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  1. Yeah. You got it. Trying to cover the grey. Thanks for the help
  2. Hi. Hey. Thanks for replying. I really appreciate it. I'm actually happy with the hair line. I can't even tell myself
  3. It's been six months post op. The hair is still in the process of growing in. I was wondering if it's safe to color ones hair or would it damage the hairs that haven't grown in yet. thanks
  4. Hello one and all, This is my first Hair transplant. I know one shouldn't judge the growth until 12 months. I've included some photos. But I was curious what people think at this point. This is six months post op The only issue or concern I have is the growth on the right side has been weaker then the left from the start. And I just wanted to know what people think in general. Thank you,
  5. Hi. I posted this before and it's hard to get an exact answer. My current script for topical finasterdiee is 5 percent minoxidill and 0.5 finasteride everything I've seen on line seems to say only 0.1 or 0.25 of finasteride should be used? Is 0.5 to high of A dose. I read somewhere that equals 5 mg pills a day of oral finasteride
  6. The solution is 5 % minoxidil and 0.5 finasterdie from what I have read 0.5 seems to hight. Seems most people are using 0.1 or 0.25
  7. I got my ( great English) from a compound pharmacy a few weeks ago. The dropper that was included is unmarked. So if anyone knows I was curious how many drops should be applied. I am in the midst of contacting my surgeon and the pharmacy is obviously difficult to get a hold off because of the crisis going on. I was also told to apply it only once a day. I do have the droplet from the minoxidil. But I was looking online and it was almost impossible to find any information except from Dr. Bauman who said to apply ten drops through three parts of your hair. so I was curious if anyone else knows the answer to this question thanks
  8. Hello. I had my fue maybe 9 weeks ago. I've been lucky and I didn't shed very much. My question is I have a lot of growth in the center of my forehead and the left side but the right side isn't nearly as full. From my reading this is quite normal. I'm curious how many other people have experienced this. I spoke with my surgeon and he was not concerned but I was curious what others have experienced. thanks
  9. I was curious if it's normal post fue that some areas don't have any patch hair? My left side has more patchy hair then the right and there are some areas in the right that don't have any. Was curious if I should talk to my surgeon or this is just normal thanks
  10. thanks again. how long do you think one should wait to use one of the Irestore / laser deals?
  11. Was curious how many days one should wait to try Irestore or one of those lasers after a fue I'm curious if it would have a negative effect over the grafted area / skin since it's still a little pink thanks
  12. any recommendations on which laser cap to invest in at the moment it seems like Irestore is getting the best reviews. But I trust individuals more then a magazine.
  13. Curious if you took vitamins as well as eating healthy. And if used vitamins a , b , e and anything else.
  14. Man. I would be in heaven if my results are anywhere near yours. It's hard not to be envious. I'm really happy for you.
  15. thanks a lot for the response. Of course I trust my surgeon but the answers are always somewhat vague "you can exercise" but then there is the issue of the type of excercise. If you are playing tennis and in the sun you can wear hat (all my grafts are frontal hairline) but will sweating a ton cause issues and how many days to wait to put sun screen on the grafted areas. sorry for the rambling
  16. what about shampoo post ten days / 14 days after fue. Donor hair I've been using baby shampoo and using a small amount on the grafted area
  17. is it okay to wash hair post fue ten days, at moment I'm using baby shampoo on donor hair and gently using it on the grafted area thanks
  18. thanks so much for the honesty. That's one thing about looking at HT photos from all the clinics. It's so easy to be mislead. To be honest I am. I would never have a clue that your hair could look so different. I still think it looks amazing.
  19. How many days does one have to wait to dye their donor hair? My donor area is in good shape now. I would never go near the grafted area. In terms of shampoo I was using baby shampoo on the grafted area and after ten days the scabs are all gone I was curious if one should be careful using shampoo in that area? or still use baby shampoo?
  20. This is a repetitive question. But if one is to exercise post fue - say after 2 weeks - I know one has to use sun block since I will be in the sun but wearing a hat. But I was just curious if this is okay in the graft area to put sunblock on. And if a specific sun block is best.
  21. Hello. I'll be coming up on my second week post transplant. I was told that after 14 days it was okay to exercise. But I play tennis for like 2 or 3 hours when I go out. So the definition of exercise to me is kind of vague. Jogging for 20 minutes? Of course I'll be wearing a hat but I also want to know if it's safe at this point to put sun block on. Thanks everyone.
  22. that makes sense to me, it seems pretty intense to start putting something like that on the grafted area.
  23. thank you very much everyone. I should probably post this question. But in terms of exercise. I play tennis usually for 2-3 hours. I was told to wait two weeks to wait to play again. Curious what other opinions are? And if it's okay to wear sun block even though I will be wearing a hat thank you everyone for replying.
  24. Hi. I'm 9 days post op. This is my first time ever having a hair transplant so I was curious what people have used to help deal with the redness In the recipient area. I've read that aloe vera gel can be helpful. This is all new to me so I'm pretty much lost in the forest in terms of what to expect. At this point it seems most of my scabs have come off so I would think it would be a good time to start using something to help with the redness. thanks,