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Should I take the plunge?


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Hey! I'm close to making an appointment for a transplant, but not completely sure yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
I'm a 31 year old men, have had first signs of thinning at least 8-9 years ago. Started taking Minoxidil 4-5 years ago. This has stopped the thinning in the crown, but temples have receded quite a bit still, although I do not really notice a difference between now and 2 years ago. I do not want to experiment with Finasteride before I had kids, but wouldn't mind trying it in in 5-7 years. I'm pretty bothered by what my hair looks like right now. I could see myself going for a close buzzcut at some point, but not in my 30s. I had 2 first in-person consultations (paid for) where both came to the conclusion that my hair quality was good for a transplant: Plenty of 3-4 hair grafts in the donor, very good density. What I'm worried about is:

  1. Most doctors I spoke with strongly recommend to go on Finasteride after the transplant. Does it really make no sense to do a transplant without it at my age?
  2. Also, most of my male relatives have receded to NW5 (but not 6) at some point. Will I have enough hair left to cover for later hair loss if I do a transplant now?
  3. I'm aware I will need 2-3 transplants. If the hair keeps receding, will it look hideous for some time before I get a new transplant?



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The point about finasteride (apart from it being a completely person choice) is that you have a lot of hair 'to lose' and the if you take finasteride you can stabilize your hair loss. Also, you can even make up some ground such as in the crown as our forum GOAT @Zoomster did. Personally I wouldn't wait until after your transplant before taking finasteride. I would start now (if that is your choice) to protect the hair you still have. I would do lots of research before pulling the pin on surgery also. Don't feel rushed. A good surgeon will take into account donor management if further surgery is warranted. All the best.

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