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  1. As mentioned, both Dr. Konior and Dr. Panine are well regarded and are elite coalition members. Feel free to private message me as well if you'd like and please document your journey for the forum. All the best Adam.
  2. Good post. I started noticing that I was balding in my early 20s as well with temporal hair loss that progressed to the crown and frontal aspect of my scalp. I should have started on finasteride/minoxidil MUCH earlier and could have salvaged that hair.
  3. @Dr Blake Bloxham and @Dr. Vladimir Panine consistently produce amazing results.
  4. Very nice and refined work. The Pt's hair characteristics helped as well. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Sublingual route goes into your bloodstream much more quickly and there's less degradation of the medicine so it's efficacy is increased. That's why we have patients carry sublingual nitroglycerin to take when they have chest pain (it relieves anginal chest pain).
  6. I'm trying to find any published research on finasteride and any negative affects on kidneys and haven't found much. Please let us know if you come across this
  7. "Conclusion: Oral minoxidil was found to be an effective and well-tolerated treatment alternative for healthy patients having difficulty with topical formulations." https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32622136/ "Conclusion: Oral minoxidil 5 mg once daily effectively increased hair growth in our male patients with AGA and had a good safety profile in healthy subjects. However, oral minoxidil should be used carefully with men who have severe hypertension and increased risk for cardiovascular events." https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13555-020-00448-x
  8. I've gotten 2 hair transplants and will be getting at least 1 more. I'm on topical finasteride/minoxidil, which has stabilized my hair loss and thickened my existing hairs. I probably have about 5k grafts left to use so will be using that for the crown, about 1k for the front 1/3 for further density, and the remaining for the back 2/3. I can relate to the toll it takes on your mental health since I went through it. You're lucky you found this forum. I wish I had known about it sooner and had gone to a recommended surgeon on here. Please feel free to reach out via private message if you'd
  9. That's around the same age I started having my hair loss. I wish I had hopped on finasteride and minoxidil sooner.
  10. I haven't come across any patients having kidney issues while on oral finasteride.
  11. It's good you've hopped on finasteride. Are you taking oral finasteride? Also, are you taking topical minoxidil?
  12. FUE donor site holes close by a combination of scar tissue formation and the skin naturally closing in. It looks like the donor sites may have been too close together and consequently you might have subdermal fibrosis. Have you talked with your surgeon about this or seen another medical doctor? Feel free to private message me as well.
  13. Interesting thought. Do you have a background in the biomedical sciences? Your posts are very well informed.
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