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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. Hi guys, I decided to sell a bunch of products I had purchased from HairDirect.com when my intention was to wear hair systems until a cure came along...but I got impatient and invested in another transplant instead. So I'm selling my box of products for a pretty decent price if you're in Canada. If you're interested, here's the link to my Craigslist ad: Stock of Hair Replacement / Hair System Products from HairDirect PS> I hope I'm not violating any rules by posting this here. I'm hoping to help out someone who is local - god knows its expensive to get these, especially fro
  2. My doc recommended i start at 1/4 tab per day but I have to say in my eagerness to get results, I'm tempted to go for 1/2 tab a day. Not to mention, sometimes the second cut makes 1/4 tabs seem a little less than they should be....
  3. Yeah I am thinking about all that. Considering transplant to the front vs to the back. Considering hair system for the back only. Considering short low density all around. Lots of decisions to make...
  4. Dear readers... just looking for a place to vent. I know I cant turn back the clock but I feel so STUPID for having ever gotten off meds to prevent hair loss. What did I think I was invicible 7 years ago, having managed to get thru my 20s and 30s in acceptable shape. Now that my career on stage and on camera is finally taking off, my crown has almost vanished completely, and most of my donor hair is now sitting in the front in a straight very nice hairline... F*ck why did I ever get off the drugs? Cause I was afraid I'd become impotent!!! But if after 7 years of taking it I was still able to
  5. I did email Dr .Vories about FUE from beard and I was not impressed by the response. Doesnt do it nor does the clinic manager seem to be aware that it is actually a procedure (to take from the beard and use it as filler on the scalp).
  6. I was wondering if anyone knows after how many weeks of laxity exercises does the laxity "plateau" and reach a point where it wont get any more elastic? I'd like to plan my surgery to give me enough time to increase my laxity because I'm currently limited, but at the same time, I dont want to delay it too much if the scalp doesnt stretch more past a certain number of weeks or months. Anyone know the magic number?
  7. 1. Is there a reason why I would "not" be able to use beard if I've got plenty in my neck? 2. Can multiple sessions be carried out in consecutive days? Its going to be hard to be evaluated "in person" by a doc that does beard FUE as the only one in my area is Dr. Jones and we all know his reputation. Dr, Rahal, although he does not do beard, did look at it (visually) and mentioned Dr. Umar. Would that opinion suffice? My upcoming consult with Dr. Wesley will also be only visual since it's over Skype. Other than that, as long as I know a "beard only" session can be done IF god forbid,
  8. @hairthere: thanks for the consult. much appreciated. not very often we get to talk in person with someone else who has gone thru some procedures.. and i agree with the current plan of action. I'm currently scheduled for a skype consult with Dr. Wesley to find out if he can do FUE from beard donor only in case my 2nd FUT depletes my scalp donor. I'm also considering short-term wearing a system (which I already have) BEHIND my Dr.Rahal transplanted hairline. Going to start taking big dose of biotin again to help grow that quickly. Like other things, I wonder why I ever stopped! @ CantDecid
  9. Hi everyone, I'm missing ONE piece of information to move forward and make a decision. I'm close to committing to a 2nd FUT with Dr. Rahal in order to put as much hair in my vertex area as possible, but it likely wont be enough for a nice illusion of density unless I get SMP or beard filler added later. But those options are icing on the cake and I have to get the hair transplanted first. I know some surgeons will combine scalp donor with beard donor during their FUE procedure, but since I can yield more grafts from an FUT and it's less expensive, I'm really tempted to do that in orde
  10. Hey trapps, my consult was just "ok". Ian was honest enough to tell me he doesnt recommend it at this point. I could come back and see him once all the transplants are done...one thing I noticed though is that he has had his SMP for 13 years and he says it looks good, well, it does BUT if you "know" its smp, you can sort of tell its kinda blue-ish. No SMP for me at this point.
  11. Hey Sean, just wondering... since you seem to be an advocate for going international, why is it that you chose Dr. Rahal for both of your surgeries? I'm in a similar boat...I'm looking at my options for HT #2.
  12. lmao i needed a chuckle. this hair stuff is too consuming!
  13. I have been off for 7 years... if i recall though there was something about delayed ejaculation... im not sure though if it was the person's poor technique (lol) or not, but I think it did affect me that way. Not excited to start taking it again but Ive been advised to in order to keep my sides from dropping too low...
  14. I was on finasteride for 7 years and ive been off for 7 years now. Regrets? Hard to tell.. glad I gave my body a break but will never know if it would be what it is today. Anyway, I'm wondering the same thing... I almost feel like trying dutasteride just cause I never tried it... Im only starting to research it, but I found out about it thru someone's signature about the twins where one took it and the other didnt.
  15. BTW, what are the differences in down-time between FUT and FUE if you dont wear the shaved look? FUT means my on camera acting career goes on hiatus while the top of my scalp grows back to catch up with the back and sides...so usually this will take months. Whats FUE like?
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