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  1. Looking forward the the update!
  2. Likely depends on your personal hair diameter, hair characteristics, skin tone, inherent scarring physiology, etc
  3. yesplease

    Can You Stop Hair Loss Naturally?

    There is no “natural” remedy for male pattern baldness. Period.
  4. This looks like it’ll turn a great hairline into an amazing one. Best of luck. Out of curiosity, do you have any pre-op and progress pics from your first HT?
  5. yesplease

    1700 Grafts with Dr. Diep

    Are you kidding?? She makes twice as much money as he does. She’s definitely the sugar momma of that pairing.
  6. My impression has always been that a good number of folks on here have had sides. Many mention it in passing, not even necessarily in threads about fin.
  7. Just a friendly discussion, not a back and forth I agree, it would be really interesting to conduct a survey on this site. I am a data driven guy as well, which is why I went on fin with the expectation I would not experience side effects. don’t get me wrong, I suspect it’s still a minority of patients that experience SEs, but I also suspect the % is a bit higher than the minuscule amount suggested by the existing literature.
  8. No, not necessarily. Many medication side effects are easily measured or observed - rash, swelling/edema, weight loss/gain, changes in various blood tests (electrolytes, glucose, cholesterol, etc), changes in heart rhythm, blood pressure, etc what I meant re fin is that the sexual side effects are not readily observable or quantifiable to those conducting the study. They have to be self-reported by the subject/patient.
  9. It seems to me that the fin studies understate the incidence and degree of side effects. Obviously this is just my speculative impression, but many posters on this forum mention some degree of side effects, and a great deal of them aren’t just the super vocal anti-finasteride types. Additionally, the fin studies relied on patient self-reporting, so there is a potential bias there (ie study subjects not recognizing or acknowledging side effects). When I went on fin I had read all of the data and fully expected to be side effect free. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I’ve been off for over a year and I still haven’t fully bounced back to where I was before I started fin. Could natural aging processes be playing a role? I suppose, but doesn’t seem to explain it entirely as it’s only been a couple of years. In my case, I experienced physical discomfort (genital pain/aching) in addition to sexual effects, which in my mind absolutely confirms that the side effects were not entirely mental or psychological. Of note, I tried a few different dosing amounts (including 0.25 mg EOD) and schedules but the SEs persisted.
  10. An update would be great. I am on a similar trajectory as you were in terms of age/hairloss and fin intolerance. Wondering how this has turned out for you and whether you stuck with the fin after recently re-starting. Hope all is well!
  11. Seems to be a decent result. That said, before pics are in harsh light with a white background, which will always make hair look thinner. The after pics are in dim light with a dark background, which makes the coverage appear more dense. I wish cliics would always use the same conditions for before and after pics to allow for a fair comparison. Recently noted another example (different surgeon) that displayed wet before vs dry after
  12. Good luck. Please let us know how it goes and consider posting some photos to pay it forward and help the forum.
  13. Details? Before and after pics?