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  1. I tried it before but nothing happens to my hair. it didn't grow back.
  2. Hi I'm an IT in an online store that offers canine cooler (which is a cooling bed for dogs and perfect for summertime). I have a question, how much does a hair surgery cost? I want to grow a part of my hair that has been bald. It's like a 2inch circumference size.
  3. I've been removing a dandruff at a part of my hair. Then one day, my hair didn't grow on the same spot. It's like a had a bald part of my hair, how can I grow my hair back?
  4. Hello, I'm from Melbourne. I do have a nightmare about my hair due to apart of my scalp had been with dandruff (I do not know why it keeps on coming out). I've been removing my dandruff for a long time then one day, I was trying to remove dandruff and I felt it was smooth (which is the scalp now). So My problem is there is no hair growing at my scalp (where the mysterious dandruff keeps on appearing). What can I do to make my grow hair back?