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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood II A
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Rogaine Extra Strength for Men

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  1. Remember the anagen synchronization we discussed in the beginning of this thread.
  2. What's the use of not taking finastride, getting bald and have sex with ugly woman.
  3. I believe euginix requires patients to come off minoxidil atleast a month before. I feel if the patient stops minoxidil later after transplant and be on just finastride as advised by euginix , he can end in a disaster. His hair transplant would look like transplanted hair and gaps in between due to leaving minoxidil and losing gains. Can you shed light on this?
  4. Think what would happen if u leave minoxidil specially if you had transplant done with existing hair. All of a sudden , the dependent hair would fall should you leave minoxidil 3 months before and what would your hair look like immediately. It would require another transplant otherwise it would start looking horrible.to avoid that it's better to leave minoxidil and shed hair and get transplanted hair into place. And doing that brings .e to the point I raised initially, what's the use we have to shed it anyway.
  5. No they advice to stop it three months before procedure. They need to make sure that you dont end in a disastrous result should you stop or the minoxidil stops working, after transplant. Please someone correct me if I am wrong .people who were applying it for years and had hair transplants can give suggestions here.
  6. What's the use of applying minoxidil for years when finally doctors need you to shed all gains before a transplant? The entire effort and money for minoxidil done for years becomes a waste. Why would someone start it if he knows that finally it would be useless when he undergoes a transplant?
  7. You should have gone to euginix ,they are providing complete coverage for high Norwood an good density.
  8. I know many here who don't want to take meds and are relying solely on transplants but how guaranteed are they? What is the percentage of happy patients? And how likely it is that the hair might not grow ? Is it true that it is a highly successful outcome? The idea that the hair transplant fails and the rest of the life has to be spent being bald is scary , I mean there is nothing that can be done if donor is wasted once.its a huge fear to leave everything on a transplant.
  9. If it's possible , I would enhance the front to increase the density from 40 to 60 with 2000 grafts and use 1000 beard in the crown to increase density there and may be use toppik.
  10. Why did not you start finastride earlier in life? I was relying on transplants only but now seeing your result, it seems transplant by itself can't give a thick look and expectations should be kept low when it comes to managing hair by transplant only. However due to a chronic illness, I have deferred taking finastride until now. And you are saying that your bald area was large . I believe irespective of the area, euginix is able to achieve 40 grafts /cm density.they are using beard hair to achieve that and have done 13000 grafts hair transplant also in some cases to do the same. So if the density in your case was 40 at least, then the argument that the area was large to begin with is not quite appropriate.
  11. It's funny that there are people who would say I won't mind losing hair , they trim their hair go on like that. and finally when they get to Norwood 6 category, they start to feel bad about their looks and start wearing hats and probably take antidepressants. On the other side , some will say looks don't matter for their partner,they see the nature and character in relationship and these are the very people who reject ugly girls. Please admit looks matter for human beings and there is no shame in that .that's how we are wired. Hair is a big feature of a face and it does matter and you know why because nothing ages you more than a bald head. And don't give examples of jasom stathom and Bruce Willis. It's money which helps them not their hair. I know people will bash me here for this but imo what I am saying is truth to some extent atleast.no offence to anyone.
  12. Actually I am a resident of gurgaon and met dr Bansal in 2016,when she advised me .5 mg finastride only since I had mild crown thinning.i did not take it and unfortunately now even my front has thinned and crown is gone pretty much. I have a chronic pain disorder but it is still undiagnosed. Doctors think it is anxiety and you know people with anxiety already have altered brain chemistry.since I am an unhealthy individual, to take a drug like finastride might mess my brain chemistry in unknown ways and may increase my problem ,hence I have avoided.Do you know people with migraine and anxiety using it? I might come to euginix again to clear this and may be get on finastride now if possible. Are people able to have transplant without finastride?Considering that euginix is producing good results and I have untouched donor, it seems I might just play catch up game with transplants.my age is 31.
  13. I still find it difficult to believe anyone with a bald disfigure face can feel confident and that would show up in their personalities too
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