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  1. 1mg daily. I don't use it orally so I can't say anything about side effects. Biggest side effect would be hypotension
  2. I suggest using a combo minoxidil/finasteride solution/foam ASAP (you won't get systemic side effects from this). Monitor your progress on this. It's been found to be as equally as efficacious as the oral form. Please feel free to PM me as well. Hang in there buddy
  3. First, see a physician and get started on finasteride and minoxidil. It sounds like you might be depressed as well. Do you have a good social support network? Please feel free to PM. Hang in there buddy
  4. Topical is as effective as oral. See this study: http://www.bioline.org.br/pdf?dv09011 This is the only study I've found comparing the efficacy between the two. I'm surprised at the lack of studies on this tbh
  5. This is what I use and it works well. Just get it from a reputable seller. Lots of knock offs out there.
  6. Sure, basically it stops hair loss and lowers DHT levels and has virtually no systemic side effects.
  7. I would add @Dr Blake Bloxham to your list. While he's less experienced than the surgeons you mentioned, his work so far has been amazing and he's well known.
  8. Get the mix. You want the most potency obviously. Check eBay too. There is combo finasteride/minoxidil sprays 5% (Morr F is the brand)
  9. Yes, it arrests hair loss and spurs hair to go into the growth phase. The chances of side effects are essentially zero since it's not absorbed systemically like the pill
  10. Looks good so far and you still have lots of growth left. Please keep us posted and welcome to the community
  11. Topical finasteride works and has been peer reviewed: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6609098/ You can search for it online and eBay has it as well. I use the topical finasteride/minoxidil combo myself
  12. Yes, get on finasteride and minoxidil ASAP. Consult with a surgeon as well. Would you be open to body hair transplant?
  13. Welcome to the forum! As others have mentioned, 6 months is still quite early. But it does appear you're growing appropriately thus far. Please keep us posted with your progress
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