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[Surgery Report] Dr Gokhan Gur - 2931 grafts FUE (march 18 2024)

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After lurking this community months - its my time to finally contribute with an immediately post op review of Dr Gokhan Gur from FueCapilar.

History: I am a 27 Y/O male. I originally noticed hair thinning back in 2020. I immediately started topical minoxidil and finasteride and over the course of 3 years I noticed significant hair re-growth and stabilization. I don't have any pictures back from 2020, but it was safe to say I was severely diffused as NW6. Folks around me commented a lot on my thinning hair and my scalp was always visible. I got great results from the medical route, however I still was not 100% happy with the results, hence the research into a HT.

HT research: Around December of last year, I finally decided to go forward with getting a HT. I did a lot of research in this community as well as HRN for potential doctors. After a few weeks of research I short listed my options to: Gur, Turan, as well as Nader. I reached out to all 3 doctors and got very similar recommendations based off photos I sent them. Gur and nader recommended 3-3.5k grafts in the hairline and mid scalp where as Turan recommended 3.5-4k on the hairline and mid scalp. All doctors said they would NOT touch the crown and if I wanted to do the crown it would have to be in a follow-up operation. This was a huge green flag to me as I knew I had a limited donor and wanted to be smart with my grafts and not do 1 huge mega session to waste all my possible donor grafts.

Final choice: After narrowing down to the above 3 choices and reading countless reviews, I was pretty open to choosing any doctor. I reached out to all 3 for waitlist times. Nader's availability was early 2025, Turan - June of 2024, and Gur - May of 2024. I put my name down for Gur for a May slot and also put my name down on his waitlist if any appointment became earlier at an available date. Low and behold a few weeks later I was messaged by the clinic about an opening on March 18, which I accepted.

Surgery: I flew to IST the day before my surgery (17th). Upon arriving, a driver was waiting for me and transported me to the hotel. The ride was fairly smooth and took ~45 minutes. The hotel was TRYP by Wyndham. The hotel was great. Nice room and the staff was phenomenal. The hotel also had a continental breakfast which was super tasty.

The morning of my surgery (18th) I had breakfast and then met my translator at my hotel lobby. He walked me over to the clinic which was ~5 minutes away. When I arrived, I was presented with a bunch of forms I reviewed and signed, followed by a before photo op of my hair with the clinic staff. After this was done, I met with Dr. Gur and he performed my in person consultation. Dr. Gur was very professional and always had a smile on his face which helped ease my nerves. At the consultation, Dr. Gur took a look at my donor area as well as my scalp / hairline. After looking at both of these areas he recommended ~3000k grafts with majority being focussed on my hairline in the U pattern as this was the weaker area and ~700-800 being put on my mid scalp area to help improve the current density. Although I probably would have liked to receive a few more grafts in the mid scalp area, this recommendation made sense to me given Dr. Gur said my donor lifetime limitation was ~5.5k grafts and it was likely I would progress to a NW5/6 as I aged in the future.

Following the consultation, I changed into the surgery gown and then things began. Overall the anesthesia needles absolutely sucked (7/10 pain), but once those were done the overall surgery was pretty seamless. I was able to sleep during a good chunk of it as I was very tired.

Immediately post op, I was bandaged up and taken back to my hotel by my translator. I was given post op instructions around sleeping and some do's and dont's. The sleep the first night wasn't that bad. I managed to find a comfy elevated position and was able to knock out for 8 hours. My head did not really hurt at all.

The next morning I went back to the clinic for my first wash. The wash of the donor area slightly stung, but this was expected. Post wash I was given clear post op instructions around washing, medication, and returning to normal life. After that I was taken back to the hotel and boarded the shuttle back to IST for my flight home. The flight home was fairly chill. Was super paranoid about hitting my head, but managed to make it back in one piece :).

Overall I was extremely happy with how things turned out. Obviously I am unable to judge the results of the surgery given I am just 2 days post OP as of writing this, but the whole experience has been very good. The clinic was super professional and answered all my questions.

If folks have any other questions please feel free to leave them here and I will respond!

hairline day after op.png

before hairline drawn.png

donor post op.jpg

donor side - post op.jpg

before scalp - 2.jpg

donor side 2 post op.jpg

scalp day after op.jpg

scalp day after op 2.jpg

scalp day after op 3.jpg

scalp immediate post op.jpg

before scalp.jpg

before hairline.jpg

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55 minutes ago, Gramatik said:

Happy growing. The work looks really clean...Which package did you choose? the standard or the vip package?

Thanks! This was the VIP package

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Posted (edited)

Today marks almost 4 weeks post op (25 days to be exact). Scabs gone and definitely have noticed some shedding. My hair looked absolutely great at 10 days post OP but progressively worse as I've begun to shed (which I know is expected). Outside of some itching things have been going well. I always read these reports and thought 'shock loss / shedding wont hit me that bad' but lol here we are. 1 more week till I can trim my sides/back! Plan on fading them back down to skin. My sides tend to grow much faster than my top (hence giving this 'interesting look)







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May 28 update


its been a bit over 2 months now. Shedding peaked for me around 5 week mark. Been noticing some pimples on my head recently. Pretty happy with current levels of growth knowing that its just going to get better








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2 months is very early stages. If you are already starting to get growth then that is a good sign.



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(formerly BeHappy)

I am a forum moderator for hairrestorationnetwork.com. I am not a Dr. and I do not work for any particular Dr. My opinions are my own and may not reflect the opinions of other moderators or the owner of this site. I am also a hair transplant patient and repair patient. You can view some of my repair journey here.

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There’s already early growth. That’s a good sign. Dr Gur is a great surgeon and you will be fully satisfied at the end. 

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