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  1. I am 12 days post op from FUE with a top renown doctor. Already did FUT last year. After the surgery the hair in the receipient area was much thicker and visible. Now 12 days later some of the hair is very thin or is even gone and it's just my skin there now. Is this normal? I'm worried the transplanted hair didn't take. Does the hair need to cycle and get thicker again after surgery? With my FUT I didn't see a lot of thickness until 10+ months out. But it looks like lots of my FUE hair is disappearing!
  2. I'm at the 2 year mark on my HT. Last year I grew my hair out for 3 months and my transplanted hair covered my scalp pretty good, you could barely see through to skin. I have pics of this including my drivers license photo. Over this past summer I buzzed my hair down due to the heat outside. I've been growing the hair out, uncut since the end of august. And my transplanted area looks thin. I can completely see thru. I look like a guy going bald (again). I'm kinda worried but will continue to let it grow out for a few more weeks. Could it be possible that 'something' happened and a lot of my transplanted area/donor follicles have died? There are parts now that are completely thin and almost bald again.
  3. I'm 13 months post op. My surgeon was Dr Rahal in Ontario, city of Ottawa, Canada. Here are two pics taken from my driver license. Sorry they are the only ones I have. The hair on top looks thin until 3 months of growth then it gets shaggy and wirey like in the photo. The new hairline took 10 years off my looks. My only gripe is that there was not enough donor hair for the crown which is still bald so I'm considering FUE. I also have a quarter coin size area of permanent shock loss in my donor area that takes 2-3 months to grow over. Opinions welcome...
  4. I am 13 months post-op from a 4,500 graft FUT with very reputable/famous hair replacement doctor. While I'm somewhat happy I'm not 100% happy and still wear a hat on my head daily. Let me explain... There was enough grafts for an FUT just to do the top and front/hairline of my head, but I still have a 2" diameter circle bald as a baby's ass spot on my crown. This looks really stupid. It looks like a hole in my head. Second issue is that the hairline is crooked! I need approx 1/8" of hairline from center to right temple to make the hairline even. When I comb my hair downward its not noticable but if I comb my hair back it sticks out like crazy crooked! I spent $20,000 and flew 4,000 miles away to get this done and I'm still wearing a hat. I do have a small hair system I glue on but it's a nightmare just to cover that 2" area perfectly. My question is with FUE... the doctor told me no donor skin left for FUT. But the hair on the sides and back of my head is so thick you need a weedwacker to get thru it. Does anything think it's possible to do FUE using this hair to fill in (at least partially) the 2" diameter bald spot on my crown and fit the crooked hairline? Can anyone recomment FUE doctors near California USA?
  5. Here is a pic. I shaved it down around 3 weeks ago. I'm 6 months post op. Really not too thrilled with the thickness and there is a patch approx .5" diameter at my right temple area that is 50% less dense than anything around it. The transplanted area was bald as a baby's ass before the tp.
  6. I'm at the 6 months mark. Growth was good. I was in a 110F climate last week and trimmed my hair down using buzz clippers to a #1. Not shaved with a razor probably 1/16". Now 3 weeks later the transplanted area is growing back BUT it looks like patches! Almost like the black spots on a dalmation dog. It's like clumps or patches of hair with what looks like bald areas inbetween. It wasn't like this when it grew in originally. I can see hairs growing but they are growing all flat against my skin. It almost looks like old style HT corn rows. Did I screw something up by buzzing my transplanted hair? I'm really worried. It looks like shit up there now.
  7. Here is my results at exactly 5 months + 2 weeks. I'm kinda glad I have hair up there now but I'm not happy with the thickness or the height of the hairline. I'd like it thicker and I wish the hairline was lower by 1". However, I was 100% bald as a baby's ass up there so it's definately an improvement. We did 5500 grafts that's all I had available. Opinions plz.... Also will it get thicker than this or can I expect it to stay this thickness level? I'm also thinking of doing FUE to lower the hairline. The sides of my head of thick with hair. I think having temples would much better frame/square out my face.
  8. I'm exactly at 4 months post op. Hair coming in. Problem is there is a patch about the size of a quarter coin on my one temple area that is much thinner than the rest of the new hair coming in. I'd say 50% thinner. It's very noticible in the mirror and photos. Should I be worried at this point? I'm worried the hairs in this area did not take.
  9. I had a 4500 graft HT done with one of the industry's top surgeons. I am now at exactly 3 weeks post op. My donor scar is healing very well. But my concern is with the graft area. Aprox half of the transplanted hair has fallen out. Whats left on top is very thin. Its all spotty now. Some areas have hair and others dont. Is this normal? I had 4500 grafts and look no better than before the transplant.
  10. I had a 4,500 graft HT done with one of the world's best surgeons. I am at 16 days out as of today. I followed the post-op instructions exactly. As of today I began gentley washing the grafted area with baby shampoo, removing the scabs and gunk. I'm also using 5% rogaine on the grafted area. I'm kinda worried because the grafted area hair looks very think and weak. In fact it's thinner than my balding areas. I know I'm only at 16 days but the transplanted hair density looks awefully thin. The 4,500 grafts are concentrated in the front hairline and top front of my head. Here is a pic. Is this normal for 2 weeks after surgery? The hair is very fine and not thick. Hair is also shedding quite a bit.
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