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Hairimplant on the crown and difficulties?

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Hi all,

I recently discovered this forum and find very informative. I have some questions about a hairtransplant on the crown ( i could not find exactly the answer on the web or on this forum) therefore this questions:

I  read here and there that the crown is more difficult to treat? is that true? and What does the success of a crown treatment depend on? is this a more difficult procedure for doctors? Does this have to do with blood flow in the crown?

I also wonder why one doctor does not want to work with beard hair (or does not advise) while some doctors are very good at it and use it as a supplement (and achieve great results with it: like the top doktors mentioned on this forum). So had it also to do with skills of a doktor. Is this procedure more difficult and What is the chance of survival of beard hair on the crown (here and there I also hear that this also depends on the implementation technique/skills?

Has there also been scientific data/research on the viability of beard hair on the crown?

Anyway, lots of questions, but just curious if there is any information about this.

Thanks in advance

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This is an oudated view now. Top-tier surgeons are now more than capable to perfrom top notch transplants on the crown area. The main challange that suregeons face in this area is the recreation of the naturally-occuring swirl found on the crown, where hairs grow in different directions. Another specificity of the crown is that it's less vascularized than the frontal third and midscalp, therefore takes more time to grow.

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In short, like all aspects of hair transplantation, the skill and the artistry lies with the surgeon. Look for patient results who have had great crown work and then see who the surgeon is that performed this. Be guided by genuine patient results and not geography or price or other variables outside of the skill reflected in the results. All the best.

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Shame! Perhaps it will develop more in the future and more clinics will use beardhair for filling for example in the crown. for a lot people this is a solution

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