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  1. Guys - I have more or less decided to go ahead with the FUE with Dr Paul Shapiro right after Christmas! Thanks for all your advice - everyone's advice has gone a long way in helping me get closer to a decision - even if i may not end up following your specific recommendations. Fingers crossed - hoping I don't change my mind between now and Monday (when I have to confirm my plans with SMG)!
  2. Thanks Aaron, YouLiveOnlyOnce for your responses and for sharing your experiences. Turns out there's been changes in the doctors' schedules - so i now have confirmed sessions with: 1. Dr Hasson for a STRIP procedure 2. Dr PAUL Shapiro for an FUE The way i see it - i could go with either of the above options OR have an FUE or a Strip with Dr RON Shapiro sometime next year (I'm in no rush - happy to wait, if that's the best option). If the poll results so far are anything to go by - Dr Hasson is the doctor of choice, followed by Dr RON Shapiro and then Dr Paul Shapiro. I'm not sure what the make up of the forum participants is though, so that could potentially be introducing a bias in the polls (eg: if the forum is mostly frequented by Dr Hasson's patients, it is quite likely the poll results will tilt in his favour). I'm not undermining any of the responses (which are much much appreciated) - but just want to be aware of that potential bias there, before putting blind faith in the poll results! I'm personally more comfortable thinking of an FUE procedure - mostly coz i think its easier for the procedure to go undetected that way (again, please correct me if you think i'm wrong in assuming this) + no linear scar is certainly a big plus! so if FUE is the way to go - that would basically mean I go with Dr Paul Shapiro end of the year, or book a time with Dr Paul Shapiro sometime next year. I'm far from decided - but need to make a call before Monday next week! As always - any advice will be much much appreciated! Thanks again all!
  3. Thanks a lot, all for all the great advice. It seems both Dr Paul and Ron Shapiro are completely booked out for the year. Splitting hairs - I was actually leaning towards an FUE with SMG sometime later next year instead - but now having read your response, I'm in two minds again. To be completely honest, I am a little apprehensive about a strip procedure - because of the extensive scarring and healing time involved, and one of my other big concerns is that if i go the strip route, it'll be that much more difficult have the procedure go undetected at work. With the FUE, I was just going to shave my head off - so at least it'd be uniform and hopefully, with one week's leave from work around the procedure, the scarring would've potentially healed. I was thinking this had a higher chance of going undetected vs the Strip. Taking more than a week's leave from work is quite difficult for me and it is very important for me to have the procedure go undetected. This is a big draw towards an FUE procedure. What are your thoughts on this? Is my assessment of the FUE being easier to go undetected than a strip procedure correct? People who have already had strip procedures - how did you'll make sure the procedure went undetected? Or is there no way of it going completely undetected? Thanks again all for all your help! Much much appreciated.
  4. Hi Huangdong - Thanks for your response and congrats on having made the decision! I am definitely VERY interested in hearing about your decision process! Specifically: 1.Why do you prefer Dr Paul over Dr Ron? Is there any other reason apart from the more youthful hairlines you mentioned? 2. Your reasons for picking FUE over Strip? 3. I presume this is your first procedure too? Are you just getting your hairline reconstructed too? Or having the top and crown worked on as well? 4. Also - just curious - how much in advance did you have to confirm your appointment with SMG? I'm sure I'll have more questions - but any advice on the above for now will be a great help. Thanks again and good luck!
  5. Thanks again, TC. You are absolutely right - both Dr Ron and Paul Shapiro have the same (albeit, quite limited) amount of experience with FUE - so there's no real basis to discriminate between the two. But I'm just a little weary, coz all the good things that have been documented about SMG seem to be about Dr Ron Shapiro... and given I can't get an appointment with him end of this year, I just wanted to be sure Dr Ron's an equally good choice as well. Does anyone who's been treated by Dr Ron Shapiro have any input? Gomez - I haven't visited either of the clinics - only been in touch via email / phone. So the only things they've looked at are pictures that I sent through. And yes - I have read up on the FUE and Strip procedures - but any advice in supporting / dismissing either procedure is much appreciated! And to be honest - I don't know how my scalp laxity is, or whether my skin / type are suited for an FUE, but I also don't know how to go about figuring those out (without having to fly to the clinics!). Any advice on that front? So - from the poll (granted - based on only 7 votes), it seems the two winning options for now are: A. Get a strip procedure done with Dr Hasson as per my planned schedule OR B. Get an FUE done with Dr RON Shapiro - even if it means I may potentially have to delay my surgery up to a year Any views / recommendations between the two? (Of course, I understand that a lot depends on my personal situation, etc.... but any advice is much much appreciated!) Thanks a tonne again all!
  6. Thanks TC - appreciate the advice. if I do with the FUE option... would you recommend going ahead with Dr Paul Shapiro (and getting the procedure done as per my preferred schedule - this Dec) or would you rather suggest I get it done only by Dr Ron Shapiro (even if it means waiting another 6-12 months)?
  7. Hi All, I am looking to get a procedure done during Christmas this year and after having done a fair bit of research, I narrowed my list down to Hasson & Wong and Shapiro Medical Group (SMG). I have been in touch with both clinics, but am having trouble deciding which one to go with, so I am hoping I can get some help here! The way I see it, it's not exactly an apple-to-apple comparison - which is making the decision a little tricky: 1. Doctor: SMG: Given my preferred schedule, I can only book with Dr Paul Shapiro and NOT Dr Ron Shapiro himself. (Is this something I should be concerned about?). vs H&W: I haven't specifically spoken to Mike about who would perform the procedure on me (I will confirm that later today). Between Dr Hasson and Dr Wong though, is there a general preference/recommendation? 2. Strip vs FUE / # Grafts: SMG: Given my relatively young age (27), Matt (Zupon) recommended that I get on to Propecia and let the meds work on my top and crown area, while we focus the procedure on to the hair line. As such, an FUE would be the way to go - given the relatively low number of donor grafts required for this first procedure (Matt recommended 1600-2000). H&W: Mike was not so 'pro-FUE' (partly coz H&W does not offer FUE procedures?) and said Strip would be the way to go. He estimated 3500-4000 grafts on the hairline and top core (leaving the crown for Propecia to take care of). So my options are: A. 1600-2000 graft FUE with Dr PAUL Shapiro OR B. 3500-4000 graft Strip with either Dr Hasson or Dr Wong My question then is - which option should I go with? I need to confirm my booking at either clinic in the next day or two - so I'm a little pressed for a decision - but I'm having trouble deciding between the two! Also - SMG may not have a slot open at my preferred schedule at all (even with Dr Paul Shapiro), while H&W has confirmed a slot for me. Not that I think that should be a big part of the decision, but it is a consideration nonetheless.... Another small factor - given the difference in the number of grafts recommended - the procedure would be about 25% cheaper at SMG than at H&W (Again, not a big consideration in my mind). Any help / advice will be much much appreciated. Thanks a lot all!!
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