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  1. What you are experiencing sounds quite normal for 3 weeks post-op. We generally advise patients not to expect to see any new growth until the 2-4 month mark.
  2. Congrats chrisdav. What an amazing result! Kudos to Dr. Feller and his team!
  3. Hi Darren, I am glad that you had a great experience at our clinic. We appreciate your kind words and feedback. BTW...Your shaved head looks great!
  4. This 51 year-old patient had a thinning forelock with mostly a Norwood 3A pattern. There was some early thinning in his crown in a Norwood 5 pattern. He had short, wavy and salt-and-pepper hair with average donor density and flexibility. Dr. Simmons transplanted 3112 grafts in front. By sampling, we transplanted 243 ones (8%), 1103 twos (36%), 1407 threes (45%), 260 fours (8%), and 99 fives (3%). There was a higher than average 2.6 hairs per graft. Dr. Simmons used Score-blunt donor dissection and 2-layer trichophytic closure He has earlier than expected growth at 5 months post-op and
  5. Thanks for all of your kind words! AGL77- I will ask Dr. Simmons to explain the 2-layered closure.
  6. Hello everyone I have been following the forum for a while but I have never posted. I will be posting photos and stories for Dr. Simmons. Here is my first post: This 40 year-old gentleman had thinning hair in a Norwood 5A pattern. He had less hair loss in his midfrontal forelock and that made his hair look better in the frontal view. His hair loss was more noticeable when he tipped his head down. He had finer than average, straight, dark brown hair and light skin. Dr. Simmons transplanted 3602 grafts in front, going a little further back on his left part side but still keeping an
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