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  1. Wonder how things are holding up for you another 6 years on. Hope you’re well and still satisfied with your hair.
  2. Agree! Would be cool to see your fully matured result. Getting a look at a graft placement photo from surgery would be cool as well. also, what’s your age? Are you using fin/minox?
  3. Good for you, man. Looks awesome. Would love to see some other angles, closeups, etc
  4. Looking good. As you know, just have to be patient for now. quick question - why did you decide to lower your hairline with HT #2 rather than just adding density to and behind the original HT1 hairline?
  5. How are things looking for you now at the 7ish month mark?
  6. I disagree here. Probably more like 50-60% of final growth is achieved by month 6, although there is +\- variability from person to person, of course.
  7. Huge improvement, congrats. probably wouldn’t take that many grafts to add some more definition and density to your hairline. sorry if I missed it, but what’s your age? planning to stay on fin indefinitely?
  8. Man, I’m not trying to be mean, but the scarring is pretty apparent ... recipient looks good, though.
  9. I agree, hairline looks excellent. Any before photos from your original surgery?
  10. IMO, what you describe here isn’t likely for a NW7
  11. Still hoping for that featured post on this topic :)
  12. Looking good. how’s it going with the fin? Sounds like you started it a month before the procedure?
  13. Wow, good for you, man. whats your age again? still not taking fin, correct? Just supplements?