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  1. Doc, you're embarrassing yourself, and your practice.
  2. the last guy looks like a mannequin. with plugs. and this is one of your best results? yikes
  3. thanks for clarifying that, Janna. I have a question for you. you state that there is a risk involved for poor growth at higher densities. Could you expand on this a little? I recall reading something about the risk of blood supply not being sufficient to support overly dense-packed areas. Is that what you're referring to? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hey all, I'm having my first HT with Dr. Rahal in a few weeks. I've been going back and forth between doing FUE or FUT, and Dr. Rahal has kindly accomodated me by letting me make my final decision on FUE/FUT during our pre-op meeting the day before surgery. I'm a norwood 2/3 and will be getting my receded hairline restored; coverage is otherwise good. Existing hair is dark brown, wavy, medium texture with above average density. Dr. Rahal estimated between 2200-2500 grafts. Another factor worth mentioning is that I am not a particularly fast healer. I'm not a terrible healer either, but I notice that cuts, etc. seem to take a while to heal, and I do have a few scars. Also, I do prefer to wear my hair short (faded in the back from 1 at the bottom to 3 at the top), though I'm am amenable to changing that. As some here may know, Dr. Rahal has recently incorporated FUE into his regular practice. And although he does not have any fully grown results, he has posted a few early results and is confident that he can duplicate his strip results with FUE. After researching for the better part of this year, I believe that I do have a good handle on the pros/cons of FUE and FUT. For me, it boils down to the risk of lower yield with FUE (especially given the lack of fully grown results from Rahal) v. having to deal with the linear scar and the possible numbness, tightness, pain, itching, etc. that may occur with strip. The cost issue is not determinative. I would say that yield and the lack of a linear scar/implications of strip are almost equally important to me, thus the difficulty in making a decision. I'd appreciate hearing anyone's recommendations/insight on their procedures, etc. Thanks in advance all.
  5. Bill, I would ask that you reconsider deleting John's post, as I find it to be valuable information on this forum, especially to those people like myself who have yet to undergo an HT. One cause for skepticism in the industry is that hair forums, and to an extent this forum, seem to have a pro-HT slant to them. As a reader of the forums, I find posts such as John's and badlucks to actually be reassuring. They are reassuring in the sense that it is an indication that negative reviews are not being screened from the masses, but rather they are welcome to be presented and interpreted. You worry that John's post may cause undue damage to Dr. Feller's reputation, but I would ask that you trust the judgment of the readers and let them make that assessment for themselves. We can weigh the credibility of the information presented and make our own decision. In my opinion, that's the ideal way that a forum should be operated. You ask that John present proof of his claim, but how could he possibly do that? Do you think he has video of his surgery day? He gave his account of how his HT transpired. If he has in fact done something illegal, then it appears that will adjudicated. But for purposes of this forum, and for purposes of having an open exchange of discussion, I would ask that his post stay. You also indicate that you will not permit someone to keep posting and reposting about a negative experience. Why not? How is this different from the masses of positive posts that are done over and over, stating that certain doctors are the best, do great work, etc. Moreover, as a casual reader of this forum, this is the first time that I've seen John's negative review, so I'm glad that he did repost, otherwise I would have never read it. In sum, I find these negative reviews to be a valuable component of this forum. If it is taken down, it will only add to my skepticism that this forum is decidely pro-HT with a slant toward presenting more positive information. I hope that is not the case.
  6. thanks for starting this thread, badluck. very helpful for those of us who have not yet had an HT.
  7. If so, I would appreciate hearing about it, as I'm considering an HT with him. Negative could be anything - poor growth, bad donor scar, excessive recipient trauma, etc. I've been very impressed with his results and work, and haven't seen many negative reviews. If you did have a negative/disappointing experience, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share it either by posting a reply or sending me a message. And I don't need to hear from the pro-HT "nobody bats a thousand" crowd or from Rahal representatives. I know that he has many, many exellent results. I'm just looking to balance those out with any negative experiences. thanks all.
  8. thanks Spanker, I share your concerns. I believe he has been doing smaller sessions for a few years, but began incorporating it into his regular practice in the past 6 months or so. Dr. Rahal does the extractions himself. btw, I did meet with Feller, but prefer Rahal for hairlines. to each his own...
