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  1. Almost every photo editor has a blurring feature. But here is the on one that I use on my cell phone. The main thing why I like it is that you can edit your photos just with tapping the screen of your Android device. It can be installed on IOs as well. The collage feature is what I like most in this app.
  2. Have you noticed some changes after drinking this stuff?
  3. Dandruff is not the reason, It's the symptom
  4. Looks like its getting thin. My husband starts to lose his hair, when he was 20, so age doesn't matter. I think first of all to save it you should go to a specialist and ask for some treatment and advise. For my husband very helpful is head massage every day, it causes blood circulation and hair grows quicker. Also, I bought for him the wooden brush, it harder and better for hair loss. You can look at reviews of this link and choose one for yourself. Good luck!