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  1. If you're in the Middle East, you definitely need to consult with @DrTBarghouthi. His work is impeccable and his patient care is amazing too.
  2. First, welcome to the forum! You look to be at a NW6 with progression to NW7. Are you on finasteride/minoxidil to maintain what you have? How is your beard? Where are you located?
  3. Great results. Very dense packing and natural looking hairline. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Awesome results! Thanks for sharing. @Dr. Vladimir Paninedoes amazing work and I agree, he's an all around awesome guy.
  5. It's good you're on finasteride/minoxidil. Have you had in person consults yet? I've also privately messaged you. Please feel free to reach out anytime.
  6. You should definitely consult with @Dr. Vladimir Panine. His work is impeccable and been putting out AMAZING results for 25+ years. He's an elite coalition surgeon and is board certified in dermatology and did his surgery training at Stanford. Check out these recent results of his:
  7. I have seen lots of FUT work done by @Dr Blake Bloxhamand his FUT scars are virtually nonexistent. He's EXTREMELY skilled. You can definitely wear your hair short and not have the FUT scar showing based on the density of your donor area.
  8. For the price you're seeking, you can get a great surgeon to do an FUT in the US. You'll have more lifetime donor grafts as well using FUT for a few sessions and then going to FUE.
  9. It can be done, but will cost more since it is more difficult for the surgeon.
  10. Who did your prior surgery and how long was it?
  11. That is one of the best results I've seen. Hit it completely out of the ballpark. Thanks for sharing.
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