  9. I'm a Norwood 2/2A looking into hairline work (hair is pretty dense otherwise). I've met/consulted with several coalition doctors and have gotten recommendations ranging from 1800-2500 grafts for the hairline. I've been considering FUE as an option because I wear my hair pretty short (buzzed to a #2-3 in the back) and my skin doesn't heal very well. I believe I have a good grasp of the pros/cons in the FUE/FUT debate. In looking at FUT work, I personally find Dr. Rahal's hairlines to be the most impressive. This is based on the end-results and the fact that Dr. Rahal has treated many patients with similar characteristics to me. I understand that Dr. Rahal is now incorporating FUE as part of his regular practice. At this time, however, I don't believe there are any 6 or 12 month results available for viewing. My question is: given his excellent track record for strip, but lack of proven results for FUE, would you be comfortable/confident doing a 2000-2500 hairline FUE with Dr. Rahal? My inclination, given Dr. Rahal's excellent reputation and strip results, is to trust his confidence in doing FUE, but I'd like to hear from others. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey fullhead, in response to your questions: 1. Yes, first HT for me. I have pretty thick coverage expect for the 1-2 inches that I've receded up front, so it's hairline work only. 2. Why Dr. Paul? I live in NYC and started researching the best hairline work about 8 months ago. I met with coalition doctors in/around NYC, but wasn't overly impressed with their hairline results. Ultimately, after consults and a lot of research, I determined that Rahal and SMG produced the most natural hairlines (believe me, I would have preferred to have it done in NY, but I just felt those 2 were the tops). It was a tough call between Rahal and SMG. Rahal appeared to have more young patients in my situation (NW 2-2A who need hairline work only) . SMG appeared a little more conservative. Both had outstanding results. In the end, I chose SMG b/c I wanted FUE, and SMG has more FUE experience (Rahal is pretty raw with FUE I believe). I chose FUE b/c of my preference for no linear scar and the quicker recovery time. As another poster pointed out, I can always get strip later if needed. Also, in speaking with SMG, I have confidence that the transection rate will be relatively low (compared to industry-wide rates). that brings me to Dr. Paul. Given my current hair situation (good coverage, maintaining crown well), I'd like to take a somewhat youthful approach to my hairline (though certainly not overly aggressive). My feeling is that both Dr. Ron and Dr. Paul produce outstanding results, and that Dr. Ron is slightly more conservative than Dr. Paul. And while I certainly would not characterize Dr. Paul as aggressive, I feel that he may be willing to take a slightly more youthful approach with my hairline. Just my opinion. As for the timing, I was in discussions with SMG for a couple of months. Ultimately, I booked an appointment about 2 months in advance, and was fortunate to get that appointment (they were filling up quickly).
  11. fullhead, I was in a similar situation, deciding between strip with Dr. Rahal and FUE with SMG for hairline. in the end, I decided on FUE with Paul Shapiro (I actually preferred him over Dr. Ron). IMO, I think Dr. Ron and Dr. Paul are doing comparable hairlines, and to me, Dr. Paul's hairlines looked a little more youthful. getting it done first week of December. if you're interested in hearing more about my decision process, let me know.
  12. I live in NYC and work in Long Island. I met/spoke with Feller, True/Dorin, Rahal and SMG. IMO, SMG stands apart from the rest, and I'm travelling to Minnesota to get it done. obviously, I would have preferred to have my work done locally, but I just felt SMG was the best option. again, don't let location be an issue.
  13. I'm looking into getting hairline work done with one of these 3. I've had consults with each and have done my online research, but I'd like to see some results in person. Ideally, the person would be a former Norwood 2-3 who had hairline work (FUT or FUE) with one of these 3 docs. If anyone's available to meet in NYC or Long Island, please send me a msg. It would be much appreciated. Thanks! btw - I don't know what "huangdong77" is or why it appears as my name. my username is receder. whatever.
  14. In researching FUE v. FUT, I've noted that the transection rate is higher with FUE. My question is whether the transected hairs are discarded or implanted into the recipient zone - that is - does the doctor notice that the hair is transected before implanting and therefore throw it out? Or is the doctor unaware of which hairs and transected, implant all hairs into the receipient area, and then the transected hairs do not grow? Put another way, if 2000 grafts are harvested and 100 of those are transected - are only the 1900 healthy grafts implanted? Or are all 2000 implanted and only 1900 of those 2000 grow? thanks!
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