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  1. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting study. I suspected this to be the case as well
  2. Happy to help. I believe minoxidilmax offers topical finasteride/minoxidil without alcohol or propylene glycol: https://www.minoxidilmax.com/
  3. Hi Heisenberg, I strongly suggest you at least attempt finasteride. You should switch to the liquid minoxidil without alcohol and propylene glycol. If you're getting side effects from oral finasteride, which about 5% of people get, then switch to topical finasteride. Feel free to reach out anytime
  4. Thanks for the great review. Please keep the community posted and happy growing!
  5. Have you tried finasteride and minoxidil? Your hair loss will likely progress without those
  6. You made an excellent choice in @Parsa Mohebi, MD. Please keep the community posted.
  7. Very nice results and the patient's hairline looks completely natural. Thank you for sharing
  8. I'm not sure of any great surgeons there...I do know that @Dr Blake Bloxhamhas an office in Philadelphia. He's consistently putting out awesome results and is a highly recommended and ethical surgeon
  9. You have some great surgeons on your list. I think Dr. Gabel was trained by Dr. Konior. I would also consult with Dr. Bloxham. He's been putting out consistently amazing results: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC--zjdaJBprxvp9qO3HQbog Feel free to reach out anytime
  10. In Chicago you have some great options, including @Dr. Raymond Konior. I know Dr. Konior has worked on some high Norwood cases
  11. You're definitely a candidate for FUE. But an FUT would probably be better since as @JohnAC71mentioned, you can get more lifetime grafts that route. Many people are leery of the FUT linear scar. But if you go to a highly skilled surgeon, that scar is basically invisible. @Dr Blake Bloxhamdoes excellent work and his FUT scars are basically invisible. I would definitely consult with him
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