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  1. Hi, just want to add that I had the same issue with Bhatti , missing a large patch off my head... I spoke with Shera at the time, who advised me it was ok, but this was not the case, please view pic
  2. Hi California. With all due respect, you commented on my post, without knowing the full facts and you fabricated to truth... Also, you advised on the badhair post that you had been away, due to personal reasons but as I advised I have seen you commenting on another post since and on the bad hair post, your response was that you would get back to me...well I’m waiting and now you’re backing down as you have been exposed. Simple question I asked you...who told you I had not taken the medicine or did you just make this up? due to the fact you’re ignoring my questions, makes me come to the conclusion you’re lying. Simple, if you deal with pure facts, then there wouldn’t be a problem. as for a constructive conversation...your dr one minute thinks my hair transplant was a success and the next minute he feels I need an additional 500 grafts free of charge?! How can you have a constructive conversation with someone who is constantly changing their mind and as I have already advised, I wouldn’t trust your or your clinic to assist me with my hair issues, again you haven’t answered a simple question I have asked you, which I very similar to bhatti, who couldn’t explain why my 2 transplants had been a failure, instead offering a free top up, which more than likely, going from past experience would have been a failure.
  3. Melvin, also I’m not too sure why you need another photo...as I have already added enough photos, with long hair and with out Smp and without a comb over. I will add the pics, but again, I have already provided these pics and they are shocking! No density what so ever on the top left and right. Also, it is actually agonising for me to grow my hair, as it looks horrific, so please bare with me, I will grow it out for the next week or 2 and show you again.
  4. Melvin, I will do in due course. As I have already advised you I am having to shave my hair, so I am going to have to grow it out, unless you just want a pic with basically grade 0.5 on it, so please, bare with me and I will show you the evidence
  5. Hi Melvin, I don’t feel there should be an issue with Badresults replying on my comments...this is building a picture for the onlookers...I made the mistake by going back to Bhakti twice and Badhair just made one mistake, of going to Bhakti once. But if he went, he more than likely would have had a 2nd failed transplant. The reason I am annoyed is 2nd transplant, I didn’t even go through Shera, it was direct through Bhatti, I spoke with Bhatti and explained exactly what my worries were and what I wanted, to which I was assured the result would be as expected...but it was all just lies to get money. I personally don’t even want my money back, as Melvin can vouch for(WhatsApp messages I have sent to him) which show all I want to do is make others aware, Bhatti will promise you the world and delivers shocking results
  6. California? Have you managed to work out your next excuse for ignoring me again! I have asked you a question about why you’re fabricating the truth and you have finally responded with this pathetic excuse, when I can see on your profile you have been active and on top of that, you have the ignorance to reply to users who are commenting on my post and try and protect Bhatti’s rep, yet you still haven’t responded to a question I have asked you around 6 months ago?!? You service is almost as poor as the doctor you represent.
  7. California...tell me something...on my post you commented I didn’t take no post medicine...I replied to you and you have ignored my response. How would you know if I had or hadn’t taken the medicine? I have never dealt with you...I had 6 months supply of medicine from bhatti, which I completed and I even had an additional month of medicines sent to me by Shera...also bhatti only advised me I need the medicine for the initial 6 months and thereafter is optional. So please don’t fabricate and facts and in the future, atleast have the decency to respond to you so called claims.
  8. This is a current pic, after 2 HT’s over the same area, still lack of density... also I have had Smp done over this area- which was recommended by the doctor and his colleagues, but the SMP artist advised me that there is just not enough density to do anything. Basically, I have to do a grade 1 anything longer and I get the attached effect. I am looking forward to Bhattis next set of lies...ie I didn’t take the medicine!? What a joke! I bought the medicine from you, of course I took it!
  9. No response from this advisor? Maybe you will just try to threaten me like the previous advisor? Also, please look at my pictures, they don’t lie...the pictures added from bhatti are prior to me 2nd HT, which was done after 1 year. Again, as advised, I followed bhatti’s advice and guidance and purchased 6 months with of medical supplies from Bhatti. Also, if he feels this HT was such a success why is he offering me 500+ grafts free off charge, which as his agent advised will sort out this issue? Also how the hell can I trust this doctor with a 3rd transplant?! He has ruined my head. To thin to grow it and shaved looks weird as I have a massive density issue, especially on the left and right sides.
