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  1. Thanks. Is there any need to add something, besides massage with aloe vera every alternate day, that can fasten the process?
  2. Thanks. What is wrong in consuming more than 60 grams of Whey protein? I know many vegetarians who do the same. Is estrogen bad for hair?
  3. a. Consuming around 150-170 gms from whey, eggs, cheese etc. Is it bad? 1gm per pound of bodyweight. b. How to make sure that it is indeed Telogen effluvium?
  4. Reviva will soon be added here. Their all girl staff is very very arrogant. I almost paid my money to them but thank goodness that they showed their real face. I rejected darling buds too.
  5. What is Stem Cell augmentation and SMP? Which was the other clinic besides darling buds?
  6. Hi, I know this has been discussed many times. So, had my transplant around 2 and a half months back. Started very very light lifiting few weeks back. Started taking Whey Protein Concentrate+multivitamins. I am using Ultimate Nutrition WPC. Anyways started heavy lifting few days back and I am seeing my hair everywhere. I "think" they are the existing one's, can't say for sure about the transplanted one's as I am still in the ugly duckly phase. Is heavy lifting causing this or the whey protein? This whey does not have creatine but the label is silent about DHEA. I have increased the protein, calorie, carb intake a little. Is the diet, most importantly the whey protein a reason behind this? I am not on finasteride or on minoxidil. Never saw this much shedding in the previous 2 odd months. Thanks
  7. Been 2+ months. The skin is still red and the ugly duckly phase continues
  8. I am using Aloe Vera gel as suggested by you in some other thread since the past about 2 weeks. TBH no results so far.
  9. I was taking about the hair in the recipient area, the photos of which I have posted above. Can I cut them? After how many weeks/months did the redness in the recipient area of yours fade away?
  10. Thanks. Just ordered one. The label says that it can be used for the whole head. Should I use it on the rest of the area besides donor and the recipient?
  11. Sorry I missed your reply earlier. I got it done from a local surgeon, will post detailed a journal with photos soon. I visited every doctor recommended here. I will also post the reason why I went with the local one in that thread.
  12. Will switch to aloe vera gel. Can I apply it on the whole head or just on the front and back? For how much time did the redness stayed in your case? You are so right, it looks so so bad. I mean first the skin is red and then the hairs are scattered. Moreover the remaining hairs, which have not shed, are very thin and I don't think that they will grow much. How will these even out? Can I cut them with scissors to make them look less ugly? Thought of shaving them but it seems like a bad idea.
  13. I was using coconut oil and sometimes olive oil as suggested by the doctor's team. Will switch to aloe vera gel. Can I use the gel on the whole head or just on the recipient and donor area? Donor area is kinda healed but there are many areas where the skin is protruding out and it sometimes pain a little if I touch them. Plus the donor area still feels empty, maybe because the hairs at the back haven't grown much, idk. One more thing there is lots of itchiness in the donor area many a times.