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  1. Where is Morr F 10% listed on Target and Overstock? I don't see it in their inventory
  2. Thanks. Yes, I know how to use Google. But I want to know if the websites to order it from are legit and ship to the US
  3. Where can you buy the 10% solution? I can’t find it anywhere with delivery to the US
  4. Anyone use Morr F 10% or 5%? It's a topical finasteride/minoxidil combo. I can easily procure the 5% and am thinking of getting the 10%. I wanted to see if the community had any experience with either the 5% or 10% Where can one procure the 10%? Thank you in advance!
  5. Looks completely natural. Amazing results. Dr. Feller is amazing at his craft
  6. The chances of side effects are much less with topical finasteride than oral finasteride because the topical route of delivery isn't systemic (though the overall rate of side effects with oral is still low). The efficacy between the topical and oral is similar. For more info, you can read this study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6609098/ I'm unsure as to why the topical isn't as well known as the oral. I think more and more people are learning about it though.
  7. Here's the one I use. I think they've got a 10% as well. I get it from eBay:
  8. Great question. I don't think side effects would subside with continued use. Have you considered using topical finasteride? The chances are side effects are MUCH less (since it's not systemic) and you still get the benefits.
  9. Probably a scam...and the folks who have posted have likely been paid for positive reviews. I also wouldn't trust a surgeon who makes such an offer.
  10. I wish I had known about this forum. @Melvin-Moderator knows about my hair transplant mishaps haha.