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  1. Awesome! Any issues in the “transition zone” where the transplanted hair borders with the native hair? Seems as though this a location that can sometimes be a bit weaker, although it can be easily covered through styling.
  2. This isn’t accurate IMO. Some people are fortunate in that their FUE scarring is quite subtle. However, just as many end up with very noticeable punctate scarring that is of a different pigmentation than the rest of their scalp - ie very noticeable with a shaved head.
  3. I’m sure you’ve stated this previously, but what else do you take/use? I know you don’t use fin. How about minox? Any other supplements?
  4. Looking good! Sorry if I missed it, but what’s your age? Are you on medical therapy at all?
  5. IMO the hairline you’ve drawn here looks unnatural. You already have a great result, and you have a long road ahead, I wouldn’t throw your precious remaining grafts at this.
  6. I would be surprised if that scar matured and contracted to the extent that it appeared the same as the other one. Tbh, I feel as though this is the 2nd recent Dr Diep FUT scar that’s looked pretty rough. I do, however, think the transplanted area is going to look good. Keeping my fingers crossed for the OP.
  7. Looks good up front. As others mentioned, it’s also important to see “after” shots of the crown and mid-scalp, given that you included them in the “before” shots and the surgeon placed grafts there.
  8. Agreed. I also have been saying on these forums that the incidence of all fin sides was likely understated by the existing data. It may still be a minority of patients, but it’s almost certainly more than the extremely marginal percentage that the studies and fin proponents quote.
  9. Typical repub troll 🙄 Trump has many great “achomlishments” but this forum is better off sans political commentary.
  10. I agree with others, I think your hairline looks solid as is. Out of curiosity, do you have before/after photos from your first procedure?
  11. Cmon man, political commentary on HRN?? 🤦🏼‍♂️
  12. Thank you for continuing to follow up, I’m sure it’s highly appreciated by everyone. So many disappear from the forums post-HT. did you end getting a 2nd HT in 2017? how significant was the thinning behind the first HT/hairline? Any photos of that “transition zone” between the HT hair and the progressive MPB zone? thanks again!
  13. Wow, your results are very impressive, enjoy your new hair! that said, to be fair, the last pics you provided do show a small amount thinning in the donor/harvest area. Likely only noticeable if you know what to look for, though.
  14. To be fair, where you do your pre-med studies holds far less weight than where you attend medical school. Ultimately, what you trained in for residency and at which institution are the most relevant factors of all in regards to medical education. John Diep did his training in Family Practice (not a competitive specialty + he did not train in surgery) at a marginal program It therefore stands to reason that his surgical wound closures are likely not of the same caliber as a board-certified plastic surgeon (if that is indeed what Dr Lindsey is). I am a physician, just offering my insider perspective.