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  1. What a fantastic result. Congrats! Wondering how you’re doing back on fin? You mentioned you had some sexual sides the first time you took it after about 9 months. When you stopped, did everything resolve? What dose are you back on now? Any sides at all now, or are they still there but less intense? thanks
  2. Making some huge strides. Congrats. sounds like you had some sides with fin initially. hows that going now? Still taking it? on a reduced dose?
  3. Do you have a thread for your case on this forum? Hope you’re results are currently looking promising.
  4. I would also add that to me there seem to be some FUT cases of his on this board where the strip closure/scar appears wide and poorly healed. This can happen with any FUT procedure but it does seem to be more common for him, at least on this forum. There was even a recent case where the incision itself is almost diagonal across the back of the patient’s head, which is unusual. It also seems to me that he has more anecdotal complaints on here than other surgeons of patients feeling as though his clinic’s patient care and customer service tendencies are questionable. All that being said, I do agree that he certainly has many strong final results in his portfolio.
  5. Happy 2020. wondering if you have continued with daily fin and how you’re tolerating it in terms of any potential sides. also, sorry if I missed it, but what’s your age?
  6. Looks crazy good. Have you been on fin at all post transplant?
  7. Haha good for you, you’re certainly in a great spot already, especially if you’re sticking with fin. Any additional procedures will just be gravy.
  8. You’ve come a long ways. Congrats. that said, how truly dense is the coverage on top? In this top down pic you’re optimizing the density with a layering effect, ie combing all the hair forward from all the way back near the crown. regarding the hairline, I can see what gasthoerer is saying but I still think it looks great.
  9. Although I believe it’s a minority of patients, there are definitely a decent number individuals who suffer from side effects. It seems to be luck of the draw as to who is spared and who has problems. People stating that it’s “all in the head” are doing a disservice to those who are weighing the risks and benefits and deciding whether they want to take fin. The risk is real. Some decide the potential benefits outweighs the risks, others do not. It’s a personal decision.
  10. Looks phenomenal, good for you. would love to see some more photos of 9 months with different angles, etc also there’s a current thread about opinions from those who’ve had FUT. would love to hear your feedback there. thx
  11. Thanks for all of this excellent input. Any chance you have a thread with your FUT results?
  12. Would be awesome to see your before, one year after and current 9 year after results. It’s rare to find long terms results here.
  13. Assuming you are otherwise healthy, blood supply has absolutely NOTHING to do with male pattern baldness. OP - getting an HT will definitely NOT help you keep your native hair if/when your MPB progresses over time.
  14. Would be great to see some patient listed before/after laser cap pics. Don’t recall ever seeing any on this forum.