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  1. Thanks for the response. Btw, I feel very lucky - you used your first three posts to address all my concerns. Aren't you kind. :rolleyes:
  2. Interesting information. In that case why do people pay so much more just to go under the knife of an unknown technician? Isn't like buying a lottery? You can get a technician who is 5 years experienced or someone who started last week. No?
  3. Hi Dawsonn - Please share what you found. Unfortunately I new to this and dont have enough data to comment. What is your top 5 from your research?
  4. Hello all - this is Blaze. I have opened a thread to share my journey. Looking forward to taking part in the discussion. My thread: My journey: Full set to thinning - Forum By and for Hair Loss Patients
  5. Hi Lukey - thanks for the response. Yes - I just emailed them. Good idea about speaking to 3 different surgeons. Any suggestions? So did Dr. Cinik perform the whole procedure of 6-8 hours? Can you please recollect the breakdown by hour (time you were not sleeping ) Did someone else performed any part of the procedure? As for my introduction - I have opened a thread to track my journey. See below: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/showthread.php?p=2519919#post2519919
  6. Hello Matt. Thanks for the response. I am currently at 3 vertex (at least thats what I got from google). Still thinking if I should share photos (still convincing myself.. a big step). Thanks for your expertise. I was not applying Minoxidil religiously any more but thanks - I will continue going forward. Any idea how applying it in crown area helps rest of the head? I was always curious about that as they instruct you to only apply to crown area. Also, do you use twice a day or once a day? I have been using once a day at max.
  7. Hello everyone, Thanks for visiting my post. I will be sharing my journey of hair loss and hair gain (hopefully). My forum name is Blaze99 - you can call me blaze. I am in early my 30s, suffering from hair loss. My mom told me my hair was so thick, she couldn't see my scalp when I was a kid (She was probably overstating, but you get the picture). In my early 20s, I had a real thick set of hair. I used to gel up - even when I had short hair. I used Paul Mitchel tee tree gel and head & shoulder shampoo. When I was tight on money during my teenage years, I used cheap gel from dollar store too. I used to back brush hair like russian mafia. During my mid 20s, I started losing hair. My hair was so heavy and thick, I just thought this was natural. During late 20s, I started noticing bald area on my crown. I started freaking out. Started using gnc keratin. Alas.. hair continued to fall. I added fish oil supplement... still no luck. Worst yet, I started noticing hair thinning up front too. After a couple of years, I stopped using gnc keratin and started using rogaine. Although I saw some initial results, hair loss is continued. Maybe not as bad as late 20s and 30... but still losing hair. Very recently, I also started using nizoral shampoo. Before that, for the last year and half, I used baby shampoo to avoid all the chemicals. At this point, I am considering a hair transplant. I am doing research... reached out to a Dr. in Istanbul and his assistant recommended FUE. Before someone asks, I dont want to use Finasteride because of the side effects. This is my story... I hope this can help someone who is losing hair. Perhaps help not make some of the mistakes I made. I will continue to share my experience as I go through the hair transplant procedure. I am not sure which doctor I will go to - but I will go to Europe most likely because of the cost factor. Thank you all for reading my story. All your expert (or non-expert) input are welcome. Feel free to share your story too. Talk soon. Mods: please feel free to remove the brand names if not allowed (or ask me to reword). I just shared cause I dont want others to make the same mistake as me.
  8. This is my first post. Thank you for sharing your adventure @lukeyb1687. Looking forward to your result as I am also considering Dr. Cinik. As for @realtytr, I think he may be a different doctor or works for a doctor in that area. One point is valid though... as I was researching, some people said that the technicians did bulk of the work and doctor just checked at the beginning, did some work in the middle, and checked in at the end... can you please confirm or deny that @lukeyb1687? Some people went as far as to say that the technicians were using phone during the procedure. Phones are full of bacteria... so that scares me. Looking forward to your response.
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