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  1. yesplease

    Dr Sahar Nadimi

    Congrats on taking the plunge. Now the waiting game begins. Whats your age? Are you on medical therapy?
  2. Looks great, congrats! sorry if I missed it - what’s your age? Are you on meds?
  3. yesplease

    Dr Rahal

    Glad you’re happy but it really isn’t helpful to post a picture-less review
  4. Interesting. It appears she does a number of different cosmetic surgeries in addition to hair transplants. Not something we typically see with the surgeons on this site.
  5. yesplease

    Dr Bisanga or Dr John

    Temple points improved. Not sure about that hairline, though. Looking somewhat sparse in these photos for 3500 grafts. Other examples you posted look solid.
  6. Thanks but this isn't terribly helpful info without photos
  7. Exactly. Also, I hate it when the preop pics are taken with the hairline pulled back/exposed and post-op isn’t. Hair also styled differently in preops. Honestly I can hardly tell if there’s a substantial improvement here despite these before/after photo manipulations.
  8. You mean to say that people should use a phrase along the lines of “the illusion of high density” rather than just “density”, as any area of scalp with hair inherently has a density, whether that density is great or poor.
  9. I’m not so sure about this. I think it’s reasonable to assume that those who have suffered sides may be more likely to be vocal about it with forum posts, comments, etc. vs those who tolerate it well. However I wouldn’t say that a higher % of people who have sides would be expected to be frequenting this site in general. Plenty of people on here have never tried fin, tolerate it well or are just looking for information or support as they grapple with hairloss. I don’t see a strong case for bias in the way you describe.
  10. Result looks great. What is the patient’s age?
  11. Thanks for the update, result looks good in the pics you included. Congrats! Any chance you could post a few more pics? Pre-op, closer shots of the current hairline and overall result from different angles, etc? Whats your age? On meds? always helpful to have a better feel for the overall, big picture. Thanks and good luck!
  12. I don’t know. I’ve been following these forums for a few years now and I feel as though a surprisingly high percentage of people state they’ve had side effects to some degree. This includes those that aren’t “voicing grievances” per se, but rather just mentioning it in passing. This is is why I feel as though the incidence of side effects is understated in the available literature.
  13. Looking forward the the update!
  14. Likely depends on your personal hair diameter, hair characteristics, skin tone, inherent scarring physiology, etc