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  1. @LaserCap @gillenator @pkipling @nishchd @aaron1234 @Mr S Update after almost 10 months Monsoon season is here and the shedding has almost doubled. Had an itchy scalp today so touched the middle of the head very very lightly and boom four hair strands with the root fell off. I "think" and I am not sure but I feel that the transplanted hair are also shedding though their shedding speed seems to be less than the native hair. The clinic would only vouch for the PRP. For me personally it is a waste of time and money. About 3 weeks back I switched my shampoo to some other brand, from a ba
  2. Sorry for the late reply, was busy in some personal issues. You also have a wide color contrast which makes everything much more visible. I am sorry I didn't get this. The angulation is okay-ish types. I mean it looks fine in some areas but in some areas huge gaps can be seen even. I will share a photo to explain what I am trying to say. Some grafts, I don't know if this is an issue or not, seems to have been transplanted in the wrong direction or maybe this is because I have curly hair I can't say.
  3. I think PRP, this mesotheraphy and tons of other things that the clinics vouch for are just marketing gimmicks. I didn't feel any difference with the PRP sessions that I took.
  4. I think the same goes for finasteride also. I have seen people posting here that they were prescribed finasteride for 6-8 months after a transplant and then they had to stop it. The shedding phase while starting and while stopping made me skeptical whether to go for it or not.
  5. Indian borders are open but only for people who got the Visa's back in March. In some certain cases they are giving Visa's. Your best bet would be to contact the Indian Embassy in Australia. P.S. My friend from India went to the US 20 days back.
  6. Thank you guys. As @gillenator has suggested will give it a couple of more weeks maybe months, fingers crossed, before starting finasteride. BTW attached are the photos from the front just after a basketball game. One can easily tell that the frontal area is transplanted. No issues for me but the gap or the poor density bugs a lot. On the right side where the hairloss was more looks weird. The skin on the transplanted part is also kinda red. It used to be like blood red but it has become less red with time.
  7. The shed which it will cause is really really confusing me whether to start now or wait a bit. I have read threads posted here by people from various parts of the world. They have mentioned that they were not on Finasteride but after the transplant the doctor prescribed it to them. For some the prescription period was 3 months, for some 6-10 and for some forever. Now what you have mentioned is also true. So, what should one do at this stage? If wait then for how long before starting Finasteride?
  8. Oh do you think that Fin is needed for the same then? Any brand for Fin which you can suggest?
  9. India. You got it done from Morinda? Like @Melvin-Moderator has posted in the replies, only Eugenix is the best in India. But they do not have a clinic in our state+they are very expensive than the other clinics. For the latter part, their quality is also very good.
  10. Taken from a little far away, the gaps are less visible from a distance
  11. @pkipling @nishchd Just after taking a bath with nothing applied on hair. See the gaps/lesser density part both on the front and back. This makes me go for finasteride
  12. Yes. I mentioned it in the original post. Is it fine for hair?
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