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  1. Let me increase the intensity and I will get back to you.
  2. Do you recommend shampooing more than twice a week? The clinic said once or twice max is more than enough. Do you think that is dandruff or something else? Should I avoid oiling the hair? I oil, a little, only after shampoo.
  3. Thank you. Any home test that I can do to determine 100% what it is? Because of what I am checking on the internet it is dry scalp. Anyways I am going by what you have told. Using some anti dandruff shampoo, not nizoral, and applying some baby oil which is not sticky after the shampoo.
  4. @Melvin-Moderator @Niko1 How to make sure whether one has dandruff or dry scalp? If I turn my head upside down and rub the scalp back and forth over a dark surface then tiny, dry powdery bits fall which is usually a sign of dry scalp. So, how to determine which one a person has out of the two?
  5. Thank you. What should be the Minoxidil % which one can start? Can one apply Minoxidil to the transplanted area?
  6. My point was that if a person in his young age is experiencing hairloss then can he start finasteride without going to the doctor? Moreover many doctors in Asia, like 80-90% of them, after a transplant does not prescribe finasteride to the patients to save the existing hair. They all rely on PRP, maybe because it brings in more moolah. So, can the patients start a 5mg dose too on their own.
  7. Melvin, Can a person take finasteride without consulting a doctor first?
  8. Thanks. Which hair or hair product which is safe for hair should I use after shampoo? I am not into fashion just to give some sense to curly hair.
  9. This guy's bicep is bigger than my future ha ha Great results. That clinic looks like it is made in a mansion.
  10. Thanks. I used to use a mild, as per the bottle, anti hairfall shampoo every alternate day before the transplant, sometimes a conditioner too. Due to the lockdown it will be hard to get hands on a Ketoconazole Shampoo. Should I stick with the baby shampoo and increase its frequency in the meantime? Should I keep on applying oil after shampoo, baby or coconut oil? Is it normal for hairs to come out while applying oil?
  11. Hi, I am in the 5th month after the HT. Recently I noticed some white kinda layer forming on the roots of the transplanted hairs after the shampoo. On non-shampoo days it gets dried up and stick in the hair. Not much but very very few and small particles. Is this dandruff? I never had dandruff before. Now when I scratch the head this wax kinda thing comes out even from the non-transplanted hair scalp. Is this natural oil due to sweat etc.? PFA. I have been using a Baby Shampoo after the transplant, once or twice a week. I do not put water on my hair on non-shampoo days, the clinic said so. Is this fine? I oil my hair after washing them with the shampoo when they are dried naturally. Many hair come out while doing light massages with oil, is this natural? Please guide. Thanks
  12. How exactly is DHT different from FUE and FUT? And since its their own in house technique have they patented it?