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  1. I believe it's almost entirely transplant hairs remaining. So you'd suggest it's worth a consult?
  2. Hey Guys, It's been almost 5 years since I had my FUT surgery by Dr. Cam Simmons. I still think it was one of the best decisions of my life. I never stress about my hair anymore as compared to the pre op days when I looked in the mirror constantly worrying. That said, if there's an opportunity to improve I want to know about it. I've come across talk about "Ultra Refined Grafting". Is that a recent enhancement? I'm wondering if it's possible to add density into my transplanted area. Here's my pics under really exposed lighting. Hair Restoration Websites I'd really love to hear if you guys think there's something out there that can noticeably thicken things up. If it'll just be a marginal improvement then I'd rather pass. Thanks!
  3. I think you might b missing an important point. Its not all about the # of grafts, because grafts can be split and I believe that's the last thing you want as it looks less natural and costs a lot more. I'm not saying thats what Rahal or H&W do because I realize they have many satisfied customers. Still, If a doctor says it could be unsafe going above a certain amount I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss that.
  4. 23 is pretty young for a HT. I had mine in my early 30s with dr simmons when it seemed safe that I wasn't going to lose my temple hair. very happy. life changer.
  5. I had my HT with Dr Simmons. Aside from crazy acne outbreak which was unforseeable I had a great experience. 3 years later and my hair is exactly the same with continued Rogaine 2x a day (no propecia). very satisfied.
  6. I also smell corruption here. I had surgery with Dr Simmons 3 years ago and continue to feel as though it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
  7. 2 year update! I hope all are well, it's been forever since I last read this forum. Mainly because I hardly think about my HT anymore and that's a good thing. Thank you Dr. Simmons!
  8. massive improvement. thank you for giving us the latest top down pics under bright light. those are much more accurate to judge. I think your doc knocked it out of the park because the I would expect your temple areas to thicken over the next 6 months and for your new hairline to look close to perfect. congrats again
  9. I think it's usually tough to see improvement early on when you're implanting into thin areas. If you had implants into a bald spot then it'd be easy to spot the difference. But, at 5 months the new hairs that have sprouted are still too thin and light colored to make a very noticeable difference. Best of luck
  10. I think Dr. Simmons summed everything up very well in his post above which is a credit to his candid and informative approach with his patients. If you're from Toronto, I highly recommend you go for a consult with him. I am happy with my results and have received many positive comments from friends and family that have said, "wow, that rogaine is really working for you, eh?"
  11. The hairline is perfect, not sure what you're talking about nw. My temples don't receed, maybe it's the angle of my photo that makes you think that, not sure. It's a mature hairline which is what I wanted as opposed to an odd looking teenage hairline on a 30 yr old with thin hair. My hair is naturally thin and so I think the HT blends well. I honestly don't believe anyone I know has suspected I had a HT and I consider myself pretty in tune with these sorts of things. I'm the first one to admit that my hair looks thinner / less dense than ideal. That said, I can certainly live happily with it because I don't think the average person would even notice or care. Aside from a few "WOW" results, I think my results are average. I don't see hardly anyone taking the kind of detailed and often unflattering photos I took of their HT. If you can't make out the hair follicle then what you're seeing in a photo is shadows giving the illusion of density. And I've seen plenty of results in which it's impossible to tell the quality of the HT and yet, so many guys are raving about how good it looks. I am seeing Dr. Simmons next week and I'll be interested to get his take on things. He's a pretty straight shooter so I'm confident he'll give me an honest assessment. That said, I am happy with how things look and therefore, I highly doubt I'd undergo a 2nd procedure for a few hundred grafts to try and thicken things up. Perhaps in 10 years time when I want my crown or top or receeding temples done I'll consider plugging in a few more up front. But, that's so far off that I hardly care to think about that. I'll just enjoy my new hair and continue to go about my day for now.
  12. Those photos clearly show your new hairline. Looks great. I wish you the best man.
  13. I've updated my blog with a 12 month thread along with 2 comparison threads. I now think I'm through posting pics on my blog, at least for a while. Overall, I'm very, very pleased with everything. I still want a little more thickening in the temple regions which have always seemed to have lagged behind. But, I think I'll get there and have good looking hair for many, many years to come. As I'm sure all you hair loss sufferers can relate, probably the most beneficial thing that comes out of getting a good HT result is not having to worry about your hair anymore. That peace of mind alone is priceless.