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  1. Looking good. Best of luck! I’m curious, did Dr Hasson mention FUT as a possibility? If not, why did he push for FUE only?
  2. Great coverage. Definitely benefiting from the low hair to scalp contrast as well (gray hair, pale scalp).
  3. I agree that it seems like a reasonable time to address the crown if it is bothering you, especially considering you’ve been on propecia long term and presumably are tolerating it. any chance you could share pics and info on your hairline procedures?
  4. FWIW I didn’t get the impression that you were masquerading. You mentioned that you got a threat FUT result from Hasson. Congrats! Would you mind sharing your story and photos?
  5. Tbh I find this concerning. geverally speaking, many (most?) HT surgeons acknowledge that FUT is more likely to produce a higher yield. And clearly, in HW’s hands, FUT has produced many great densely packed results in the past. furthermore, if you’re a high Norwood it’s pretty clear that starting with FUT and using FUE later is the best strategy for optimizing donor supply. Would really like to hear a better explanation from them on why they don’t recommend FUT. hoping it’s not because they make significantly more money doing FUE than FUT.
  6. Looks amazing, congrats! Still planning to include your frontal work as well here? thanks for sharing.
  7. Looks very clean can you expand bit on why you chose FUT over FUE?
  8. Looks very promising. Please keep us posted! what’s your age? Are you using fin/min?
  9. Dim lighting with a soft blue background makes the “after” results tough to fully assess
  10. Agree with the other comments here. Have any photos that you are comfortable sharing? Would be helpful for the community.
  11. Congrats on your transformation! I agree with your second point ... fin not only helps the balding areas, but it also improves the density and appearance of the donor area as well. This is an underappreciated benefit for those that can tolerate fin/choose to use it while also undergoing an HT. Anyway, looking forward to your next update!
  12. I'd disagree with this a bit. Don't get me wrong, HW clearly hit this out of the park, and their transplant work here makes up the bulk of what @Aftermath is now enjoying. Fin alone won't give you that hairline if you were already balding to the extent that he was. But, some studies indicate that finasteride continues to improve hair appearance and density over years of treatment, beyond just the 12-18ish months that you need to be on it to see results. So his AGA could very well have continued to improve over a period of time that dovetailed with his series of HTs. If you look at the pics he
  13. Amazing. Good for you. my sense is that your results had a lot to do with your use of finasteride as well. Really a testament to what fin+ HT can accomplish in the right conditions (for those that can tolerate fin and are willing to take on the small risk associated with its use). have you remained side effect free for the 12ish years you’ve been on it?
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