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  1. Anyone have any experience/opinion on this? check out Good Look, Inc. if you're unsure of what i'm refering to.
  2. Hi durtydawg, I wish you all the best! Please ensure you've personally seen patients and are happy before plunging, it's still not to late to pull out. You know this hair transplant industry is really dodgy. take care.
  3. Firstly let me say I've lost all faith in South African surgeons, Because: 1) I've had an Unsatisfactory result from Hair Options (Sandton Johannesburg) 2) I don't see any recommended surgeons from South Africa on this site. 3) errr it's AFRICA... I can't believe I was stupid enough to expect a great result. Anyways emotions aside (I was young and trusted pictures... I'm sure I'm not the only one). What I'm looking for at this stage is a trustworthy surgeon. How I deem a surgeon trustworthy: 1) I viewed results in person. I guess that's the only way... So I believe you misunderstood my question Dr, I'm not looking for a South African Surgeon, I'm looking for somebody out there in South Africa who's had their hairline restored successfully by ANY SURGEON IN THE WORLD. If there is absolutely no one in my Country that has had a successful transplant then I'll have to travel to find a patient. I don't know how else to proceed? Please advise me dear wise experienced forum people:(?
  4. Hi Dr. Glenn M. Charles, Johannesburg.
  5. Hi Guys, Anyone out there from South Africa that has had a successful hair transplant? (Hair transplant could have been done anywhere around the world), I'm very skeptical about pictures having not received results remotely close to what I expected. I would like to meet and have a look in person, please let me know. God bless.
  6. @ william38, how's your chest looking now? able to shave/wax?
  7. @agenteye and spanker, why do your results look so perfect? it's as if you never had a transplant done (this could be the ultimate compliment.... but i'm very untrusting at this stage)... do you mind emailing more pics if you have? before the surgeries and immediate post operative?
  8. thanks for the responses, i will post more pictures of the scar... I'm unhappy with the scar but i haven't seen others, my unhappyness stems from the inability to cut my hair short.
  9. @ agenteye. yeah south africa's great very friendly people, where are you from? i'm not sure of the exact yield i'd say 2000 grafts in total... i had it done in johannesburg sandton (a clinic called 'hair options')... well i've got nothing good to say about them it wasn't to my satisfaction. i'm reluctant to go for another strip procedure, but if i have to i will. so far i'm interested in dr sanusi umar's work (due to his extensive amounts of videos on youtube). however i'd like to meet patients in person... pictures dont do justice... i agree my hair doesn't look too bad in pics... but in person i'm unhappy and a few people have noticed something 'funny'. it's also making relationships a hell by causing intimacy issues (i dont want her fiddling with my hairline... i'm embarrassed bout the procedure i wanted it to go unoticable, i'm only 23 at the moment). my dermatologist also said there are some good surgeons in india that'll not be as expensive as the states. however i'm not willing to compromise quality for price... like i said i want to do my research properly and meet the patients. thanks for the response agenteye.
  10. thanks, do you mind sending me more pics? the one on the link is pretty tiny. where are you from?
  11. Hi All, unhappy with my density, been for 2 transplants. please send me recommendations. i'd like to meet someone who's had the hairline done successfully (with dense hair like mine), i'm in south africa. but am willing to travel...
  12. Hi All, could you suggest a good free photo editor with blurring capability? the ones i tried turned out to be linked to other suspicious software.
  13. Hi, thanks, yes please share doctor's details, i am willing to travel. do you mind posting pictures of your results? did you have the hairline done? you can mail them if you don't want to post here please send a private message. thanks a mil