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Absolute Hair Clinic|DR Ratchathorn Panchaprateep (Dr Bonus)|4000 Grafts|January 2024

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I am in my mid 40's.  I am a medical professional from Australia.  This is my second hair transplant procedure in Thailand.  The first time was done by another surgeon at a different clinic.  This second time was done by Dr Panchaprateep at Absolute Hair Clinic. 

Dr Panchaprateep is really well known within the medical community in Thailand.  She was recommended by a medical colleague contact I have from Thailand.  I think word of mouth recommendation is always more trustworthy than social media recommendation.    

In my opinion Dr Panchaprateep's work is of very high standard.  She is a teacher of a top notch University in Thailand.  She has given lectures in many countries regarding her work.   

As a medical professional myself, I am so impressed with how she runs her operation and my procedure that I must write her a review. 

The clinic is located in an easily accessed location.   She explained the procedures well.  The pre-op and post-op documents are very detailed.  She addressed pre-op concerns well.

She was the one who did the procedure with assistants.  She was attentive and her work was delicate.  She got good bedside manner and she is very knowledgeable.   

She speaks very fluent English as she has studied in the US for a number of years.  The procedure and operation setup and nurses are of high standard.  The postop care, wound dressing and support from Dr Panchaprateep have been excellent and of high standard.  (From my experience Thailand's hair transplant's standard really varied.  Not all hair transplant clinic in Thailand even the very popular one follows the hospital hygiene protocols or know how to do post op wound dressing.  But Dr Rachathorn's operation is certainly of high standard.)  

She has a genuine interest in follow up care with medications and medication lotions.  With a good doctor looking after me, this gave me motivation to continue to look after my hair ongoingly.  I have made an appointment to see her again in 6-12 times for follow up when I visit Thailand again.     

I am 2 weeks post-op.  The photos below were from earlier on and today.  With the great and unremarkable recovery so far, I am confident it will be a great result in 6-12 months. 



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Dr. Ratchathorn has been very impressive and Absolute Hair Clinic have been churning out homeruns. Thanks for sharing your journey happy growing 🙏

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She is a good doctor ..works look very clean ..can you please share your pre op pics...Happy growing and keep updating brother.

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Looks great. Will you post a 1 month update? Really curious to see her work on western hair. All cases seem brand new. But given her good outcomes on asian hair, things look very promising. 

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