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  1. Couple days short of 6 months! Crown definitely needs improvement, but so far happy with the progress given it continues to improve.
  2. 3 Months plus a week update. Got a number 2 trim at the back and sides yesterday, the donor area is still very much visible due to the density of hair above and below it, more so below it!
  3. I have been doing some research as well. “Study findings seem to indicate that pattern hair loss is more about how sensitive someone is to DHT rather than how much testosterone is converted into DHT.” - https://www.belgraviacentre.com/blog/are-high-testosterone-levels-and-male-hair-loss-linked/ My question is if you are on finasteride and minoxidil after a hair transplant, will taking whey protein have any effect on the results? This is what i used to use before the hair transplant but haven't been taking any since. http://www.gnc.com/protein_fitness/386359.html?productId=41785886
  4. I feel the same, I'll say I saw 50% shedding if not less and mostly from the sides. It can still shed as far as I know, and I won't be surprised if they shed while the others start growing. Just my opinion, others might know more about it.
  5. I had mine done by Dr. Bhatti 2 months ago, and yet to see any redness, besides occasional one after workouts.
  6. Some shedding in last couple days. No pain, some sensitivity here and there. Did a number 2 trim on the donor and non transplanted area last week.
  7. Donor area still red. Took this pic after a 2 mile walk, don't know if that matters.
  8. Yeah, I wondered if donor area needs the same level of protection as recipient area. I'm gonna buy one newsboy too.
  9. I had my transplant 14 days ago. Can't agree wit you more regarding the donor pain. It was crazy, especially day 5 to day 9. Even after pain killers, was very hard to sleep. Wanted to ask you regarding the spots and pimples on your donor, did they appear after 14th day or were their signs before that? I ask as right now, my donor area is completely clean, but wondering if I should get mentally prepared for those pimples..?
  10. Thanks! Yeah same here. My doctor gave me a black bandana and a black hat. I really liked the easiness of wearing that bandana, so I got 3 more tailored made, but in light colors (white and beige) 100% cotton. But after the fact, I noticed they are very thin and you can see through them. Guess I can't wear them in the sun. So I also ordered that 50 UPF sun brim hat.. haha, planning to go camping in a month, I'm sure it'll come handy. Need to go shopping for a nice call cap, the one I have (Cubs championship), is a snug fit.
  11. So all the crusts are off now on the 14th day. I see a lot of people say the recipient area gets red after the crusts are off, I do not see any redness, is it something which comes later on or maybe not everyone gets the redness? What can I expect next? pimples? shedding or both at the same time??
  12. Had FUE 10 days ago, and I understand that I need to protect my head from direct sunlight. I actually walk to and back from work everyday which is about 1.6 miles each way. I will say, 20% of the way I get hit by direct sunlight. I have'nt been walking since my transplant ofcourse, but now since I am 10 days post-op, I would like to continue the walk, as I really enjoy my commute. TO do this, I have been debating upon various ways on how I can protect my head. Nice cotton Bandana Baseball hat Wide brim Sun hat Bandana sounds really good to me, but then the ones I have, does not completely cover the donor area. Also, I need to wait a month at least before I can start using sunscreen lotions or sprays. What do you guys recommend?
  13. Donor area pain still lingers, but it is under control. 3-4 range out of 10.
  14. Was advised to take Lyrica, but the pain subsided. A lot better today, took a combiflam to be safe as now I board a flight for 15 hours.