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  1. gettingfue

    Whey protein and hair loss

    Thanks to the both of you for your replies 😀
  2. Hey, I’m a couple of months post op, after having FUE, and I’ve been on fin for a number of years. ive been searching these forums to see if there is any info on using whey protein and hair loss. The previous posts I’ve read seem to be a little dated, so I’m wondering if research or forum members’ experience has moved on in any way. Does anyone know if there is a correlation between hair loss and whey protein? thanks
  3. Hey, So I'm 2 months post op FUE, and I shaved my back and sides myself with electric clippers. I accidentally went onto my recipient when I was fading/blending the cut in. At 2 months post op, is it ok to shaving the recipient? There seems to be some disagreement on this forum, with some saying you can't shaving the recipient for up 2 six months. Why is there such a divergence of opinion on this issue? Thanks
  4. I guess I was just unsure if the process could have an impact on the hair grafts, that’s all.
  5. Hey guys, You may find this concern irrational, but if someone is 3 months post op, is there any problem with having your teeth whitened professionally at the dentist? I thought it best to steer on the side of caution and ask here first! Thanks ?
  6. OK, well as others have said, you have two options: Remove the tattoo (but this will be exceptionally painful in that part of the body) Cover it with more hair. If your donor is an issue you may have to consider body hair &/or beard hair transplants.
  7. OK, forget about the amount of time it took, that's not important now. I would seriously get a lawyer and look into suing them. What they've done is extremely shocking. I would pursue this all the way. You could get a sizeable amount of money, that you will no doubt need, to correct their mess.
  8. Aside from anything else it sounds like this should be against the law. You signed a contract but if they didn't stipulate tattooing in the contract they are on very thin ground. I would pursue this if I were you - you'd likely get a decent payment that could pay for the best surgeon. Don't let these butchers get away with it.
  9. He suits have a bald head, and he appears to be very comfortable in his own skin, so I would suggest that in fact, he doesn't need a BHT. Good on him.
  10. The method of find propecia was the same (i.e. unintended consequence for a treatment unrelated to hair loss), but that is inconsequential for how the drug itself will operate.
  11. What are you trying to prove with your hostility and sarcasm? I was getting notifications about my thread due to your posts that had absolutely nothing to do with my question and were concerning your inability to use a PM function. Go to the off topic, where your question obviously belongs. For your ease, here is the link: Off-Topic Posts - Forum By and for Hair Loss Patients This is how forums work. You can't just post completely irrelevant questions in a very specific thread for your own purposes. Furthermore, my length of time on the forum is irrelevant to your misuse of the forum.
  12. ndubya - please create your own thread.
  13. gettingfue

    Blood on day 26

    Looks to me what you've kind of implied yourself - the scabs bleeding rather than a graft being dislodged. Everyone says by day 12 they're as secure as your non-transplanted hair, so I would relax
  14. From photos you can tell the pattern of baldness (diffusion, temporal, crown etc), but they can't tell the extent of miniaturisation. Like a previous poster suggested - just get back in touch with Erdogan and ask if you can book an appointment. The worst that can happen is he says no.
  15. Hey With fin, I think it's important to avoid the info about it from social media (esp. Youtube). Those unlucky guys who have experienced the side effects are (understandably) shouting the loudest about it. I've been on it for years with no side effects. The issue with erection problems is that this can be caused by so many things, and there is definitely a psychosomatic element to it, so it seems perfectly plausible that worry about not getting an erection, prohibits your ability to not get an erection. Other important issues are, if you don't use fin, and your hair falls out, what impact will this have on your sex life? Sure, people may still find you attractive, but what will you think of yourself? Chances are, if you're on this forum, they way your hair looks is important to you. Yet another issue is that as guys age, they are likely to experience problems with getting an erection ,some of the time. This, unfortunately, is natural. This happens to guys who aren't on fin too. If someone taking fin can't get an erection, how are we to know it's because of fin or a natural process, that he would have experienced anyway? My advice would be to stay on fin for a while, and try and forget about your erection. Avoid the cialis for now. Stop worrying about it, and see what happens. If you're horny, then go for it, but don't do it just because you're in some kind of habit. Be guided by your body. You must really make a concerted effort though to try and stop worrying about your erection problem.