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  1. Actually somewhere he told that dr Sethi has told him that he can expect 1000 more grafts to grow from here. So 6000 grafts out of 7000 are already there, which means around 85 percent growth is already there.So I took that number from what de sethi told. So it's right that he has about 15 percent growth(approx 1000 grafts) to come but I am not sure if dr Sethi also mentioned the 20 to 40 percent grafts loss ,due to anagen desynchronisation,following the 15 percent growth. So the 15 percent growth kind of gets counter balanced by 20 percent(conservative estimate) grafts loss later. Correct me if I am wrong here. And can you please tell how much density you lost after full growth?it is something that is not being shared on these forums frequently.Doctors are posting full growth results without mentioning anagen desynchronisation loss later.In that regard, I appreciate that euginix has brought this up.
  2. Obviously ,it has made a lot of difference but still everyone here needs to understand what can be accomplised with hair transplants at best and have realistic expectations consequently.
  3. You are saying he will lose 30 percent hair to anagen desynchronusation.So, this means that the density will be reduced by 30 percent ,right?So instead of 40 ,the final density would be 30(because of a 30 percent reduction=10 grafts/cm)and that would be the permanent result,right? I am assuming that the anagen desynchronisation phase is permanent,Is not it? And if that's the case ,then he will have about 30 as the final density and not 40 as you have stated above. And as of now he might be at about 30 only. So this might be pretty much the final result after anagen desynchronisation.The confusion still remains , please try to understand what I am asking.
  4. If people could consider how much difference a good looking hair transplant can make, they won't question the price. Think of all the new opportunities in terms of financial gains and self confidence with a good transplant. You will make much more financial gains simply on account of your looks. Yes looks do matter, good looking people are paid higher. So that can recover a lot of money for you. Please understand it is Ur face, the first impression on people, so you would rather not buy an expensive car and spend more on hair. I can't stress enough the importance of looks.
  5. What? Do you mean final density would be 30 percent lesser? Can you please elaborate this issue?does this mean that zoomster final result will be net 10 20 percent lesser than where he is now?
  6. Are u wearing concealer in this ? It looks great to be honest.
  7. But I believe that after 10 12 months the patient again loses 10 percent density which is due to a mismatch of anagen phases for certain hairs as told by Dr arika.so is it safe to assume this is pretty much the final result?
  8. In the other forum , you told hair transplants can look normal without harsh lights and if I am not wrong euginix has been providing good coverage and density even for norwood 6. At least in normal sunlight, it should not look very thin because we will be in sunlight for a good amount of time.may be his hair is very thin and short hair is the culprit. And I also remember asking you, in another thread,about how good 40 percent density is and you showed me pic of gordon Ramsay and that looked great to be honest, nothing like it would be see through in sunlight. I am thinking 40 percent density should be good enough to give an illusion of full hair even in sunlight and that's what zoomster might have been planted with.
  9. Why it thinning is visible in sunlight?I dont want to sound negative but I was thinking hair transplant can provide coverage at least if not volume.
  10. Can you in an honest opinion tell how close ur hair is now compared to ur original hair?Since you have one of the best hair transplants , I just wanted to know how good you think are your hair now? Are the angles similar to what you had originally and is the overall illusion similar? In an earlier post also,I requested you to post ur pic with original hair vs now after hair transplant. Just wanted to understand how far can I reach with ht.looking forward to ur reply.
  11. One thing that is most important in hair transplant is hairline. Is it really that natural? Does it really mimic the original hairline really closely even with the best surgeons? How do people here feel about their transplanted hairlines? Are they undetectable for them?
  12. Can you be on television on screen like on tv shows with a hair transplant?I mean cameras are so clear that even small changes are visible. Do you think with a hair transplant a person can be confident enough to be on screen in front of camera. Actors do that all the time but do they use concealers to avoid any detection. On screen is pretty much the ultimate test, any thinning is visible.
  13. For most people shaving is out of question. Hair is an extremely important part of self esteem and image.
  14. Can anyone easily detect a hair transplant with a shaved head? I mean is shaved head look even possible with a hair transplant? It should look thinner on top quite noticeably.