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  1. Thank a lot for your comment. That's very cool of you. Yeah. I think the photos are pretty accurate. I was a little nervous posting them since I wasn't sure what people would think. I've never taken finasteride. I have been using topical finasteride / minoxidil - but not every day. Do you take finasteride and vitamins? like biotin and pumpkin seed oil etc etc -
  2. Had my first hair transplant with dr. Scott alexander. It will be a year at the end of the month when i had my surgery.
  3. first hair transplant, it will be a year from surgery at the end of the month. Curious what people think and i have more photos i can send in. Should i be happy with this outcome? I think it looks great.
  4. Had 2,000 grafts Dr. Scott Alexander. I had some questions as well since this is my first hair transplant.
  5. Hello. I've posted before so I apologize if this is repetitive. Well it's been 7.5 months. Left side looks to be fully filled in. Right side is not good. It's doesn't seem to be any new growth. there are areas where it looks like no hair has grow in. Is it possible they will still even out? And if not since I went to a recommended surgeon will they want to fix it without charging you since they have a good reputation? Or do you have to pay full price
  6. Well it's been 7.5 months and I don't see much change on the right side. Also there are areas that haven't filled in. I"m not a doctor but it doesn't look like there is enough hair on the right side to fully fill out like the left. Since I went to a respected surgeon and hypothetically one side is perfect and the other side only has maybe 60 percent growth compared to the left. Should my surgeon repair it without cost? I don't want to say "I am going to write a bad review on you" Or repair without the normal cost
  7. I'm also curious since these transplants are far from cheap. If one side doesn't fill in - have people found surgeons will fix it without cost. Or maybe less cost. Or is it really not the surgeons "fault" that it doesn't come in equally? so they aren't responsible for fixing it. I mean we aren't talking a lot of grafts here
  8. Hello to everyone once again. I poised this question to Melvin as well. I'm on my 7th month. And the left side looks totally full. But the right side for some reason has never caught up with the left. So on the right side not as much hair has grown in and it's not nearly as dense. I spoke with my surgeon yesterday and he said after 7 months that is pretty much most of the hair has come in. Which really bummed me out. I was under the impression you had six months for growth and density. But the right side isn't showing a lot of progress. ______ I am not using finasteride. I actually have topical finasteride / minoxidil. But I don't use it because it's hard to tell where my real hair is and my transplanted hair. Especially the right side which concerns me. I don't know. Maybe it would help. I've included photos that will hopefully show the difference. I'm hoping the right side will catch up.
  9. Want to say thank you to everyone. I just passed the 7th month. If the right side is able to catch up to the left I will be very happy.
  10. Yeah. You got it. Trying to cover the grey. Thanks for the help
  11. Hi. Hey. Thanks for replying. I really appreciate it. I'm actually happy with the hair line. I can't even tell myself
  12. It's been six months post op. The hair is still in the process of growing in. I was wondering if it's safe to color ones hair or would it damage the hairs that haven't grown in yet. thanks
  13. Hello one and all, This is my first Hair transplant. I know one shouldn't judge the growth until 12 months. I've included some photos. But I was curious what people think at this point. This is six months post op The only issue or concern I have is the growth on the right side has been weaker then the left from the start. And I just wanted to know what people think in general. Thank you,
  14. Hi. I posted this before and it's hard to get an exact answer. My current script for topical finasterdiee is 5 percent minoxidill and 0.5 finasteride everything I've seen on line seems to say only 0.1 or 0.25 of finasteride should be used? Is 0.5 to high of A dose. I read somewhere that equals 5 mg pills a day of oral finasteride
  15. The solution is 5 % minoxidil and 0.5 finasterdie from what I have read 0.5 seems to hight. Seems most people are using 0.1 or 0.25
  16. I got my ( great English) from a compound pharmacy a few weeks ago. The dropper that was included is unmarked. So if anyone knows I was curious how many drops should be applied. I am in the midst of contacting my surgeon and the pharmacy is obviously difficult to get a hold off because of the crisis going on. I was also told to apply it only once a day. I do have the droplet from the minoxidil. But I was looking online and it was almost impossible to find any information except from Dr. Bauman who said to apply ten drops through three parts of your hair. so I was curious if anyone else knows the answer to this question thanks
  17. Hello. I had my fue maybe 9 weeks ago. I've been lucky and I didn't shed very much. My question is I have a lot of growth in the center of my forehead and the left side but the right side isn't nearly as full. From my reading this is quite normal. I'm curious how many other people have experienced this. I spoke with my surgeon and he was not concerned but I was curious what others have experienced. thanks
  18. I was curious if it's normal post fue that some areas don't have any patch hair? My left side has more patchy hair then the right and there are some areas in the right that don't have any. Was curious if I should talk to my surgeon or this is just normal thanks
  19. thanks again. how long do you think one should wait to use one of the Irestore / laser deals?
  20. Was curious how many days one should wait to try Irestore or one of those lasers after a fue I'm curious if it would have a negative effect over the grafted area / skin since it's still a little pink thanks
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