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  1. Also wondering when this will be available in the United States. They've been quiet about this for almost a year. Wonder if they hit a roadblock with the FDA.
  2. I used a small amount of a combo of T-gel and t-Sal shampoo to battle some dry scalp and psoriasis about a month post op. Probably about 5 times over the course of 2 weeks. I will stop, but should I be concerned that I damaged the grafts?
  3. Yes, I was considering it because of the cold weather. When, roughly, does the shed occur? I know it's probably different for each person.
  4. I know baseball caps are preferable for the period shortly after a HT. But how many weeks after the HT is it safe to wear a wool/ knit/ ski cap (i.e. a cap that will fit snuggly over the entire head)? I know the grafts are secure at conservatively 2 weeks, so does this mean it's safe to wear a ski cap at this time?
  5. The bag has a handle that would allow it to be carried like a suitcase, or I could wear it over one shoulder. So you think wearing a backpack puts more stress on the donor than holding the same weight over one shoulder or with one hand? Thanks.
  6. I know "heavy lifting" is pretty much restricted for at least a few weeks post FUT operation. Anyone have an opinion on when it's safe to resume normal, non-workout lifting? For example, would traveling via public transport to an airport with a backpack that weights about 25 lbs (11 kilos) on ones back be a problem for an FUT scar? Guessing it might be safer to cough up the money for a cab the whole way to minimize the carrying.
  7. Oh, there is zero chance any of that water touched my new grafts. I only soaked the back of my head in the tub (as directed) and only used fresh water directly from the tap gently poured on my recipient area. I think I'm probably being a bit paranoid and your suggestion sounds like the most likely thing. I have been ultra-careful (probably overly) with my treatment of the recipient area.
  8. So had FUT about 8 days ago. Incision seemed to be very clean and issue free after surgery. No issues after inspected by surgeon. The pain has diminished as expected in the week following the surgery. By day 5 or 6, I'd say my pain level was about a 2 or3. Then, at about day #7, the pain in my donor area sort of rose out of no where. Nothing incredibly intense, but I'd say a pain level of about 5-6. It's sore and tender to the touch. I'm not too concerned, but it has startled me a bit. My sutures are due to come out tomorrow, so I will obviously see what my surgeon thinks. The
  9. Plan on spending some time outside and at the beach about 2 weeks after FUT. Will be wearing a hat to block the sun pretty much the entire time, but as a back-up in case I wanted to remove the cap for 5-10 minutes at a time or take a dip in the ocean, I was going to spray my recipient area with a light coat of sunblock. Like I said, I will mostly be wearing a hat. Any risk to the recipient by giving it a coat of a (potentially greasy) spray-on sunblock 14 days post-op?
  10. Thank you, Dr. Bloxham. It looked like you described. Definitely no blood and definitely no graft attached. Just a couple of tiny loose hair stubbles. Trying to just err on the conservative side with doing anything at all with my recipient area. Thank you for your reply.
  11. 2 days removed from an FUT procedure and have been following my post-op instructions to the tee. Was told to wash the donor area thoroughly on day 2 and wait until day 3 to gently shampoo recipient. Done. Also told to gently pat a water-soluble Aquagel lubricating gel to recipient area after soaking. Done. However I noticed after gently patting the Aquagel on the recipient there were maybe 2-3 small stubble hairs (which I assume were transplanted hairs) that came off onto my fingertips. It was a tiny amount but I stopped applying, just in case. Is this normal? Do small amounts to
  12. Any updates on when H&W will have topical finasteride distribution in the U.S.? They haven't updated their progress on this front since April.
  13. How long after an FUT procedure would it be safe to walk daily on a treadmill for 1+ hours? Is working up a sweat by walking and not via strenuous exercise safe shortly after the suture removal? How long until it is safe to resume running?
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