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  1. Hi all, Sorry I let this thread lapse. The truth is that my hair has become so good that all the negative feelings, worry and anxiety I had about it all but disappeared - and I just began to live life never thinking about it. Now the only worry I have is that some hair loss will take away what I have. I am very very happy with my result - many people who aren't aware of my procedure have commented on my appearance. I believe I got full results very very early on - so all my hair grew in one phase after month 3/4 and by months 5/6 I couldn't believe how good it looked. I will post updates soon with photos.
  2. Yes omg at the difference in your appearance! If there was no more improvement beyond what I have, I would be a little disappointed, but as it stands at 5 months it looks awesome!
  3. 9.5 Weeks - hair looked much better when I cut it short all around. Popping was about to start in week 10. 9.5 Weeks
  4. At 7 weeks, some dark days in the tunnel with no sign of light. This was the worst stage for pimples, and the photo below shows it at it's worst with 3 concurrent spots, otherwise generally had none or only 1 or 2. My hair looked awful - in the end the situation was improved when I went for a shaved head look.
  5. Hi - sorry for the lack of updates, I've been so busy and away from home. I am at 5 months now and I will slowly post all my photos. My ugly duckling period was BAD - there was a strip of redness at the top of forehead that stood out as there was very little hair there. At 10 weeks lots of popping came through. I worried *a lot* between weeks 10 and 16 because I could not detect any further popping of hairs, however around week 16, all the hair that had come through thickened considerably and this made a huge difference. I saw my sister at week 16, then did not see her again till week 18 but when I did her mouth dropped open and she could not stop staring at my hair. This was Snowdonia in Wales
  6. Hey Cali, Waiting for big changes just like you are. Currently on Month 4 Week 1, not seen any new hairs come through since Month 3 😨😢 Which are the 6-7 month big change cases you have seen? Think I could do with a motivation/confidence boost.
  7. Hey I'm going to catch up with all of my progress on this blog over the next few days. At 3 months I had an explosion of growth - so much popping that seemed miraculous due to the hellish ugly duckling period I went through. The 2 month photos are really really bad.
  8. Also just finished reading from start to finish. Thanks for the excellent documenting! I'm at 3.5 months and so far my progress is following yours identically.
  9. At week 3 I have started shedding. Once the hairs fell out, the VERY obvious red scalp was revealed and it looked awful. Ugly duckling indeed, I hate to think how bad it will get. Here are photos at the 1 month stage. About 60% of the grafts have fallen out.
  10. This was an interesting read. Dr. Ali Emre Karadeniz gave a very compelling answer regarding the benefits of the motorised punches. My take away is that the best tool is the one the surgeon is most comfortable with. To those that compared manual v motorised with a manual razors and electric razors, seriously - don't be ridiculous, find a better analogy. I would be VERY interested to see how things stand in 2018.
  11. Glad I used the search function. Your posts are extremely insightful Dr Bloxham, thanks for taking the time to share. Love your terminology. I had an explosion of popping at week 11 but although maturing has continued, haven't seen anything new come through at all for the last 3 weeks. I was worrying, but do feel more assured now.
  12. What an awesome result! Well done to you, your perseverance and the Dr's skills have been incredible. I can't believe you have better hair now than when you were 18, how dreamy is that?! Can I ask - when your hair regrew after the shedding phases, did it come back in waves or was there always some continual growth? I've had an explosion of growth at week 11, but since then (I'm on week 14) there has not been a single new hair poking through.
  13. Hey Superflash, The new growth that is coming in, is it coming in waves or are you seeing new hairs poke through all the time? I'm asking because I had an explosion of growth at weeks 11-12, but between then and now (15 weeks), no new hairs poking through at all. Getting worried.