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With all the concern of oxygen to the new graphs..

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My dr. had this machine that pumped oxygen to my head 1 day post op. I was under it for about 20 - 30 minutes. He said it really aided in the healing. Not sure after that.

100? 'mini' grapfts by Latham's Hair Clinic - 1991 (Removed 50 plugs by Cooley 3/08.)

2750 FU 3/20/08 by Dr. Cooley


My Hair Loss Website - Hair Transplant with Dr. Cooley


Current regimen:

1.66 mg Proscar M-W-F

Rogaine 5% Foam - every now and then

AndroGel - once daily

Lipitor - 5 mg every other day

Weightlifting - 2x per week

Jogging - 3x per week


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THINinH......, More and more medical evidence is showing that regular exercise alone is doing far more than in years previously thought! Increasing long-term good habits, eating right, and exercise could be the best thing by far to just jump start oxygen and circulation. Good luck.

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