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  1. That's great, thanks for the reply. Just curious, do you think you're done or are you considering future work?
  2. Fantastic result! I'm 47 and have been contemplating hair transplant. Love Rahal and Konior's work. If i could get a guarantee of something like your result, i'd be signed up already. I'm NW 2-3A ish type loss, which at my age is good, but i have thin caliber hair that is light brown in color and is causing me some doubts about going forward with it. Do you know the caliber of your hair? Again, great result!
  3. I've had so many self debates over the years on whether to get a transplant or not. And i finally reach a spot where i'm comfortable saying no, it's not really for me. Let nature take it's course. Move on, accept and forget it. Then i see a result like this and i'm immediately back to square one with the debate again. Sigh... What a fantastic result. Honestly, it looks like you're at native density or maybe even better. If i knew i could get this kind of result, i'd be in the chair in a minute. Congrats!
  4. Saw Nadal playing in the Madrid Open final this weekend. His hair transplant growth is definitely starting to kick in. I noticed a big improvement in his hair already. Curious to see what he'll look like by the time Wimbledon comes around.
  5. It will be interesting to see what his hair looks like at wimbledon, which will be around the 6-8 month mark for him.
  6. Another big name had a hair transplant. It will be interesting to see how it turns out, as he is getting quite diffuse in what looks like a NW 5-6 pattern. I've never heard of his Dr Mato Ansorena from Madrid. Rafael Nadal went through an hair transplant, new look to be completed in 6 months!
  7. HT or not, Brady is taking a beating on his latest haircut... https://www.yahoo.com/news/internet-lot-jokes-tom-bradys-182420120.html
  8. He had a mop of hair well into his 30's. Nobody is safe at any age!
  9. I agree with you about Sudeikis. To me the hairline looks a little unusual, like he may have had some work done at some point. His temples look like what you would see on a NW4 or higher, but then he's got that big poof of hair sitting on top of his head. Just doesn't seem congruent.
  10. Can anyone explain why PRP is so costly? I've heard this can cost near a thousand dollars. Admittedly, i don't know much about the procedure, but, it seems spinning blood down and administering some injections to the scalp is not exactly high tech, nor too labor intensive. So, where is the cost coming from? Thanks in advance
  11. ummmm yes. This patient is very obviously balding in a NW6 pattern; which he will most likely reach in a relatively short time span considering how aggressive his hair loss is for a 25yr old. What's worse is that he doesn't have a dense donor area to support much more work. The 2500 more grafts he has in reserve will be a drop in the bucket compared to his needs.
  12. What about Daniel Tosh? He was balding quite badly a few years ago. Now his hair looks great.
  13. You "know" your hair loss has stabilized when you look in the mirror and see a horseshoe shaped ring of hair around an otherwise skin bald dome. All else is simply hope infused conjecture.
  14. Thanks for the additional inputs Jotronic and Raphael! I'm not decided yet either way. But, i see lots of guys in their 20's on these forums who have minimal hairloss going for transplants that are not so conservative and i think to myself, if they're willing to get a HT at that age, why should i be fearful of doing it at the age of 41? I've got 1 to 2 decades on these guys! But i always have that nagging fear that i'll transplant and then suffer aggressive MPB and 4 years down the road be hating it and missing the many thousands of dollars i spent.
  15. Thanks for all the input - it's much appreciated!