seem to insist a lot on all of their patients starting fin. I think that's also why you see from ASMED cases with 5k grafts transplanted super densely packed on a small area, which does tend to lead to a pretty good result ( again, this wasn't my case).

    In comparison, my impression of doctors like Feriduni, who I also visited and seemed like a super nice and honest person, is that they are super conservative and try to come up with a plan for the next 20-30 years.

  5. 19 hours ago, LonelyGraft said:

    How did u find out ur grafts had miniaturized hairs? How long into the procedure did they let u know?

    Hi @LonelyGraft

    They told me that after the transplant.

    9 hours ago, CosmoKramer said:


    Good post and it looks like you’re seeing some nice early growth from looking at your 2 months photos and your donor looks great post op. Good luck with your progress! 👍🏻

    Hi @CosmoKramer

    I'm not sure if there's any growth yet, these are just the hairs that haven't shed.


    18 hours ago, KM90 said:

    Looks good so far, impressed with the donor area healing.

    I'm also a new member here even though I have been reading a lot of posts here the last years which also led me to book with ASMED. I am going there myself next week and will be staying at the clinic too.

    Do you have any shaved pre-op pictures which shows the marked hairline and distribution of number of grafts on the front, mid and crown area?

    I assume that you agreed on 5000 grafts. Did you have to pay for the extra 33 grafts?

    Had you been on minoxidil before (oral or topical) or was that provided by the clinic? What is your plan for medications going forward?

    Looking forward to follow your progress and hope you get a great result!

    Hi @KM90

    I didn't pay extra for the 33 grafts. The minoxidil is mine, I've been taking it for 7 months prior to the operation. I'm not sure if it has any effect, but at least I don't have any noticeable sides. I'll stick to it, I may also look into topical finasteride.

    There wasn't really an outline with how many grafts go into which zone.



    This was immediatelly post op:


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