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  1. Hi guys I am considering a hair transplant but I am slightly conflicted by two options. I'm not sure whether to just rebuild the hairline for the time being, and allow minoxidil and finasteride to do some work on the rest of my scalp in the meantime, or to just go for it all and get the crown filled in as well as some density in the middle area. I have had some consultations with various doctors within my range (Bicer, Erdogan, Espinosa, Yaman etc) however I have had varying advice from them all. Some saying to leave the crown for now and others content with filling the crown and mid. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I've been going back on forth on this issue for a while. I've been taking the following since mid - march: Minxodil 5% liquid 2x day Finasteride 1mg 3x a week Biotin Due to start microneedling next week. Thanks in advance,
  2. Hey man the work looks really good! From what I’ve seen and read over the past few months Is that what you’re experiencing is normal and the hairs will thicken over time giving you a lot more density. would you mind sharing how much you paid for this procedure?
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