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  1. I researched this topic online and I cannot find consistent answers. What did your doctor tell you?
  2. There are many different opinions on this subject. At the end of the day, most people will tell you to simply follow the advice of your doctor. I had my hair transplant a year ago and I haven't had any alcohol at all since December 2017. At first, I avoided it just to be safe. Now it's been so long that I really don't want it anymore 😁
  3. I imagine this design has been adopted to avoid an "unnatural" hairline. Most men experience hairloss through the course of their lives. Having the hairline of an eighteen year old (without the matching density or other aesthetics) would probably look fake. But I'm really just speculating on the reasons for a "more mature" hairline ... you asked if Dr. Hasson would ever alter his design. For the answer to that question, I suggest you ask the doctor himself 😉
  4. Yes, you can definitely wash it yourself I just appreciated having the clinic team do it (and check the scalp for me as well). Follow all of your doctor's instructions for post-op care, including washing. Good luck
  5. Yeah, I went back half a dozen times to get my hair washed and my scalp checked by my doctor.
  6. Thanks for the comments and perspectives, guys. I really appreciate it. I think I need to just remember life is short and nothing is forever, too. Carpe Diem, and all that.
  7. Hi Headscratcher, Is there a reason why you chose Turkey and this doctor? I chose my clinic and doctor because they are in the same city as me (for post-op support), and they have a very strong reputation.
  8. I'm obviously not a doctor but I personally wouldn't have even considered wearing a helmet so soon. My main concern would be infection and irritation of the scalp. I'm admittedly very paranoid about these things, though
  9. I took 2.5 weeks off after my most recent surgery and realistically I could have taken more time.
  10. I had a hair transplant (my third iteration) in late January of 2018, which means I am now coming up on my 12 month mark. The results have been pretty good, and I'm satisfied with the way my hair looks. I'm booked in for a one-year post-op visit with my doctor at the end of the month. Lately, I've really been struggling to break habits that I formed after my hair surgery. I am still avoiding the sun completely. I do not want to put any product in my hair for fear of unseen damage. I do not wash or dry my hair too vigorously. There are many other habitual actions, too many to name, that I formed post-op and continue. Has anyone else struggled with this way of thinking? I know it's not healthy, but I'm finding it hard to break free. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.
  11. Hi HairShadows, Growth post-hair transplant is a gradual, organic process that is different from everyone. From my experience (I've had three hair transplants), everything that respected members of this forum have said in terms of needing to wait the full 12-18 months (or longer) for the full result is true. Someone at 5 months may have excellent growth and someone else may no little or no growth after the same amount of time has passed. At 12 months, they may both have excellent results. I am about 10.5 months out right now and I am still seeing improvements as time passes. But these changes are gradual, happening over the scope of weeks and months. I know it is difficult, but patience is the key. Do not negative thoughts consume you. My best is advice is to stop thinking about it as much as you can. Everyone grows differently!
  12. Thanks for the input and supportive statements. I do believe the scalp was normal and in fact part of the pre-screen process is to have your scalp evaluated prior to surgery. My surgeon's office was adamant my surgery would be cancelled if there was any sign of extraordinary skin behaviors observed on the day of the surgery. I've sort of decided to try and stop focusing on these things for the time being and simply wait and see what happens. Ultimately, I guess we are all in the same boat in that regard. We have to wait for growth
  13. Thanks a lot for the kind words and positive vibes man. The actual assessment was all very rushed. The surgeon could not remember the date of my surgery or any other details about my particular case. I actually had trouble cleaning that area and it had late ( day 21 it was finally all gone) crusting ( I was being the typical "too gentle" guy with cleaning that area). So I honestly think you're 100% right that it might just be a bit irritated. I guess the trouble is the surgeon did not even know this because he didn't take the time to ask. Anyway - thank you so much for the encouraging words! I really appreciate it.
  14. Hello all, I'll start off by saying I think this forum is a wonderful source of information and support for people experiencing and/or treating hair loss. I had a hair transplant 5 weeks ago ( on February 2nd) and I do generally feel like things are going well. Today I visited my surgeon's office for a post-op check and the surgeon himself had a look to see how things were progressing. I had a specific area of concern - a portion of my crown in the recepient zone. This area is considerably more red than other areas. It's like a patch of redness amongst a canvas of more muted redness/ pinkness. The surgeon looked at this area and (thankfully) confirmed there is no infection. He also said it should be fine in the long run but that area of the scalp was just reacting differently. He then mentioned there is the remote possibility it is "scarring alopecia" but that he hoped it wasn't ( and didn't think it was, most likely). As you can imagine, having looked this condition up online I am mortified by even the smallest chance that my $13,000 hair transplant caused something like this to happen ( I had healthy scalp there previously, it was just thin). Is this a possible complication? I have never heard of this before. Thanks in advance for any collective wisdom that can be shared