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Initial process with Dr Freitas

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Hi all,

Long time lurker but I signed up because I have a question for anyone who has worked with Dr Freitas.

I am scheduled in for later this year, and I have paid my 800 Euro deposit. I am coming up to the 70 day window in which I can either cancel or pay the next 2000 Euro. I have some questions in regards to the process, including if they even received my 800 Euro deposit. I've emailed, they've not responded. I've called, they've not answered.

My questions are just in regards to accommodation, pre-treatment etc, so I am just trying to organize a 10 minute call. It feels strange that I've had no response from them for weeks now even though I've tried contacting. I chose Dr Freitas because of the glowing reviews, but it's alot of money to be sending someone that I have not heard anything from or even got confirmation my first payment has been received.

Is this a similar experience others have had with him?

Thanks in advance!

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3 hours ago, thetdog666 said:

They are quick to responds via WhatsApp wih me

Can I ask which number you use? I haven't considered messaging them. I didn't realise that was an option.

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They must have someone who monitors that app every day.


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8 hours ago, TheGreatPretender said:

They are usually very responsive. If you message them via WhatsApp they should get back to you pretty quickly in an average weekday.

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Thanks everyone for suggesting whatsapp! They got back to me within minutes with all the info.. I had no idea businesses had a preferred contact method this way, good to know for the future too!

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Hello Jimmy, I’ve done my operation with Dr De Freitas and I had the same questions and worries before the operation. The international money transfert it’s very stressfull but with the bank number they gave you, you can feel save has I did it too. I’ve decided to pay the other part of the amouth by cash, so I only did 2 transferts in total 800 and 2k. The confirmation of the transfert took them about 2 weeks to give back, but they will do it. 

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