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  1. Hi Mariana, thabks for finally posting your review of Bhatti. I am shocked at how bad Bhatti’s work is! But not shocked at the post transplant treatment from bhatti. He pressurises you and backs you into a corner, which is what he did with me anyway. i wish you had added this review sooner and it may have saved me...but atleast you haven’t made the mistake I made and go back a second time. At this point, I feel it is our obligation as humans to let anyone who is considering a transplant, by drs like bhatti know what they are letting themselves in for. please keep me updated on any progress! takecare, Sunny pps, don’t get me started on people like California...he is as bad as Bhatti with his lies and excuses. With shera, I had no issues...he was actually helpful at times and shared my worries about the transplants...until I advised I was putting a review on here, that’s when it got ugly...but California, I struggle to say a nice word about him.
  2. Hi everyone, first of all @Melvin-Moderator apologies for not getting back to you sooner...I have been unable to find the email which was sent to me...want to clarify, I am not accusing Bhatti or his colleague for sending this email...for those that don’t know I had a random email stating it was Melvin and requesting me to remove this review as we could get sued...@Melvin when I saw the email, honestly I just deleted it...but thanks for clarifying it wasn’t you. I have been thinking about messaging on here as I’ve had several updates...I have spoken with several drs most have advised me they do not recommend me getting a transplant, as bhatti has implanted the hairs at the front of my head to far apart and I have been advised there’s a chance I could damage these hairs...a doctor advised me the grafts also seemed to be implanted in the wrong angles...not sure about this...but I am getting similar info...can anyone advise...I have had smp on my head, so when it is a grade1, it’s looks decent...any longer and you can see the bad transplant I have had. Hair is long currently, due to showing several drs, so once I shave again, I will also be adding grade 1 hair pics. As of now, pics attached is my current state. Also, I was never fully bold, I was between a Norwood level 2/3...granted I must have lost more of my natural hair. If anyone has any advice for what I can do, in regards to getting another transplant or not, please let me know. Also, I have very little body hair, so I am unable to use any other donor area beside what I have left on the back and sides of my head and my beard. ps, yes I know I have lost more of my hair on the top middle of my scalp, this area was only slightly touched up by bhatti. pps, not forgetting, I had 2 transplants with bhatti and I was assured on both occasions, specifically the 2nd one that the density level would be to a much higher standard than what I have. thanks all and I look forward to your response, negative/postitive and productive!
  3. Hi Ronaldo...yeah be very careful with Bhatti...at first he sounded brilliant...by the second transplant I had found out he was far from brilliant. I have contacted Eugenix as I have also seen Arika Bansals work and I am very impressed, however they have rejected me as a transplant client...which actually made me feel as though they are a honest company...as Bhatti was just offering me a free top up, which he would then charge me for anyway!
  4. Hi, would love to see your progress? I had 2 ops with the same doctor and he too had to go over same areas he had previously worked on, just hope you weren’t charged for this, as I was. Also I’m hoping your procedure was a bigger success than mine and if You do have any issues, hopefully the dr and his colleagues have learnt from their previous bad customer services they have provided, not to mention the poor results
  5. Hi HCH, I am surprised Bhatti didn’t take you on...it actually makes me think maybe his heart is in the right place as I assumed he was just a greedy money grabber, well in my case I feel he was anyway. Possibly just his skills are not up to the required standards... I have searched Eugenix and I have learnt from my previous mistakes with Bhatti...I have fully researched this time, including other platforms and they do seem promising. yes, hopefully I can sort my hair out worth another transplant...only thing is Bhatti has only left me with around 1,000 grafts...so I’m guessing I will have to add my beard hair to future transplants, which I did not want to do. All I can say is fool me once, my mistake, fool me twice and im a fool, offering to fool me a 3rd time...no chance Bhatti! Just wish I had not wasted precious grafts and money on the 2nd one! Greed got the better of me and he tried to over charge me when we had agreed upon a discounted rate previously. words of advice, your grafts are limited, don’t Waste them on the wrong doctor!
  6. Hi HCH. I assure you Bhattis results aren’t as good as you think...I thought the same and after 2 transplants, I can confirm his results are poor and the customer service and his responses are just as poor if not worse.
  7. Hi, just want to add that I had the same issue with Bhatti , missing a large patch off my head... I spoke with Shera at the time, who advised me it was ok, but this was not the case, please view pic
  8. Hi California. With all due respect, you commented on my post, without knowing the full facts and you fabricated to truth... Also, you advised on the badhair post that you had been away, due to personal reasons but as I advised I have seen you commenting on another post since and on the bad hair post, your response was that you would get back to me...well I’m waiting and now you’re backing down as you have been exposed. Simple question I asked you...who told you I had not taken the medicine or did you just make this up? due to the fact you’re ignoring my questions, makes me come to the conclusion you’re lying. Simple, if you deal with pure facts, then there wouldn’t be a problem. as for a constructive conversation...your dr one minute thinks my hair transplant was a success and the next minute he feels I need an additional 500 grafts free of charge?! How can you have a constructive conversation with someone who is constantly changing their mind and as I have already advised, I wouldn’t trust your or your clinic to assist me with my hair issues, again you haven’t answered a simple question I have asked you, which I very similar to bhatti, who couldn’t explain why my 2 transplants had been a failure, instead offering a free top up, which more than likely, going from past experience would have been a failure.
  9. Melvin, also I’m not too sure why you need another photo...as I have already added enough photos, with long hair and with out Smp and without a comb over. I will add the pics, but again, I have already provided these pics and they are shocking! No density what so ever on the top left and right. Also, it is actually agonising for me to grow my hair, as it looks horrific, so please bare with me, I will grow it out for the next week or 2 and show you again.
  10. Melvin, I will do in due course. As I have already advised you I am having to shave my hair, so I am going to have to grow it out, unless you just want a pic with basically grade 0.5 on it, so please, bare with me and I will show you the evidence
  11. Hi Melvin, I don’t feel there should be an issue with Badresults replying on my comments...this is building a picture for the onlookers...I made the mistake by going back to Bhakti twice and Badhair just made one mistake, of going to Bhakti once. But if he went, he more than likely would have had a 2nd failed transplant. The reason I am annoyed is 2nd transplant, I didn’t even go through Shera, it was direct through Bhatti, I spoke with Bhatti and explained exactly what my worries were and what I wanted, to which I was assured the result would be as expected...but it was all just lies to get money. I personally don’t even want my money back, as Melvin can vouch for(WhatsApp messages I have sent to him) which show all I want to do is make others aware, Bhatti will promise you the world and delivers shocking results
  12. California? Have you managed to work out your next excuse for ignoring me again! I have asked you a question about why you’re fabricating the truth and you have finally responded with this pathetic excuse, when I can see on your profile you have been active and on top of that, you have the ignorance to reply to users who are commenting on my post and try and protect Bhatti’s rep, yet you still haven’t responded to a question I have asked you around 6 months ago?!? You service is almost as poor as the doctor you represent.
  13. California...tell me something...on my post you commented I didn’t take no post medicine...I replied to you and you have ignored my response. How would you know if I had or hadn’t taken the medicine? I have never dealt with you...I had 6 months supply of medicine from bhatti, which I completed and I even had an additional month of medicines sent to me by Shera...also bhatti only advised me I need the medicine for the initial 6 months and thereafter is optional. So please don’t fabricate and facts and in the future, atleast have the decency to respond to you so called claims.
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