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Transplanted hair grows very spiky in some areas - is this normal ?

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I often get a buzzcut and notice that my transplanted hair grows and looks very spiky. Sometimes more sometimes less. Some hair strands that were normal like a week ago are very spiky and grow upwards all of a sudden. Is this normal and do they become normal as they get longer ?


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Besides the angles that may be different then the surrounding hair as Dr Charles mentioned, there is also the possibility of hair strand thickness/caliber not matching. On a lot of men, hair in the back of the head has a thicker caliber than hair in other areas, so after a hair transplant, the transplanted hair taken from the back may be thicker strands of hair than the surrounding native hair, so when it is very short it will feel more "spiky" than your native hair in that area. Once it's grown out to some length that is no longer noticeable.

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This situation arises due to the fact that the quality and alignment of the transplanted hair follicles do not perfectly align with those of your natural hair. Despite meticulous efforts by surgeons to replicate the angles of your natural hair growth, achieving an exact match is challenging, particularly evident with very short hairstyles where any discrepancies become more noticeable. However, as time progresses, there is a likelihood that the texture of the transplanted hair will undergo some changes, gradually aligning more closely with the texture of your natural hair.

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