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  1. Looks great, congrats! Any more angles (top down, sides) or an exposed hairline shot? Any issues with the fin?
  2. Great results. side effect free from the 0.25mg every other day? Also, have you cut the back short enough yet to tell whether the fue into the fut scar was helpful?
  3. Happy for you. Also jealous, as I trialed finasteride fully expecting it to work great with no side effects. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Sadly if you can’t tolerate fin you are at a huge disadvantage, hairloss-wise.
  4. Agreed. The “double hairline” appearance from the most recent transplant is quite clear and does not seem to be due to progressing mpb.
  5. Definitely a shitty gene. That said, MPB is essentially always progressive. You’d be well served to plan accordingly imo. Agree with others’ suggestions to be conservative. Good luck.
  6. It is a personal decision. There are many men who use propecia, get great results and have minimal to no side effects. That said, there is a real (but low) likelihood that you will get some type of side effects. There's also a real (but minimal) chance that the side effects are long-term or permanent. You need to balance the risks and benefits in your mind and decide whether it's worth it to make that leap yourself. IMO, the incidence of side effects is a bit understated by the available data and studies that are most commonly cited, meaning that they are probably more common than many propecia proponents believe. That said, it is likely still a minority of people.
  7. So do you plan to keep taking the fin in spite of the sides? Great result on the HT, by the way.
  8. Great result. Was the patient started on medical therapy at the time of the transplant?
  9. Wow, what a journey. Your hair looks fantastic. You’re in your early 30s? I can see the thinning in your crown, but it appears pretty mild. That said, I couldn’t really appreciate any hairline weaknesses in your preop photos, looked very natural. In retrospect, do you think you would have initiated this HT journey had you known ahead of time that wouldn’t tolerate the finasteride?
  10. This is a huge improvement, congrats. To demonstrate the opposite side of the coin, it would be really useful to see what it looks like when you make it look “less flattering” by not styling it just so or by combing it apart or perhaps when it’s a little wet. These are perspectives that we often don’t see when a member showcases their results, and it would be really useful to have both perspectives. That said, I understand if you’d rather not. Either way, again, congrats.
  11. Looks great! You must be thrilled. Are you using finasteride and/or minox?
  12. yesplease

    Fuggit About it Stage

    I imagine it runs the spectrum from person to person. However, you have the advantage of knowing that it already worked for you once in the past, so you already know that you don’t possess a “patient physiology” factor that would impede your results. That’s the scariest prospect to me - you select a great physician, formulate a reasonable plan, diligently do all of the aftercare, etc and it still just doesn’t work.
  13. Great improvement. In one of the 6 month pics you could see a distinct thin area in the center of the frontal third. Has that completely filled in now? Or are you more so able to style your hair over it?
  14. My hair definitely worsened in the first few months of trying fin and never really improved back to the previous baseline. Many do seem to notice an initial shed followed by an improvement, though. Hopefully you’re in the latter camp.