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  1. I think you can go back to Diep for a 2nd hair transplant. All you need is a little density to make it fuller. Sometimes the 2nd one does the trick. I wouldn’t say your results are bad - there is tremendous improvement. It’s hard in 1 transplant to get the perfect outcome.
  2. If you go on YouTube and look up “MyFollicularJourney” you will see a poor guy who had 2 transplants with Dr. Huebner. His FUT scar stretched and in my opinion his hairline does not look natural. He also got a 3rd procedure but not with Dr. Huebner.
  3. Hey man the side effects are real. I took Propecia in 2000 and in 2003 at age 25 I had sexual side effects. I kept taking it until 2005 when I stopped and I recovered from the sexual side effects in 2009. But from 2003 to 2009 my life pretty much sucked. I had to take Viagra for it to work, but it was never the same. Thankfully not having it in my body for 4 years was the only thing that helped - I tried everything I bought pills from loveaction.com or actionlove.com, I would boil broccoli and drink the juice, had a running regimen. I went to a Dr. who told me to see a therapist. I had extensive bloodwork and everything came back normal. The reality is these drugs are dangerous and Dr’s don’t really know why certain drugs work and why side effects happen. You can take it but like anything it is a risk. You may never have side effects, or you may.
  4. I’m no expert but I am 2 months post op FUE. Judging from your pics right after surgery it looks like they did a marvelous job. Hairline looks natural and density looks good. I think the pics right after surgery is the best indication of how the Dr. did - because after a couple days, you start to shed some hair and then the mind goes crazy. I was convinced a week or 2 after surgery that the tech that implanted the right side did it worse than the tech that implanted the left side. The reality is, you won’t know how your transplant looks until many months in. I’m at 2 months and I have no way of knowing how it is going to look ultimately. But from the pics you’ve shown, especially right after surgery, I think you are fine.
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