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  1. 9 months: There's slight lack of density on the temples, but I feel like it's nothing a small touch up won't fix
  2. Hi, these are the last photos I found where I don't have a buzz cut. These are from spring 2018 so over 2 years ago, I think my hairloss progressed since then.
  3. 8 months, this time on purpose I wanted to post photos from the worst angles I could under bright light: And when it's styled a bit:
  4. Got a haircut. Looks like I'll have to think about the crown in couple of years, but overall I'm happy. These are under very bright light.
  5. It definitely seems like there has been some imporevement in density. At the same time with longer hair I can cover weak spots a bit better
  6. 7.5 months. There are a couple of weak spots behind the hairline, I can kind of cover them up a bit with styling
  7. Thank you for the reply! Has the shedding stopped for you or is it still ongoing ? Did things get worse for you after the shedding? In my case so far I'm pleased with the results (I'm hoping for a bit more density but even if my current state is the final result it won't be too bad). I'm just worried whether it can get worse
  8. Hi guys, Has anyone experienced shedding some time after the transplant? I'm close to month 8, and for the past couple of months whenever I run my hair through my hair there are a LOT of hairs left on my hand. This worries me a bit
  9. Thank you guys! I've been wondering - how important for the result do you think the person's fitness level is ? Maybe regarding cardiovascular system. I've seen some other fit, younger guys on here post amazing results. Also I have a friend who got a HT (although at another clinic), he's in very poor shape, overweight and his HT turned on rather poorly in my opinion
  10. 5 months: My hair here is a bit dirty, when it's clean it looks a bit better Room light: Under the sun: Under bright bathroom light: Preop: Clearly it's a tremendous improvement from preop, however I'm still hoping for more density. I think I'm mostly happy with the hairline, so I'd like to see more density in the mid section and crown. In the last month I've noticed some shedding again which worries me a bit.
  11. I think it's mainly because of the lightning (it really matters!) I don't think there's a lot of difference between now and two weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago I noticed some new hairs sprouting so I'm hoping for a good improvement over the next 2-3 months
  12. My shedding started at exactly the same time and continued for a month But after the the second month it stopped completely :)
  13. I said IF I have it, since you implied that it's a possibility.
  14. To be honest, I don't think it was DUPA or that they acted dishonestly, it could also be due to bad habits like smoking. As I mentioned, I had consulted with other top doctors too and they would also go ahead with the HT.
  15. It's the second case unfortunately. If I have DUPA, I might just as well give up on the idea of having hair. Time will tell.
  16. In my case I think Erdogan was conservative. I had consulted with other top doctors and they also told me that I'd need 2.5-3k grafts for the front, that's also what Erdogan did + 2k in the mid section and crown. Here I am just speculating, but my impression of ASMED is that they want to achieve the best possible result in one go assuming there would be no further hairloss. That's why they seem to insist a lot on all of their patients starting fin. I think that's also why you see from ASMED cases with 5k grafts transplanted super densely packed on a small area, which does tend to lead to a pretty good result ( again, this wasn't my case). In comparison, my impression of doctors like Feriduni, who I also visited and seemed like a super nice and honest person, is that they are super conservative and try to come up with a plan for the next 20-30 years.
  17. Hi @Gasthoerer, Can you elaborate on that? Why do you consider oral minox to be higher risk ?
  18. Hi @KM90, congrats on your HT. I'll be posting updates once a month. Month 3:
  19. Hi @LonelyGraft They told me that after the transplant. Hi @CosmoKramer I'm not sure if there's any growth yet, these are just the hairs that haven't shed. Hi @KM90 I didn't pay extra for the 33 grafts. The minoxidil is mine, I've been taking it for 7 months prior to the operation. I'm not sure if it has any effect, but at least I don't have any noticeable sides. I'll stick to it, I may also look into topical finasteride. There wasn't really an outline with how many grafts go into which zone. This was immediatelly post op:
  20. Hello, I had a HT in Asmed in the end of October, I used this forum for gathering information and making my decision so I'll post my progress here. My stay in the clinic was very pleasant. There are already a number of very detailed posts here about the procedure at Asmed, mine wasn't too different so I won't go into detail about that. It's true that you only get to interact with Erdogan for about 20 minutes and the technicians are young women. Also, everyone at the clinic seemed very busy. I only care about results so I won't make judgements based on that, maybe they've managed to systemise the process enough so he doesn't need that much time to evaluate the patient. My details: Eastern european, 26 years old. My hairline started receding when I was 16 and at 21 my hair started thinning aggressively. Total donor capacity estimated by Erdogan was 8000 grafts. My HT involved 5033 grafts. Hair thickness: 56 microns; Hair/graft: 2.34 Single: 587 Double: 2380 Triple: 1834 Quadruple: 223 Quintpule : 8 Sextuple: 1 The bad news - some of the extracted grafts with 3 or more hairs already had 1-2 hairs which are dying. Day 1 after the transplant: Anesthetic was still leaking out of my donor area. I had the most insane swelling, my head turned into a balloon and I looked like a total freak show. Day 2-3: Swelling reduced significantly, by day 4 it was gone. Day 5: 80% of the scabs fell off. The rest fell off gradually over the next week. Day 10: I don't remember clearly, but I think it was around here when my donor area stopped being super sensitive. Week 2: The redness in the scalp was mostly gone Month 1: After I hit that mark my hair started shedding a lot Month 2: The hair in the transplated area is thin, however the hair in my donor area still feels very dense. One thing worth mentioning - even just a few days after the HT, there were absolutely no signs in my donor area that I've had HT. That was a pleasant surprise as I expected at least some visible scarring when my hair is super short. Medication: Oral minoxidil, Saw palmetto and Biotin. They gave me one year worth of finasteride. I started taking 1mg a day but from the second day I started feeling very uncomfortable testicular pain, which freaked me out so I stopped it after a week. I was rather hesitant to try this drug to start with, so it might have been a placebo effect, but even just stressing over the potential sides is not worth it for me. Without finasteride I'll most certainly lose a lot more hair on the crown in the next years. If this HT is successful I won't be too worried about that as I'm happy to keep my hair very short and I have very dense beard and body hair in case I run out of hair in the donor area. I will upload photos later.