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minox after shower pt.2


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Originally posted by mrsportsy:

My buddy told me that he only uses the minox after the shower and said that if not it is pointless because it doesn't go into your pores...is this true?


I think your friend gave you good advice. I'm not sure it won't work, but a dermatologist / ht doc told me it's much more effective a few minutes after your morning shower for the reason you mentioned.


But, he said, take it whenever you can but that's the best.

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Hi mrportsy


I've been involved in the hair restoration business for many years now, my understanding of minoxidil, direct from the suppliers is that it MUST go on dry hair/dry scalp to allow for maximum absorption of the minox..


I agree tho that after a hot/warm shower your pores will be open. In oz we actually have a device that delivers minox to the scalp whilst little tiny pins pierce the skin on a roller system, sounds gruesome but, really no pain is involved, ha what will they think of next..hmm..

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