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Question for Falceros

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Hi Bill, I was just going over your hairloss blog, an amazing journey from your first HT till now. Just one quick question, how was it that you were able to get over 9000 grafts over 4 procedures in spite of having an advanced hairloss pattern. Do you have an above average donor area, extremely good laxity? just curious.

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Thanks for your interest in my hair restoration journey.


My donor density is approximately 90 FU/cm2 and I've been blessed with incredibly good scalp elasticity. Even after 4 procedures and only 6 months after the 4th one, much of my elasticity has returned. I'd suggest that I probably still have a couple thousand grafts left via strip and maybe a couple thousand via FUE.


I'm not planning to utilize any of my remaining donor anytime soon though. I'll save that for the future if needed.


Best wishes,



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