  10. I’ve had the exact same issue with Bhatti. Don’t fall for it, I’ve had 2 transplant from him, documented in this forum...and he couldn’t explain why it failed...he is a very poor doctor and I also have several messages from Shera, example- do you really want to get into a internet argument with me? Remove your review from this forum and we will give you up to 1k refund and the final insult, no refund and you’re trying to blackmail us. Again, I have screen shots if required. this whole story sounds so familiar. Bhatti assured me of results and if not, a free procedure...second op was charged and was majority over the same area. Bhutto couldn’t explain why transplants failed and even went as far as saying it looked good...as did shera, but as already advised, it has no density and eventually bhatti advised he could fix it up with around 500 + grafts, no chance!!! I won’t be going back to this doctor, even if I was paid. Shocking bhatti is a recommended member on this site, the more I dig init Bhatti, the more false promises, lies and blackmail I see.
  11. I am an ex dr Bhatti patient and as California advised, best to speak to the ex patients...steer clear. I have had 2 transplants and the results are terrible and I also feel I have been charged 2 times and Bhatti has just gone over the same area.
  12. Hi, first of all I would like to correct you on some of your responses...if I had thin hairs, why wasn't I informed of this?(my donor area in my opinion is pretty thick hairs) why did dr Bhatti not inform me of this prior to my second transplant? Why did he say he is unsure why the first transplant didn't work? Dr Bhatti's advice was to take propecia & finesteroid for atleast the first 6 months, which I did for both operations. It wasn't stressed to me to continue to take it, on first or second transplant. Regarding the low number of grafts implanted...why was there a low number? I went for 2 transplants which obviously shows that I wanted a higher number of grafts. Also Bhatti advised me this was the right amount of grafts and also spoke to me about beard grafts for future aswell as stating I have atleast 1,500/2000 grafts still on my hair dona area. So again...I ask why was there a low amount of grafts implanted? I am from the uk, does the dr think it is cheap for me to continually keep travelling to India? again for the second transplant, we went over the same areas...so why hasn't this improved the density? Also I would like to advise that when these pictures Bhatti posted were taken, he combed my hair, to the side to hide the right hand side and middle of my hair. Please view my photos and you will see the real result. Also prior to the second transplant I advised Bhatti of my concerns regarding the thinness to the left hand side especially, which he assured me he would resolve and I am far from satisfied
  13. Please have a read of my story, two failed transplants with dr Bhatti. I would advise you to definitely have a think before going to bhatti
  14. So I had a transplant nearly 3 years ago by Dr Bhatti. Darling hairbuds, Chandigarh. (Pics have been added before/after for both transplants. At first all seemed fine, then after the first 7months, the results were bad. Dr Bhatti agreed with this and him and his rep advised I would get 600 free grafts when I visit again. (I didn't get 600 free, but I did get £500 off on the 2nd treatment, which was only approved once I had shown Dr Bhatti messages stating this would be done) The 2nd transplant was again a failure and I also questioned Dr Bhatti as to why I was charged so much. First transplant cost just over £3,500 and second cost just over £1,600. But when I have viewed both pics, the majority of the 2nd transplant was done over the failed first transplant. whilst I was at Bhatti's the 2nd time, I spoke with a fellow patient from India, who advised even with my discount, I had still paid more than him(i was told Dr Bhatti auto adds extra for patients coming from abroad) Dr Bhatti and his reps have advised me they will do a 3rd transplant at a reduced rate for me, but I am not going to fall for that trick again, as he'd still probably end up charging me over £1,500, so no thank you. Bhatti's responses are at times very confusing. I have been advised the following- the result isn't good/ the result is good as you have lost all your native hair at the top(which is a lie and also, the sides of my hair were already completely lost the first time and they have never grown.) the result is so bad that I can get a £1000 refund/ then the final insult, i won't get a refund, and I am blackmailing the company to get a refund, which wasn't anything I requested, the company offered the refund to me. i had spoken with Bhatti before my 2nd transplant and I had advised I wasn't happy with the distance between the grafts, it was very spaced out and you could see right through my transplant. Bhatti assured me he would resolve this issue with the 2nd transplant, but this wasn't to be the case. Please view my pictures for additional info. Also, I did actually put this review up around 4 months ago, but the clinic asked me to remove the review, whilst they would get a refund for me, this hasn't come through, so I will post the review again. all of what I have said is facts and I have screen shots backing these facts up and after the clinic accused me of trying to ruin their rep to get money off, which they had offered, not by my request, I advised them I didn't want anything to do with this clinic and they could keep their money as I would rather pay to let others know about this awfull clinic first 4 pics show first transplant next 4 pics show how my hairnets original was Next 4 show how it was after 6months next 3 show after 7.5 months neext 4 show after 2transplant. Which was all mostly done in the same area as the first. next 4 show 11 months after 2 transplant. i have also had smp done, the smp artist advised me I shouldn't be keeping long hair as it is impossible to add a consistent density to my hair as the transplanted area has too many gaps. please, let me know your opinions about my 2 transplants. thank you for taking your time to read this.