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  1. Thanks for replying again and for your valuable inputs. Visited the last of the remaining clinics in my state last evening. They quoted me around $1100 USD for about 3000 grafts. I guess I will have to go for the one which has posted good results with the patients similar to my condition. They also said that finasteride and minoxidil is not recommended but told me to go for a PRP session once in every quarter. Can I start minoxidil and finasteride few weeks before the transplant and continue it for few months after the procedure? I know everyone would say no but the clinics here won't recommend it for reasons best known to them. The below still remains a mystery to me- " Everyone with this debilitating condition should consider a medical regimen, before, during and after. The medications are intended to retain hair. So, you keep what you have, you do a procedure - the result will be more density. Not doing medication.....you do a transplant, you keep losing native hair, now you have do to more transplants just to replace what you lost and never increasing density. Eventually you'll run out of donor and now you're stuck."
  2. Thanks for replying. A question, most clinics do a PRP session after the surgery. Is there any benefit of doing it before the procedure? And for how long did you recommend him finasterider 1 mg? I am on the same boat-
  3. Hi, I am 30 years old. Have lost the frontal hairline and it is going back day by day. Pretty much like this but mine is worse The above thread prompted me to post my doubts here. So, I visited few of the surgeons from this list https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Consult-a-Physician/surgeon-list/IND/India Darling Buds and Medispa and many other renowned surgeons who are not on the list but people have achieved great results from them. Everyone suggested me around 2500-3000 grafts. All of them were doing the transplant using FUE technique and gave one PRP session along with the transplant. Here are my doubts- 1. I met many patients who came for follow up visits in their clinics. Almost everyone said that they were told say 5000 grafts but in reality the grafts injected were way too less i.e. they didn't get the required density. Any way to make sure that one gets what he has paid for? Someone else has same doubts 2. Everyone said that the surgeon constructed the hairline in the front and the rest of the work was done by their staff. Shouldn't the surgeon do all the work here? 3. All hospitals told me that the existing hair line receding and hairfall will stop after the PRP session which is done at the time of the surgery. But they were mum when I asked that if PRP is that effective then why isn't it recommended in place of propecia or finasteride? Also why isn't the same FDA approved? They had no answers. Any thoughts? This is my biggest concern. 4. All the surgeons listed on this website are super expensive. No one charges for per graft in reality but they have made packages. If one opts a surgeon which is not a member of ISHRS or IAHRS, just on the basis of results of other people, then is there any parameter which one should keep in mind while selecting them? 5. Is it true that DHT does not affect the transplanted hairs? If yes then why? 6. Is it true that in extreme cases even the transplanted hair doesn't grow or they also recede with time? Please enlighten me with any other points which one should keep in mind while selecting a surgeon, pre and post surgery. Thanks
  4. Great work doc. Did you recommend him propecia/finasteride to save the existing hairs? And did he opt for any PRP sessions?