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  1. Sorry this is long but I had to share my visit to this clinic because I think credit for outstanding service is due here.. last month I met with Ben Shaw for a consultation and Dr Cam Simmons..I felt super comfortable that they were after my best interests and not my money.(but who ever knows) we came up with a plan for my surgery that made sense for future hair loss and booked a date for oct 23.. this is where the nerves and doubts started setting in... I emailed Ben back and forth about my concerns (even on the long weekend) and he promptly called or emailed back.. we decided we should meet again to discuss my options.. after our meeting I felt a bit better and it was Ben, not me who suggested that postponing was in my best interest (he already had my deposit) because he could see my struggles through this process and knew I wasn't fully ready. We both agreed I should shave my head and see how I like it before I commit to the surgery.. I did just that, and after consulting friends and family We decided revisiting the transplant route next year or so when my balding gets worse, because eventually i still would like to do it. I told Ben about my plan and without hesitation refunded my deposit even though he really didn't have to When I am ready there is no doubt this will be my clinic. he has given me hours of his time and it does not go unappreciated so I felt he deserved this write up. people can say "ya ya I care about our clients well being its not about the money.." they actually proved to me they were not lying so thanks again Ben and I look forward to my procedure when i am ready to jump the gun. when the peach fuzz is gone. -Darren I included a pic of my shaved head (severely buzzed head) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. I wanted to say thank you to all that posted, i feel more confident in what i am doing...I am going to use rogain... I will post a blog of the entire process... Im thinning to a future norwood 5 with a band in the middle and a thinning crown, hopefully rogain will help combat this. the dr thinks going to a 6 is possible and a 7 very unlikely. and to answer the question about my s2k... I had one for 5 years but sold it not to long ago,. best car i ever owned. I was about to buy another one but guess what Im using the money for instead. and in terms of fue instead of fut...i feel strip is the better option financially I think I would just rock the scar if it came to that.... I really am not ashamed of my ht or care about scars as much. but i will take great care to keep my scar on the thin side and not stretch it out thanks again for your replies!
  3. Thanks Sean, its FUT with dr. cam simmons who is highly recommended. and I do trust him based on what I read on the forum about him just worried my end result in 2 years will be for not...
  4. i have the willingness.. and as for the money ill figure that out when the time comes... but the dr said he will plan for the future.. im just worried what will happen in a few years.
  5. While I am confident with my choice of Dr. (he is a coalition member) I cant help but have anxiety for my upcoming procedure in oct. mainly due to the fact that I can not take propecia as I have had very bad side effects. I will probably end up a Norwood 6 worst case.. is this a bad idea if I can not take propecia? I know that as of now with the amount of hair loss I have at this very moment the final result will be awesome. It is mainly the future I am worried about. in 2 or 3 years.. I have realistic goals and don't mind a high hairline. but I think my main concern is that when I do lose my native hair the transplanted hair will be see-through (3000 grafts on front and blended into mid scalp) has anyone on the forum had luck with a transplant and not on propecia? thanks guys. this forum really helps.
  6. New to the forum, getting my first transplant in Oct with Dr Cam Simmons, I wanted to say thanks to everyone on this forum who have helped me make my decision easier.. i am about to start rogain foam 5% but am nervous about the transplant because propecia is not an option for me as the side effects were Just straight up Bad for me.. hopefully I can still achieve a fantastic result. will be updating regularly.
  7. I am New to the forum and I have an upcoming transplant planned for October. After meeting with Dr. Cam Simmons and his staff.. they made me feel very comfortable with my decision and my needs. Goes without saying but I am nervous and worried but I look forward to the outcome. I will be posting my results and updating regularly. and will be starting a blog to share my results with all of you. wish me luck
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